7 Simple Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

Have you ever felt like running out of words or ideas? Are you not satisfied with the quality of the content written by you? If YES, then here, you will get the solution.

It is not surprising if a blogger faces such a tough situation. This kind of rough phase is often referred to as writers’ block. 

It is a situation in which a blogger or writer feels unproductive because of constantly writing for a long time or any other reason.

When You Want to Write, but You Can’t!

We all know, the activity of writing requires complete attention and optimum creativity. If you don’t have anything new to say, you cannot create attractive blogs or any other writing piece.

So my fellow bloggers, if you are also struggling with the same problem, then first try to find the reason.

What’s your reason?

If you are going through a rough phase, it is very important to find the exact reason. Once you know the cause of the problem then finding a solution becomes easy.

You need to ask yourself – Why am I not able to write? And make a list of all those reasons which are holding you back.

 It may be because of

  • Constant criticism from friends, family members, or anyone else.
  •  A decrease in the number of readers. 
  • Too much writing.
  • Or you notice a sudden drop in your earnings from blog and thinking of any other profession. 

All these reasons can be considered responsible for the writer’s block, or maybe your reason is different. 

Hence, it is crucial to figure out your reason and work on finding a sustainable solution. 

Being a blogger, if you feel demotivated or run out of ideas, then you should work on the solution instead of increasing stress on yourself.

Now let’s move towards the solution to this common problem of the blogging world.

7 Simple Ways to Beat Writer’s Block

1. Don’t Force Yourself.

Once you start making money from blogging, then you want to earn more and more.

In the case of money, the desire to get more is quite natural, but you cannot compare blogging with any manufacturing unit where you can double the output within a few months or a few weeks.

In blogging, you have to be patient; invest sufficient time and energy for research, drafting, and content editing.

So, if you are suffering from writer’s block, never try to force yourself to write more or better.

Just dig deep in your mind if any idea strikes, note it down immediately otherwise get yourself engaged in some other activity of your choice. 

You can take a small break of a day or two or maybe a week, and in this break, don’t write a single word. Sometimes such breaks can do wonders.

2. Change the input 

When you want to change the output, the most straightforward remedy is- Change the input. 

What is the input for the blogger’s? 

The answer is simple- your sources of information viz- books you read, social media pages you follow, news channels you watch, etc. 

If you think you have a scarcity of ideas or new words, then visit the blogs of expert bloggers.

You may also read editorials of newspapers which are written by experts in different fields. This will not only update you with current events or trending topics but also enhance your vocabulary.

If you read quality content, then it will improve your writing automatically.

3. Listen Music 

It may sound a little crazy, but music is a powerful way to change your mindset.

It is proved that music helps people maintain concentration. This fact is not too difficult to understand; even you can do this experiment now. 

If you are struggling with writer’s block due to lack of concentration or cannot maintain focus on content for a long time, then try to listen to music for some time. 

If you play mild music while writing, it will help you significantly to stay in the present. 

But the music trick is not universal; for some people, it is distracting as well. You can use it if it works for you otherwise try the next one.

4. Write Something Different

Suppose you are a travel blogger, try writing an article on the relationship, food, or any other niche just for a change. 

When a blogger keeps on writing for the same niche for a long time, then he or she may feel bored with that niche. 

If you try a different niche, then it may help you to get rid of writer’s block immediately.

I know, now you must be thinking- in the previous article you advised “Stick to the niche” and here you are telling to try different niches, isn’t it contradictory? 

Not at all, I don’t want you to change your niche forever. 

It is just that if you can’t write anything impressive in your regular niche, try writing on a new topic. It will help you in getting back your confidence.

5. Take a Quick Recall.

One can point out many reasons for writer’s block, and one such reason is lack of self-confidence. 

It is a situation when you feel- “I am not able to attract the readers anymore, my writing skills are not that impressive, etc.” 

If such thoughts are piling in your mind and you don’t feel like writing anything new. Then immediately open your previous blogs and read them from start to end. You can also read the comments from readers.

When you read your old blogs, it will restore your confidence, and at the same time, you will get some fresh ideas for writing new blogs, which will help you get back to work.

6. You Need Money

Sometimes, your mind may be flooded with negative thoughts, and it may cause a sharp decline in earnings as well.

Sometimes, money becomes the most important factor that keeps anyone motivated for their work, and you can use this trick to get rid of a troublesome situation like a writers’ block.

All you have to do is; calculate the money you had earned in the past few months, find out the average monthly earrings, and compare it with the current month’s earnings.

If you lack in numbers, then calculate the amount of your due bills.

By this entire accounting exercise make yourself realize that you have to work honestly to pay your bills otherwise, things will get worse.

7. Set Yourself Free

When you sit to write something fresh, remove all the mental baggage of the past week or month when you could not write anything significant, try to focus on the ongoing work, and put your 100% efforts to make the most of it.

When you set yourself free from the past failures and aspirations of the future, you can completely focus on your present and gradually, you will get rid of the writing block.

Apart from blogging, this simple technique will help you in every aspect of life. 

I hope after trying these solutions, you would be able to resume your blogging journey with dual speed. All the best!

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