9 Affiliate Programs for Writers

Writing is one of the most lucrative professions out there today. It is not just a great idea to get in the much-needed cash but also makes for a relaxing work day. If you are a blogger or a writer who wants to make a living by writing, it might be time to monetize your blog. You can earn a good amount of passive income from your blog in a number of ways such as selling your own services or products on your website, selling ad space or becoming an affiliate for the products of other brands. If you decide to go down the route of affiliate marketing, it is important to ensure that you become an affiliate for only those products that your audience might want to purchase. 

When done right, the entire process of affiliate marketing can prove to be a rather profitable endeavor. It can bring in a lot of passive income for you on a regular basis. If you have been looking for affiliate programs for writers, here are the top 9 partners you can consider if you are a multi-talented writer and/or blogger! 

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is a writing tool used widely by writers across the world. This software does not just allow writers to create error-free work but also ensure that it is accurate in terms of its clarity and coherence. The affiliate program of Grammarly is quite popular and you can earn well by promoting the platform. Starting with Grammarly’s affiliate program is easy. You can sign up for the program in less than a minute. Then, you will be required to place a banner as well as write a post so that you can get an activation bonus. And that’s it! You can now start earning the big bucks. 

The Grammarly affiliate program is highly recommended for writers as it has pretty high conversion rates. In addition to that, this program has a super competitive structure of commission, offers regular cash bonuses and has a pub-friendly policy of keyword bidding. The top performers can enjoy perks like cash bonuses, exclusive discounts and increased payouts. Some other benefits of choosing the Grammarly affiliate program include high conversion rates of anywhere between 20% to 30%, world-class affiliate support, an activation bonus, regular performance incentives, cross-device tracking and an extra 90-day cookie window. 

When it comes to the education category of the realm of affiliate marketing, Grammarly definitely resides somewhere on the top. 

2. ProWritingAid

The Prowritingaid affiliate program gives writers the opportunity to make money and earn a nice passive income by referring other customers to their website. If you choose to go ahead with their affiliate program, you can refer customers by placing banners, links, how-to guides, articles, product reviews, or any other type of content on your blog/website, on social networks or in emails. When using the affiliate program of Prowritingaid, it is important to remember that you cannot advertise or market your own brand name using the platform. The terms and conditions of its affiliate program clearly prohibit writers/bloggers from advertising their own brands. 

Each affiliate on Prowritingaid is given a unique tracking number. Affiliates can append the tracking number to the end of a specific hyperlink on the website of Prowritingaid through an ad/banner or a text link. So, each time a customer clicks a link to the Prowritingaid website, the company will be able to track it. In the same vein, if a customer also makes a purchase on the website within 90 days of visiting the website, you earn a commission on it. 

Joining the affiliate program of Prowritingaid is free, quick and easy. You can fill out a simple form by clicking here in about 2 minutes and get started immediately. Moreover, there are absolutely no charges or minimum sales requirement to become an affiliate with Prowritingaid. Ultimately, the potential profit you earn from this website as an affiliate depends on the sales you make at the end of the day. 

3. Scrivener

Scrivener is another excellent affiliate program for writers. This affiliate training program can help writers accelerate their writing careers in less than six weeks. With this full online training course, you can expect lifetime access and full ongoing support. 

The program offers more than 10 bonuses that are specific to writers and video content of more than eight hours. Using the Scrivener Affiliate Program, you can earn 20% of each successful sale made by you. The platform’s tracking software basically does all the heavy lifting here and automatically tracks all the people who visit the website using the link shared by you. This software also tracks when a particular person makes a purchase on the website, regardless of whether it is immediate or some time in the future. Scrivener is a good affiliate program to get an extra influx of cash.

Getting started with the Scrivener affiliate program is quite easy and hassle-free. Once you sign up on the platform, all you have to do is wait for an email in your inbox that will give you the login credentials. If you do not receive the email for some reason, don’t forget to check the spam. Once you receive the login credentials, simply log in to the affiliate center that will be your own personal center from the email. Clicking on “link generator” will allow you to find the product link that you want to promote. Finally, paste this product link on any of the marketing materials used by you to promote a specific product. 

Scrivener affiliate program is an effortless way to earn a good amount of cash in a short period of time. It promises a profit of 20% on each referral sale. Tracking cookie is stored for a total of 60 days after the first site visit to ensure that you earn the maximum possible money. Moreover, there is no maximum payout and monthly payouts are made through PayPal but you should have minimum earnings of $50 to withdraw the money. 

4. Novlr

Novlr is a platform that makes the entire process of writing easy for writers and bloggers. This online novel writing platform believes in using a powerful tool to curate something you spend hours of your daily time on. The platform boasts of investing in design and simplicity to offer an unmatched experience to writers. Novlr also offers an affiliate program opportunity to writers which is quite basic and simple. 

Affiliates can earn $15 when any user signs up on the platform after being a paying user for at least three months. Affiliates can earn the same amount if a user signs up for the platform’s annual membership. The best thing about the affiliate program of Novlr is that they have made it super easy for writers.

The platform creates a unique URL for you. This URL link will direct you to Novlr’s registration page. As a result, anyone who signs up on the platform using your link will be tagged automatically as a person who has come from your site. Once a user stays with the platform for a period of three months, Novlr will pay you the referral fee. It really is as easy as that. Furthermore, you can check the complete payment process and terms in the resource’s affiliate agreement on its website. 

Novlr makes an assortment of licensed materials such as the software images and logos of the platform available to their affiliates so that the journey of affiliate marketing is as easy and hassle-free for you as possible. Moreover, becoming an affiliate with Novlr is easy. You can simply email the website at kim@novlr.org after which they will send you an agreement to go through. If everything seems okay, you can sign the agreement and get back to them to share your preferred payment method. After that, the platform will send you all their marketing materials so that you are good to go and start with the process sooner rather than later. 

5. Autocrit

Autocrit is another much-sought-after writing aid like Grammarly that helps improve your writing in a step-by-step manner to make it more polished, refined and curated. It is widely used by writers and bloggers across the globe as a trusted writing tool to give their fiction and non-fiction work the final editing and refinement. 

Just like Grammarly, Autocrit also has an affiliate program that you can consider for that extra influx of cash. The Autocrit Affiliate Program is also known as the Ambassador Program that requires manual approval for you to participate in it. There are certain obligations for you to be able to partner with Autocrit as an affiliate. To begin with, all affiliates are required to complete and submit an online application that is readily available on the website of Autocrit. The platform then evaluates each application within a short time and reserves the right to reject an application at their discretion. 

On the contrary, if your application is approved by the resource, you will become a member of the Affiliate Program of Autocrit. As a member, you will be given access to their Affiliate Control Panel. In this control panel, you will be able to access a wide range of information such as your marketing assets (emails and links) and your performance data. Furthermore, you will also be able to update your payment and contact information easily. It is also pertinent to mention here that to keep an accurate track of guest visits from an affiliate’s site to theirs, you will be required to use all the affiliate links that the resource provides to you for each text link or banner. As stated on the website of Autocrit, it does not hold responsibility for any missed conversion in case you modified the supplied link in any manner without any written approval. 

All in all, Autocrit is a pretty good affiliate program for writers and bloggers. The payment system of the platform is also streamlined and you will be paid every 30 days. The affiliate program of Autocrit works on a pay-per-sale basis and affiliates are paid $30 for ever successful Elite or Professional referral. 

6. Masterclass

In case you have not previously heard about Masterclass, this is a popular streaming platform that allows people across the globe to learn from the best of the best. This resource is basically an online membership that can be accessed on your phone, Apple TV, web, Amazon Fire TV and Roku devices with ease. Masterclass provides users with classes on a full range of topics that are taught by more than 85 reputed masters who are experts in their respective fields. For instance, you can step into Ron Finley’s garden, Neil Gaiman’s writing retreat and Kelly Wearstler’s design studio. It is easy to improve your serve to be the best with Serena Williams and get the perfect pitching technique from Shonda Rhimes. Moreover, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to learning on the Masterclass platform. 

Masterclass offers an immersive learning experience that contains incredible video content, social interaction and brainstorming with the community of Masterclass and downloadable materials. Users can explore all these amazing features at their own pace and learn more about the platform with time. 

It is noteworthy that you can get the annual membership of Masterclass for $180. With this annual membership, you will be able to enjoy an unlimited access to all the on-demand content of the platform for a year. In addition to that, Masterclass offers a monthly-tiered volume bonus in the following structure:

  • $50 = First Sale Bonus
  • $100 bonus = $1500 in total sales
  • $150 bonus = $3500 in total sales
  • $200 bonus = $6000 in total sales
  • $250 bonus = $9000 in total sales
  • $300 bonus = $12000 in total sales

As is evident, Masterclass is a pretty good affiliate program for writers. This platform is available to customers throughout the world and affiliates can earn a commission of 25% on all sales. 

7. Coursera

Coursera is a popular digital platform that provides users with an access to online education. It partners with the best organizations and universities in the world, including Yale, Stanford, Intel, Google and Penn. Coursera offers online courses, degrees and specializations in a wide range of subjects including computer and data science, business management, personal development, social sciences and much more. Users can avail of the classes on Coursera in multiple languages and the platform also offers subtitles for extra help. Moreover, the platform serves individuals, campuses, governments as well as businesses. 

Besides the courses, specializations and certifications offered by Coursera, the platform also has a unique affiliate program. It is hosted by the Rakuten Advertising affiliate network. Some highlights of this affiliate program can be seen below:

  • The cost per action is equivalent to the cost per sale
  • The commission type is a single non-recurring payment
  • The commission rate is up to 45%
  • The payout threshold is $50
  • The cookie duration is 30 days
  • Rakuten Advertising is the affiliate software/network
  • Payment options such as PayPal and bank account transfers are available 

Coursera’s affiliate landing page is quite interesting. It is super informative, just what you need a landing page of an affiliate program to be. The platform pays a significantly high commission rate of a whopping 45%. The baseline commission rate is 10%, which is still better than the majority of educational affiliate programs on the web today. Talking about sales attribution, the publisher will get the credit before the purchase with the last qualified click. 

Coursera has a standard 30-day cookie period. That said, 60 days or more could be more beneficial for the users. Another great feature of Coursera is its low payment threshold of $50. Once an affiliate meets this amount, they receive their commissions as early as the next payment cycle via PayPal or bank accounts. 

8. Udemy

Udemy is a popular global marketplace that is meant for teaching and e-learning on the web. Using this platform, students can master new skills and gain knowledge by learning from a vast library of courses. These courses have been divided into 15 main categories as well as more than a hundred subcategories. The best-selling categories of courses on this platform are mobile, app and web development, business, IT & software, personal growth and marketing. There are even instructors on the platform who have earned millions of dollars here, thanks to partnerships and internal marketing support.  

Udemy’s commission payment threshold is quite low. Typically, affiliate networks have a threshold of $50 and so does Udemy. When an affiliate meets this amount, Udemy approves your commissions and you get them in the next payment cycle in your PayPal or bank account. Udemy also offers deep linking in its affiliate program using which an affiliate can create a link to a particular page on the site of the merchant. Moreover, rather than using a homepage affiliate link (the standard way), you can link to a product or an article that is related to your own blog or content to increase conversion rates and relevance. This means that publishers can create links as well as direct traffic to the pages and courses of Udemy according to their relevance and judgment. 

The affiliate network of Udemy offers satisfactory reporting so that you can monitor all your activities with ease. This includes clicks, sales, commissions and impressions. Udemy also offers excellent creative assets. This means that affiliates can use an assortment of banners ranging in sizes. Furthermore, the platform is efficient and timely when it comes to one-off banners for seasonal and special events. You can also choose their category banners like promotional banners for a specific business course. Udemy offers a full-time manager of affiliate marketing, which shows their commitment and quickens processes. 

You can definitely consider Udemy for an affiliate program if you are a writer or  blogger. In a short time, Udemy has outshined most of its closest competitors, which shows just how good it is. 

9. Freelance Writers Den

Finally, The Freelance Writers Den has an excellent affiliate program that you can consider. The affiliate program of this platform is a way for you to earn a good commission by referring writers for membership to the Den. You get a commission every time a writer makes a purchase on their website. It is easy to get started on the Writers Den. Affiliates receive an affiliate code which is unique to them. You can use this code in content like emails, blog posts and website ads. In fact, the platform provides copy, code and graphics that can be used to make your life as easy as possible. 

As a part of this affiliate program, you can use your earnings as an extra income stream or to pay for your Den membership. Hence, you can earn some cash or pay for your membership fee with the commission simply by introducing new writers to the advantages of Freelance Writers Den. The platform pays 50% of the first-month membership fee of the referral and 25% for every subsequent month thereafter. Moreover, you will also be paid monthly if your affiliate referrals continue to stay on the platform.

The average membership length on the platform is around six months. So, if you are a member yourself and you refer just two friends in one month, you will cover your membership fee for that month effortlessly. Besides this, there are many other sales opportunities on this resource if you decide to partner with them. 

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Affiliate Programs for Writers: My Final Words

One thing that you must keep in mind is that if your blog offers genuine value to an audience, you deserve to earn a good amount of income from it. That said, affiliate marketing is an art and can be quite complex for writers who just want to write for their readers. Remember that it takes time, patience and a whole lot of perseverance to thrive in the world of affiliate marketing. However, if you are ready to jump into it, these affiliate programs for writers are an excellent place to start the journey.

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