9 Best WordPress Hosting Australia Performance Compared

With the emerging demand for Australian businesses and individuals to have a website, numerous hosting companies have come into the play to offer diverse services. However, having so many options can often lead to confusion and a wrong decision.

So, let me dispel your misconceptions and recommend some of the best WordPress hosting Australia.

Regardless of the country you reside in, the server speed and website uptime are two of the most crucial factors to consider while selecting a WordPress host.

If the loading time is slower than 3 seconds, half of the viewers will probably abandon you and visit your competitor’s website. Moreover, Google prefers fast-loading websites on the top of the SERP, which helps in gaining substantial organic traffic.

Wouldn’t you consider such hosting companies for your website? I have tested and handpicked 9 such WordPress hosting companies in Australia for you.

Here are the 9 Best WordPress Hosting in Australia

  1. WPX Hosting
  2. Nexcess
  3. Templ
  4. Flywheel
  5. Wordify
  6. Cloudways with Vultr High-Frequency Instances
  7. WP Hosting Australia
  8. FastComet
  9. ChemiCloud WordPress Hosting

Before you move forward to the next section, here is the performance comparison table of the five best WordPress hosting providers in Australia. I hope it will help you make an informed decision.


WPX Hosting





Min. Response Time

11 ms

95 ms

189 ms

54 ms

310 ms

Max. Response Time

1188 ms

1536 ms

1562 ms

2015 ms

2670 ms

Global Avg. Response Time

219 ms

451 ms

696 ms

770 ms

888 ms

PageSpeed Insights (Mobile, Desktop)

94, 93

99, 99

100, 100

99, 100

98, 98

GTMetrix Grade






LCP GTMetrix

327 ms

764 ms

420 ms

294 ms

636 ms

Local Data Center






Pricing Starts From

35 AUD

27 AUD

21 AUD

21 AUD

14 AUD

Disclaimer: In order to prepare this comparison table, I have purchased and tested more than fifteen reputed hosting providers. It takes a lot of effort and time to prepare such a descriptive table. I will be glad if you find it helpful and consider buying through my affiliate link.

1. WPX Hosting: The Best Managed WordPress Hosting in Australia

why do I think WPX hosting is the best WordPress hosting in Australia? It is because of its speed. Global average response time is 219 ms whereas lowest response time is 11 ms only. Local server is in Sydney. All these make WPX hosting the fastest wordpress hosting Australia.

WPX Hosting was founded by Terry Kyle, an Australian entrepreneur, in 2013. Since 1998, Kyle had worked with various hosting companies and had encountered several issues with their performance. Later, he launched WPX Hosting with the primary goal of providing quality services at an affordable price.

It is a fully managed WordPress hosting company that provides you with daily security scanning, auto malware removal, enterprise-level DDoS protection, and a custom-built WAF. 

Moreover it offers automatic daily backups stored for 28 days on offsite servers, unlimited site migration, and SSD Storage.

With all the objectives, it also aims to help homeless animals through its non-profit organization, Every Dog Matters.

Some of the salient features are:

  • Best performance as tested by me and other independent reviewers
  • A FREE custom Content Delivery Network (CDN)
  • 99.95 % uptime guarantee
  • Superfast 30 seconds support response time and 24/7/365 live chat support availability
  • Intuitive admin dashboard and tutorials



High Speed With 99.95% Uptime Guarantee

Available For Wordpress Platform Only

Free SSL Certificates

Costly If You Want To Host A Single Website

Free Malware Protection

Enterprise-level DDoS Protection By Incapsula

Full-time Support

2. Nexcess: Fast Local Servers and 100% Uptime Guarantee

The nest in the list is Nexcess. Here the Global average time is 451 ms and the lowest time is 95 ms.

Nexcess is another managed WordPress hosting provider that supports local server deployment in Australia. Apart from WordPress, it provides solutions for Magento, Drupal and other CMS based websites.

Nexcess is popularly known for its Cloud-based hosting solutions that are simple to use and comprehend. It aims to help small business owners to own a best-performing website at a reasonable price.

Nexcess has been in the hosting business for more than 18 years. They are headquartered in Southfield, Michigan, from where they manage around 8 data centers worldwide. Having a data center in Australia and a vast network of CDN help the clients achieve great performance within the country and abroad.

Some interesting features are:

  • Unprecedented 100% Uptime SLA
  • Auto load balancer to manage sudden surge in traffic 
  • Free daily backups of last 30 days website data
  • Simple and easy user interface.
  • Stencil sites to replicate your design
  • Free migration from your existing host



Free SSL Certificate

Costly for Beginners

100% Uptime Guarantee

No Free Domain Registration

24/7 Toll-free Telephone Support in Australia

Pre-installed Caching Service

Unlimited email Accounts

30-day Money-back Guarantee

3. Templ: The Best Performing GCP Based WordPress Hosting in Australia

Templ also outperform several other hosts. Global average response time is 696 ms and the lowest response time is 189 ms. It has its server in Sydney.

Templ is the third entrant in this list of nine best WordPress hosting in Australia. This is one of the best managed Google Cloud Platform based WordPress hosting providers. Templ aims at empowering and motivating people to create and design their business website. 

Providing fast and easily scalable hosting solutions along with real time human support are the strongholds of Templ. Besides, not every hosting platform is powered by Google Cloud Platform. It ensures security, reliability, and performance like YouTube and Gmail.

Some of the worth-mentioning features of Templ are:

  • High-speed performance and 99.95% uptime
  • Google Cloud Platform infrastructure + CDN 
  • Full-time customer support
  • An intuitive user dashboard
  • Redis database, Brotli compression, Nginx server

Templ is best known for its high speed and performance. Moreover, the support team is very cooperative for the beginners. The response time is less than a minute on chat support and approximately an hour on email support.

Here are some pros and cons of Templ hosting. 



Free SSL Certificate

Expensive for Beginners

24/7 Customer Support

All Plans Host Single Website Only

Free Malware Checking and Removal

Automatic Backups

Free Site Migration

Free CDN

4. Flywheel

The performance of Flyweheel is also outstanding. Global average response time is 770 ms and the lowest response time is 54 ms. Server is in Sydney.

Flywheel came into the picture to help people manage WordPress websites without any worries. It was established in 2012 to help freelancers, businesses, and agencies by giving them a platform to work and collaborate. It strives to be the best host for your online business.

Flywheel is known for its premium quality. However, it is slightly higher in terms of expense. It provides many plans that are meant for bloggers and enterprises. Single site plans are suitable for bloggers and large business owners whereas multi-site plans suit best for the agencies and web developers.

They have data centers in Iowa, Montreal, London, Belgium, and Sydney.

Some worth-mentioning features are.

  • Blueprints of your pre-configured settings
  • Collaborators or team members
  • Cloning of your live website
  • Daily automated backups  
  • Free global CDN powered by fastly



Free Site Migration

No email Account

Free SSL Certificate

Free Malware Check and Removal

10 StudioPress Themes

Managed Plugin Updates

5. Wordify: The Best AWS Based WordPress Hosting in Australia

Wordify is in the fifth in the list. Global average response time is 888 ms and the lowest response time is 310 ms. They have their server in Australia.

Wordify was established in 2019 for business owners and individuals. It is an Amazon Web Service based managed WordPress hosting that ensures the best quality experience to all its customers by offering easy WordPress installation and automated WordPress core updates. You’ll also have your website data automatically backed up daily. Along with free SSL certificates it also ensures server level caching to improve website performance.

Wordify aims to facilitate bloggers, developers, freelancers, agencies, and enterprises by providing following features:

  • Free temporary URL without buying any domain name
  • Powered by Amazon Web Services
  • Security against malwares
  • Free hacking removal



Free SSL Certificate

No Option For email

Excellent Performance

Best Customer Support

Always Free Dev Sites Plan

Nginx Load Balancer

6. Cloudways With Vultr High Frequency Instances

Cloudways noticed an increase in the demand for the high-frequency plan in the year 2019. So, later in 2020, it incorporated Vlutr HF plans to complete the demands. Cloudways has added all the features and settings for optimization on the bare metal servers for your WordPress website. It ensures to manage high traffic on websites and improve their response time. The HF servers use a new generation of Intel processors measured at 3+ GHz.

The best part of Cloudways is their transparency and no lock-in period. So, if you are in Australia, you can easily deploy a Sydney-based server for your project.

Cloudways Vultr HF focuses on two areas: Page Response and IO Performance.

Notable features are:

  • Page Response: Better page response time compared to traditional servers.
  • IO Performance: Cloudways Vultr HF has better IO performance than Digital Ocean.



Highest Clock Frequency

Average Support Team

Multiple Caching Levels

No Email Hosting

Free Site Migration

Pay As You Go

Numerous Vendors All Over The World

7. WP Hosting Australia: The Best Local WordPress Hosting Provider in Australia

WP Hosting Australia is Australia’s First Specialist WordPress hosting company that was established in the year 2008. Providing the best services, local support, and growth for your business is the forte of WP Hosting.

WP Hosting aims to help individual bloggers, business owners, and enterprises to grow and have a smooth journey on WordPress. With a knowledgeable support team, WP Hosting provides excellent support to all its clients. Following the values such as collaboration, embracing, being humble, and passion helps their team and the clients maintain good bonds.

Features of WP Hosting Australia:

  • 100% Australian local support
  • 24/7/365 support via email, phone, and chat
  • Numerous performance tweaks for MariaDB, PHP, HTTP/2, and GZip
  • Australian data centers are compatible with many CDN providers
  • Free site migration
  • Daily automated backups
  • DDoS protection guarantee



24*7 Support.Free Site Migration

May Not Be Suitable For International Users

Free Malware Protection

Humble And Cooperative Support Team

Australia based company

8. FastComet

Fastcomet provides excellent managed WordPress hosting services in the entire Australia. Apart from WordPress, they provide Cloud VPS, WooCommerce, Magento, and OpenCart hosting solutions. Fastcomet is best known for offering great performance at an affordable price. They have over 11 data centers all over the world. It is a private and independent hosting that was founded in the year 2013 to help small businesses to grow to their full potential. The support team believes in respect, integrity, knowledge, responsibility, and independence and is ready to help you have a smooth journey towards success.

Some notable features are:

  • Up to 300% faster SSD-only Cloud servers
  • Free Cloudflare CDN to enhance your website speed
  • Daily and Weekly Backups
  • 24*7*365 support
  • Free site migration
  • 100% money-back guarantee



Full-time Customer Support

Storage Could Have Been Extended

Super Affordable

The Interface May Be Complicated For Beginners

High Speed Within Australia And Abroad

Money-back Guarantee

9. ChemiCloud WordPress Hosting: The Most Affordable WordPress Hosting in Australia

Chemicloud offers fully managed WordPress hosting for exceptional performance. With over 10 years of experience, Chemicloud makes a great choice for Australian businesses and individual bloggers. 

Unlike other hosting service providers who run behind the consumers, Chemicloud focuses on building a healthy relationship with the clients. It is an independent hosting company that works for customer satisfaction and needs.

Chemicloud has a vast number of experienced employees who understand WordPress to the roots and provide excellent customer support. Users get to choose their data centers from worldwide locations in London, San Francisco, Bangalore, Sydney, Singapore, and Bucharest. They offer shared hosting, WordPress hosting, reseller hosting, and cloud VPS hosting plans. 

Unlike other cheap hosting, it offers 99.99% uptime with different types of plans named Starter, Pro, and Turbo.

Some notable features of Chemicloud are:

  • Free domain for life
  • Customer support via email, phone call, and chat
  • 45 days money-back guarantee
  • Great website & data security
  • Free website migration
  • Comprehensible for beginners



Free Domain Name

Long Contract Period

99.99% Uptime Guarantee

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Free Migration

Final Takeaway

While preparing this listicle on the best WordPress hosting in Australia, I have considered several aspects such as industry-best practices, server speed, and local infrastructure. Moreover, the article includes vendors to cover a broad spectrum of budgets.

I hope it will help you decide your best pick.

If you ask me for my recommendation, I will prefer to go with WPX hosting if I need to host more than a single website. This is the fastest WordPress hosting in Australia. Else, I will pick Wordify as it offers the best value for money managed WordPress hosting in Australia.

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