How to Write an Authorization Letter for Passport

Passport is an essential document that is required to travel outside the country. In general, it is expected that the person himself will complete the application procedure and visit the office to collect the passport, but it is not possible all the time.

So what is the solution? Can someone collect the passport on behalf of the applicant?

The answer is Yes!

Someone may get the passport on behalf of the applicant if he or she carries an authorization letter to collect the passport.

If you have applied for the passport and it is not possible for you to personally visit the passport office, then you can authorize your travel agent, family member, friend, or colleague using an authorization letter to collect the passport for you.

In case you don’t know how to write such an authorization letter for collecting a passport, then this article is for you.

Here I will describe all the important points that you need to consider while writing such an authorization letter to collect the passport. So let’s discuss in detail.

Some Important Points That Will Help You to Write an Appropriate Authorization Letter.

Whom to address?

Well, this is one of the most baffling questions that can bother anyone, so first discuss this one.

In such an official document, the most appropriate address is- “To Whom It May Concern”. 

What should be the tone of the letter?

The tone of your letter should be polite and moderate. You are not supposed to be too aggressive or too polite. The selection of words is very important here, if your letter sounds like an order then it may create a negative impact.

What should be the length of the letter?

If you are drafting the authorization letter on your own, then be careful. It should be crisp and up to the mark. You are supposed to mention all the mandatory details, at the same time don’t scratch any point too much. The basic rule is “Stick to the Point

What Are the Essential Documents That Needed to Be Enclosed With the Passport Authorization Letter?

You need the following documents enclosed with your original passport authorization letter:

  1. The original receipt of the application fee deposited for the passport or visa.
  2. Photocopy of identity proof of all applicants.
  3. Original ID proof of the person who is authorized to collect the passport.
  4. In case of any travel agent, the ID proof of the travel agency is also required along with the ID proof of the travel agent who is going to collect the passport.

Common mistakes

If you want to travel to a foreign country for an important business deal and find that you can’t get the passport on time because of a silly mistake, then it will be a lifelong regret.

No one is perfect which means that all of us are prone to make errors, but sometimes you may learn from the mistakes of others as well. So let’s take a quick look at those common mistakes due to which your authorization request may get rejected.

Signature mismatch:

If the signature of the person requesting the passport is not exactly the same on the authorization letter and application form, then the authorization request may get rejected. Hence it is very important to sign carefully.

You may take a picture of the completely filled application form in your phone to avoid any kind of unfortunate event. If you have all the details of the application form in your phone, then you can at least look at your previous signature while signing the authorization letter.

Identity Proof:

Passport is a very important document and the cases of fake passports are quite often in the news. Due to all these reasons the passport authorities pay special attention to cross-check the identity of the applicant as well as the authorized person.

If the photocopy of identity proof is not clear, then your application may get rejected and you won’t get your passport on time.

Hence it is important to check the readability and clarity of the ID proof which you are going to submit. It is advisable to keep a soft copy of your ID proof in your phone or drive in to avoid such situations.


The next thing that you have to keep in mind while drafting an authorization letter is attestation. You must attest the signature and identity proof of the person who is going to collect the passport on your behalf.

Last but not the least, proofread your letter carefully and check for all the required documents again!

If you don’t want to miss your honeymoon trip, a foreign holiday with your family or friends, or any business visit then it is very important to prepare the authorization letter for the passport very carefully.

Below, I am enclosing some sample authorization letter for you convenience.

Sample Authorization Letter for Passport Collection / Power of Attorney

Authorization Letter for Passport

Download This Letter

I am sure if you follow the above-mentioned tips then you may avoid all the silly mistakes that usually people do. In case you have any confusion, you can visit this link.