8 Benefits of Morning Writing Routine

Every writer wants to express their ideas through words in the best possible way. Any distractions or intrusions that lead to a writer’s block or losing interest are the last things needed to restrain productivity. To look for a free flow of feelings, what better way exists than to do it at the summit of a fresh mind?

Many prolific writers agree on having their most fruitful writings in the opening few hours of the day. For those who seek to experience the benefits of penning your thoughts in the morningtide, the journey ahead shall shed some light on this topic. 

Let us try to understand the benefits of morning writing routine on productivity and our overall health.

1. A Fresh Mind Is an Orchard for Thoughts

Having a clear mind early in the morning provides ample opportunities to gather new thoughts. You will be surprised by the number of new ideas you’ll come across as you sit and think about them. Apart from this, you even have the clear mind to come up with various perspectives regarding any particular idea or nuance within it. A variety of ideas allows you to write more, making the process more enjoyable. Some days when you invariably have a block, these extra ideas can give you the start you are looking for. This is another advantage of an early morning scribble.

2. The Desire to Write Is at Its Peak

Ralph Waldo Emerson described the approach to a new morning perfectly – “Write it on your heart that every day is the best day in the year.”

A calm and rejuvenated mind tags along with a brand new morning. And almost always, a rejuvenated mind looks to do the thing it enjoys a lot. For people like you and me, there might not be anything more enjoyable than writing. This compounds the desire to write, and hence makes the morning writing as soothing to your mind as the morning sunshine does to your body.

Try taking advantage of morning writing routine as much as you can until it naturally comes to you.

3. There Is Clarity to Judge and Improve Your Work

Writing good content seldom comes with the first attempt. It requires multiple corrections and read-through to get it right. A clear thought process in the morning allows you to go through the words that have been penned down and look for differences and corrections. You are also tolerant of mistakes, and therefore, can go through them multiple times to bring each sentence to your standards of perfection. Your work can be judged and critiqued better.

You could also spread the writing and the editing to two separate days. In fact, I always advise to complete writing before editing. This gives you the added benefit of not letting the thought process of what you wrote to influence the editing. You could correct it without any experience bias.

3. More Ideas Are Available for You to Select

Some days when your cognition seems to produce a myriad of interesting topics to write on, and you have only a limited amount of time to write, note down the topics. Apart from the fact stated above that you could use it to break through a writer’s block, it also helps you in the following ways.

  • Once you have noted down your topic, it will invariably remain at the back of your mind. You may sometimes come across a point that may suit the topic or something that keeps you in awe. You could immediately jot it down and place it appropriately within your intended piece.
  • In case you hit a block with one article, you can successfully switch over to one of these other topics. Your urge to write can still be kept alive this way. 

4. The Distractions Are at Their Lowest Levels

Another advantage of forming a morning writing routine is that the distractions are at their lowest levels. Waking up to the rising sun as the birds chirp against a background of a light breeze rustling the leaves seems so perfect. And it is! There is absolutely nothing to distract you. The mundane nuisance of honking cars, people walking on the streets engrossed in their conversations, constructions, etc. are events that occur later in the day. It is a fantastic feeling when nature and the environment generously add to your happy and curious mind.

Those people who find daily chores at home and family responsibilities clashing with their will to write, remember that the sun (and you) rise up before your responsibilities. This can easily be worked in to keep it all balanced.

5. Early to Bed and Early to Rise Makes You Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise

There is a reason why human beings prefer to stay awake in the morning and sleep at night. Nature has created us this way – as diurnal beings. The body’s metabolism and hormone levels show variations between day and night. The activating mechanisms are more during the day. 

Writing in the morning complies with the natural state of your body. You do not have to mess up any cycle to sneak in a desire or a necessity to write. Apart from this, it has been scientifically proven that engaging in a desirable activity in the morning has improved overall lifestyle and benefited neural development. 

6. You Get to Write in a Stress-Free Environment

Writing can act as the relief you seek from any anxiety-inducing and stressful event. In addition to this, it acts as a perfect conduit to maintain the serene state of your mind.

Most mornings are disengaged from stresses that may haunt you during the future course of the day. Supplementing a pleasurable activity in the form of writing can calm your nerves, give you those little pockets of happiness and pleasure that you so eagerly seek, and experience the journey to the final piece as well. Stress is a common complaint from many people. Writing provides the perfect getaway from a stressful day and environment. 

7. It Promotes Mental Wellbeing and Discipline

Writing in the morning helps in organizing your thoughts into a streamline that you can navigate through. The chaos of an eventful previous day is pacified by a good night’s sleep. Writing about it (or any other topic) can bring them to the glory that they portray. A good beginning to the day generally keeps the rest of the day in high spirits. When this continues over a period of time, it keeps your health at its pink. 

You can keep the morning’s writing session as a benchmark and plan all your activities around it in a meticulous way. By acting as the pivotal and memorable event that recurs daily, it is a very efficient way of inculcating discipline into your lifestyle. Let the chaos and cacophony exist on paper and the order in you.

8. Cathartic Writing Frees You of Morbid Thoughts Throughout the Day

It is human to feel emotions that are not pleasant. It is also impossible to feel pleasing emotions always. On those days that feel blue and gloomy even after you spend the night to calm yourself, writing provides the perfect outlet for these feelings. 

Cathartic writing, rather than taking any step that may harm others, gives you the flow to seamlessly detach yourself from these plaguing ideas. More often than not, this makes the rest of the day better, and eventually, it frees you from these morbid ideas. These writings need not conform to any format. They are meant to induce and promote your mental wellbeing, and therefore a free flow of ideas is the ideal way to proceed.

My Final Thoughts on Benefits of Morning Writing Routine

Writing in those precious minutes of morning sunlight can help in these, and a plethora of other ways that you will discover as you continue doing this over a period of time. Now that you have some of these appealing benefits of morning writing routine, when do you plan on starting this propitious habit? When will the rising sun be graced by your formidable words? Let me know your thoughts in the comment section.

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