17 Best Book Title Generators – With Helpful Tips

Can anyone help me to decide the title of my upcoming book? Is that what you are looking for?

You probably need a good book title generator for your next bestseller.

Did you notice that we all pick only a few selected books when in a bookstore or a library? What is the reason for such behavior? What is the first thing that forces us to get noticed?

The title of the book, of course!

Reading a book of 200-300 pages requires a lot of time and energy. Therefore as a reader, we remain cautious about selecting a book. And the first parameter of such selection is the title of the book. From the writers’ point of view, the title is an anchor to connect the readers. However, choosing a perfect title for your book is not that simple as it requires practice and a deep understanding of human psychology.

But worry not as there are several online book title generators that can suggest meaningful and catchy titles. Moreover, some of these platforms are highly advanced and can actually help you to generate a trending title for your novel.

So, here I have selected some best book title generator sites and arrange them in different groups for your convenience. Along with that, I also discussed various crucial aspects of book title selection.

Here is the list of some best websites that can help you get the perfect title for your book.

Book Title Generator Using Keywords

If you are looking for titles with some specific keywords, then you must choose such platforms that generate titles on the basis of keywords.

Keywords based titles are easy to identify for the readers like rich dad poor dad, here the keywords are dad, rich and poor. The whole book revolves around the teachings of two dads one is rich, and another one is poor.

Some trending websites to get keyword-based titles for books are listed below. Along with these, you will find many others on Google.

Fantasy Book Name Generator

Often, incomplete dreams take the form of a fantasy book, which inspires others as well.

When you are writing a fantasy novel, it is essential to provide a catchy title that can hijack the readers’ attention. If you are having any difficulty in getting such a title, then you may take assistance from the links given below.

Random Book Name Generators

Sometimes out of the box and random ideas just do wonders, and the same is the concept with random book titles. 

Like Pyjamas Are Forgiving by Twinkle Khanna. In this book, the title is random, which creates curiosity among the readers. 

If you want to give a random title to your book, then take assistance from the below-mentioned links.

Book Title Generator Based on a Plot

Many authors prefer to title their book based on the plot discussed. And it is one of the finest marketing strategies to make your book bestseller one.

The examples of plot-based bestsellers are many, to name a few- One Night At A Call Center by Chetan Bhagat, Train To Pakistan by Khushwant Singh, A Suitable Boy by Vikram Seth, and the list goes on and on.

 There are some websites that can suggest titles for your novel based on the plot and storyline. Here is the list.

Comic Book Title Generator

The title for a comic book should be chosen according to the taste and interest of the targeted readers i.e., kids.  

Along with the title, the design of the cover page is also important to divert young minds’ attention.

If you are finding it difficult to get a perfect title for your comic book, consider the links below.

Fiction Book Name Generator

Fiction is a genre that attracts authors and readers from the centuries.

Fiction books take you to a different world by the captivating style of storytelling. But to drag your readers towards the book, you need a perfect title that can create curiosity among the readers, that they can’t stop themselves from purchasing the book.

Below mentioned links may help you to find the appropriate one.

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Why Do You Need a Good Book Title?

I can’t understand; why not?

You are investing several months in writing a book; you prepare an outline draft, then do research, and finally come to writing. Once you are done with the writing part, you have to proofread and edit the book. 

If you can put that much effort into preparing the book’s final draft, you must do thorough research and hard work to select the title for your book.

In my opinion, the title of a book is like the power button of your Smartphone.  No matter how attractive features your phone has. If the power button is not working, you can’t access any of them.

Similarly, if the title is not attractive, no one will bother to open your book for once.

You need a great book title because:

1. It Is an Important Element of Marketing Strategy.

If you ask any experienced author, they would say, “Title is the most crucial marketing attribute of any book.”

In the current era of competition, you can’t ignore the trends of the market. Hence one should choose such a title that can easily create a buzz in the market. The marketing strategy of any book is closely related to the title and cover design.

No matter how impressive the content you have covered in the book, it would not get noticed if the title is not appealing.

2. The Title Is What People See First.

When you visit a bookstall or an online store to purchase a book, the title is the first parameter for sorting among the thousands of options, and then you move towards genre, writer, and content.

So you can assume the same for your readers as well.

An attractive cover may drag the reader towards your book, but whether he/she will purchase the book or not is decided by the title most of the time.

3. It Is the Gateway to Your Book.

Unlike celebrated authors, not all of us can prepare a teaser for the upcoming book. For an average author like me, the title and book cover are the only ways to introduce the readers with the content of the book.

If the title is not that impressive and hard to remember, then the readers would not connect themselves with the book.

One should try to select such a title that can connect the reader with the central theme.

In my opinion, plot-based titles are ideal as they reflect the soul of the book.

How to Create a Good Book Title?

Selecting an appropriate book title is nothing less than creating a masterpiece. You require skills, experience, knowledge of the market, stronghold over the taste of readers, and a deep understanding of the central theme of the story.

It becomes even more challenging if you are self-publishing your book. So, let’s discuss some crucial points that one should keep in mind while choosing the title of any book.

1. It Should Be Easy to Pronounce and Remember.

One should select such a title, which is easy to pronounce. If it is difficult to pronounce and understand, readers will find it hard to remember. And in that case, the chances of reading and purchasing the book become minimal.

Here you also need to keep in mind- who is your target audience? Is it for kids, teenagers, youngsters, grown-ups, or seniors? 

You should choose the title as per the age and the literacy level of your target audience.

2. It Shouldn’t Be Similar to Any Other Book.

If the title chosen by you is similar to any other book, the readers will get confused. And it will impact the sale of your book negatively.

Some writers use this trick; they pick a similar name to other bestsellers just to mislead the readers. Well, such a scheme shows your lack of confidence, and it is not recommendable at all.

3. It Should Be Unique.

The title of your book should be unique and appealing. Use an online book name generator to get an interesting title for your book.

4. It Should Be Able to Catch the Attention of Readers Quickly.

The title should be catchy and attractive. Take help from any online platform to get an idea of such titles according to the genre of your book. 

If the title is not interesting then readers will discard it without a second thought.

5. Do Some Kindle Search.

Amazon Kindle is one of the most popular and well-recognized platforms for book lovers.

You may take assistance from the readers’ search patterns on the Kindle or any other well-known platforms and decide an appropriate title for your book.

Not That Simple.

I can completely understand that choosing a title for any book is not that simple. If it’s your debut novel, it will be even more difficult.

An online book title generator can help you get ideas based on current trends of the market and preferences of the readers. I think it would be a great idea to visit these platforms for once! Who knows, you will get the perfect title for your next bestseller through a free title generating platform.

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