9 Best Python Web Hosts

Released in the late 1980s, Python is an object-oriented programming language useful for developing various applications and software. Recently, the availability of numerous machine learning libraries, user-friendliness, and integration with multiple languages made it famous in the developer community.

Though there is no gauging standard to measure the performance of Python web hosts without knowing the exact requirement, I have tried to include five affordable shared hosting, two PaaS platforms, and a VPS provider in the list. Moreover, I have personally verified that all of them support Python with their cheapest plans.

1. FastComet

Based in California, San Francisco, FastComet was founded in 2008 and branched into a public cloud hosting service in 2013. The company has several data centers globally, including North America, India, Europe, and Asia. Because of the company’s performance, there are now more than 50,000 customers located in 83 countries worldwide.

If you have an expanding business where you cannot manage everything personally, get hold of FastComet’s Python Cloud Servers to come to the rescue. And if you are just starting, Python is supported with their shared hosting plans also.

Why Do I Think FastComet Is One Of The Best Python Web Hosts?

  • The company offers fully managed servers where the employees take care of everything related to server management.

  • Unlike other hosts, it is possible to deploy a python server in a couple of minutes.

  • FastComet provides full root access, a big advantage for professionals who wish to gain insight into the nuances and be well-aware of everything.

  • The company provides different Python hosting plans, including shared hosting, cloud servers, and dedicated Python servers.

  • The FastGuard python security shields all Python websites from malicious activities. The provider also has a Python web application firewall.

  • Websites primarily rely upon backups for retrieving data, and FastComet doesn’t disappoint in this regard. Daily and weekly backups are available with free full-data snapshots that are given per the client’s request.

  • A user-friendly cPanel dashboard is intuitive, easy to access, and powerful. Simply click on what you want and manage the hosting account in one go.

  • A reliable uptime of 99.95% with not more than 4 hours of downtime all through the year.

  • 24/7 support all through the year via email, live chat, phone, and ticketing system.

  • A 45-day money-back guarantee shows the company’s confidence in its performance.

2. A2 Hosting 

You could be a blogger with a personal website for penning down exciting thoughts, someone creating a Python-based CMS for a company, or a big organization—for all, A2 Hosting’s Python hosting service provides super-fast SwiftServers and everything that is needed to run websites smoothly.

Founded in 2003, A2 Hosting’s primary focus is to provide hi-end development software, including Python, PHP, Apache, Node.js, and PERL. Use A2 Hosting to enhance the website’s SEO ranking, bounce rates, and conversion rates too.

Why Choose A2 Hosting As Your Preferred Python Host?

  • Experience 40% better CPU performance, 3-times faster read/write speed, handle up to 9 times more traffic, and get 20X faster performance with Turbo Server feature.

  • Even the cheapest shared hosting plan allows you to host a Python-based application.

  • Choose from different Python versions such as v2.6, 2.7, 3.3, 3.7.

  • Good 24/7 support all through the year with the help of a knowledgeable support team that readily answers all Python-hosting-related queries.

  • A2 offers a free account migration from other hosting providers.

  • If not satisfied, A2 Hosting guarantees a 100% refund within the first 30 days of purchase.

  • It promises an unprecedented 99.99% uptime. Means your website remains virtually live throughout the year. Good uptime is a great way to lure customers, and A2 Hosting does this pretty well.

  • Every account comes with free HackScan protection and DDoS protection that safeguards the website from malware and viruses.

  • Experience 300% faster page loads as the provider uses SSDs that maintain excellent performance even during traffic spikes.

3. InterServer

Having been in the hosting market since 1999, InterServer is undoubtedly a reputed Python hosting provider based in New Jersey. The company has constantly improved over the decades, focusing primarily on technological expansion and establishing solid servers. 

InterServer’s clientele ranges from personal bloggers to Fortune 500 companies as the provider guarantees the use of top-notch hardware, smartly utilizes resources to maintain performance, a nationwide fiber-optic network and has even customized the Linux kernels.

Why Choose InterServer For Hosting Python-based Apps?

  • InterServer provides at least 99.96% uptime throughout the year. This number touches 100% for some months. Therefore it ensures stable performance of your Python application even during winter.

  • None of us like to keep waiting while the website takes its own sweet time to load. InterServer ensures faster server performance for your websites or apps.

  • Supports multiple languages, including Python, with their shared hosting plans.

  • The support team ensures great responses for all Python-related queries.

  • Price Lock Guarantee ensures that you don’t need to pay higher renewal fees. For instance, if you start a plan for $7/month, the same price is guaranteed for renewals.

  • InterShield proprietary technology blocks all bad IPs nullifying their access requests, thereby maintaining high-level security.

  • With four data centers and high-quality servers, InterServer guarantees redundancy and optimal speed for your application.

  • Free site migration includes complimentary malware scanning and threat removal.

4. GreenGeeks

As the name suggests, GreenGeeks believes in being an eco-friendly hosting provider. Hence, all of its servers run on 300% renewable energy sources. 

GreenGeeks Shared Hosting plans are designed to be 100% compatible with Python. The company assures free migration service at no cost if you already have a website registered with another hosting provider.

Why Choose GreenGeeks Shared Hosting As A Preferred Python Web Host?

  • The provider is fully compatible with the latest programming languages such as Python.

  • The various developer-friendly features such as unlimited MySQL databases, secure FTP access, free SSL, SSH access, and free domain name make GreenGeeks one of the best Python hosts.

  • Affordable Python Hosting plans start from $3.95/month. For large projects, Python can be installed on their VPS and Dedicated servers.

  • An intuitive cPanel and one-click installation ability make the hosting super easy. One-click Softaculous installer can install your Python environment within a minute.

  • High-speed SSD storage promises a 20-times faster read/write speed.

  • With scalable resources, LiteSpeed servers, automatic backups, and Raid-10 SSD storage, GreenGeeks promises excellent performance of a Python-based website.

  • A 99.9% uptime guarantee and four global data centers make the host suitable for any Python project.


Established in 2012, MilesWeb is an Indian web hosting provider that is here to stay for long with its dynamic tech revolution.

The company is focused on providing quality services with an admirable performance at affordable pricing. So, if your Python app is expected to get traffic spikes, MilesWeb could be an informed choice.

Why Could MilesWeb Be A Good Python Web Host?

  • The 24/7 customer support team provides solutions to all queries via live chat and email throughout the year. The knowledge base and FAQ section have in-depth articles about questions related explicitly to Python hosting.

  • Scalable hosting packages provide ample scope for saving money.

  • A 30-day money-back guarantee keeps you covered.

  • Won multiple awards, including for best VPS hosting, SSD hosting, Joomla hosting, and unrelenting support.

  • Multiple data centers promise a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

  • Shared Python hosting has various features, including free domain name, SSL certificate, super-fast website load time, and a user-friendly cPanel control panel.

  • Python hosting plans start at a meager price of just $1/month. This makes MilesWeb the cheapest Python host in the market.

6. PythonAnywhere 

As the name suggests, PythonAnywhere comes with an in-and-out Python environment which is the best advantage of this dedicated Python hosting provider. Powerful Amazon EC2 instances back their server. Multiple flexible plans make this PaaS best for Python-based apps.

What Makes PythonAnywhere The Best Python PaaS?

  • No fusses about the configuration to start using as the environment comes ready to use from the beginning. Start writing your codes and build your application.

  • There is no need to install software as even the basic plans come with complete access to Python environments directly from the browser.

  • Supports various Python versions right from 2.7 to 3.6 with libraries such as NumPy, Mechanize, SciPy, pycrypto, BeautifulSoap, and many more.

  • Python scripts could be run regularly using the automated scheduled task options.

  • Get full-fledged help from developers and the development team all through the year-round clock.

  • Scalable payment options.

  • Write programs using a web-based editor or even run sessions from any web console.

  • Easy to host, run, and code Python in the cloud.

7. NodeChef

Most of you would have easily guessed by the name that NodeChef supports Node.js, but besides this, there are multiple other application languages supported by this provider, including Python, PHP, Java, Go, etc.

Any individual wishing to host modern web- and mobile-based applications can use NodeChef for their website. 

A Canada-based hosting company started in 2016, NodeChef is available as Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) to host applications and websites for various DevOps teams who use any language or framework for development.

Why Use NodeChef?

  • NodeChef provides a managed containers-based Python cloud hosting platform. It comes with powerful add-ons, Redis, PostgreSQL, MySQL, and MongoDB.

  • It is straightforward to deploy a Python environment in a couple of seconds on the cloud using Git, CLI, or the upload feature.

  • Uses high-performing SSD servers that guarantee optimal speed as all databases run on dedicated resources, including CPU, RAM, and storage.

  • Python DevOps is available as a service. Customers can entirely focus on developing the app for the clients as all other requirements are taken care of by NodeChef.

  • Get regular feedback on Python performance as the provider keeps updating on uptime, CPU, and memory usage.

  • Provides reliable and scalable Python Cloud Hosting options where NodeChef’s load balancers are well-equipped to manage any amount of traffic spikes without any lags in website loading.

  • Multiple data centers are located in the US, Europe, Singapore, and Australia.

  • Ability to deploy Python applications using a single ‘deploy’ command

8. Heroku

Way back in 2007, when Heroku was established, the only supported language was Ruby on Rails. But now, the provider has expanded to Node.js, Perl, Python, and many others.

Heroku is a container-based PaaS and is predominantly used by developers for deploying, managing, and scaling apps. Clients can focus 100% on developing their product with a fully managed service provider without worrying about server maintenance, infrastructure, and hardware support. 

Why Choose Heroku?

  • The provider handles more than 60 billion requests daily, which amounts to almost 600,000 requests/second, showing Heroku’s outstanding performance efficiency.

  • Choose your preferred Python version and run your app in a Dyno, a brilliant and secure container available for free or comes at a cost depending on your needs.

  • Scalability is a big advantage as you can scale vertically or horizontally using the CLI interface.

  • Heroku is a cloud platform that comes with the best framework, excellent build and workflow support, and the ability to extend the app with robust services.

  • The setup is easy. There are ample tools and a user-friendly platform for deploying Python apps.

  • A short learning curve makes Heroku popular among beginners.

  • Build simple prototypes and deploy your app for free if you take up small projects as a hobby. Else, various plans start from $15/month.

  • A rich knowledge base and blogs provide ample information for queries. Else, the ticket support system solves your problems with Heroku’s innovative and Python-aware customer support team.

9. TMDHosting VPS 

This is another Python hosting service provider that was formed in the year 2007. Based out of Orlando (Florida), TMDHosting has data centers in Paris, Amsterdam, Phoenix, London, Tokyo, Chicago, Sydney, and Singapore. 

Though this might not be a famous hosting company, unlike many others, the provider is packed with admirable features, including one-click WordPress integration, complimentary daily backup, and many more.

Why Choose TMDHosting?

  • VPS Python hosting starts from $19.97/month.

  • Availability of SSD servers guarantees speedy page load time.

  • A quick and responsive support team solves your queries 24/7, monitoring traffic spikes and answering all related queries.

  • The dynamic scaling capability, caching technology, and data centers throughout the globe make TMDHosting one of the best performers in the industry.

  • Don’t hesitate to test this provider’s Python hosting service for free, as there is an assured 60-day money-back guarantee if you are unsatisfied with the company’s performance.

  • The company promises a 99.99% uptime and 16-times faster load speed.

  • Top security, spam experts, and premium security services are available depending on the choice of plans.

  • TMD VPS is the ideal choice for companies that expect gradual growth over the years.

Advantages of Python

  • Access to pre-configured packages and cost reduction is possible as the entire development process could be more rapidly done than expected.

  • It is easy to get any kind of help for Python from an active community.

  • Python can be used for database management.

  • The language is easy to learn and can run on various operating systems.

  • Python’s user-friendly data structures help developers focus more on problem-solving.

9 Best Python Web Hosts: My Personal Recommendation

Python is a user-friendly platform that helps programmers code efficiently and saves time. But despite its advantages, there are not many hosting platforms that guarantee reliability and security for hosting Python-based applications.

Before choosing any Python web host, ensure that it provides the necessary framework support such as Django and Flask. Also, make sure that the host provides SSH access and whether or not you can install Python packages without any help.

Here, I have listed the 9 best Python hosts for your convenience. However, the list was designed to help newbies mainly. Therefore the first five hosts were selected that support the installation of Python in their Shared hosting plans. So, if you ask for my personal recommendation, I will highly recommend FastComet in this section. For more advanced users, Heroku is a good choice.

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  1. Python is suitable for developing websites, server-side applications, apps, games, and other tech-related gadgets. For instance, it has simple and readable syntax and a versatile library. Also, it is pretty easy to learn for the developers. So more or less, two to three out of ten web products have Python at their core, leading to the need for Python Web Hosting.

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