Convesio Review: Is It The Best WordPress Hosting?

Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting platform that claims to provide unbeatable 100% uptime! It is designed to help developers and agencies to get rid of tedious server administration tasks. But does Convesio deliver the promises it makes? What are the distinctive features of this managed hosting? And above all, is Convesio the best WordPress hosting?

You’ll get all your questions answered in this first-hand Convesio review, along with the reports of the tests that I carried out to check the performance of this seemingly new web hosting platform.

But first thing first, what Convesio actually is?

What is Convesio? 

Convesio is a Docker containers-based, highly scalable managed WordPress hosting platform for critical projects. Tom Fanelli, a professional product developer and marketer, launched Convesio in the year 2018.

The platform is specifically designed to enable the clients to scale WordPress without a server admin. It helps you manage your WordPress websites without technical knowledge. Moreover, setting up a server is leniently convenient and effortless.

Convesio empowers you to host high-performing and easily scalable WordPress websites with them. Any website hosted with Convesio is powered by a load balancer, database cluster, and an expendable file system.

Convesio Review Summary

Min. Response Time306 ms
Max. Response Time1596 ms
Global Avg. Response Time1071 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights99 mobile /99 desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestPerformance Issue
One-Click WordPressYes
Free SSlYes

Convesio Features

Convesio claims to do so many things differently. Auto-scaling, self-healing, and platform as a service to create and manage a WordPress website are a few. Along with an excellent content delivery network, you will also have DDoS protection with Convesio.

Most managed-hosting platforms keep basic customers on shared hosting and advanced customers on a VPS. It is pertinent to mention here that both hosting systems have their drawbacks. To cope up with such problems, it uses Docker containers.

Some worth mentioning features of Convesio are-

  1. Unbeatable 100% Uptime: Convesio uses load-balancer containers to reduce the traffic load and redirect traffic to the different duplicate instances. This ensures that the sites remain online all the time.

  2. Clustered Database: Each WordPress website is powered by powerful MySQL servers. It ensures that your website processes requests fast and effectively.

  3. Automatic Scaling: Wouldn’t it be great if your website automatically scales the resources to cope with the sudden surge in traffic? With Convesio, you won’t have to be a system admin to scale the resources, as it can be done just by sliding a slider. Not just scaling, but the descaling of resources is also an automatic feature on Convesio. It all becomes possible with the automated deployment of multiple containers to manage the load.

  4. Application Monitoring: On Convesio, you’ll get access to the added benefit of getting your clients’ websites monitored at the application level.

  5. Self-restoration: Another benefit of load-balancer containers is that if your website goes offline due to any reason, it will instantly deploy an active website instance to ensure 100% uptime.

  6. Automatic Backups: Your website data is backed up automatically on Convesio. But don’t worry; the platform allows you to determine the data backup schedule, which you can schedule between every 3 hours and every 15 days.

  7. Security: Convesio has a highly tailored security system to monitor and scan the websites for malware and other threats and eliminates them beforehand.

  8. Lightning-fast Caching: The custom-built server-level caching layer empowers the websites hosted on Convesio extremely fast and high performing.

  9. Free Migration: Team of experts at Convesio can help you migrate your website from any host to Convesio for free of cost. The entire process completes within 48 hours.

Convesio Performance Test Results

Convesio provides several benefits on paper. But how does it really perform? To check the reality, I subscribed to the Foundation plan, hosted a demo WordPress website on its platform, and performed a few quality tests.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights:

to check if Convesio the best WordPress hosting, I have tested the performance with Google PageSpeed Insights

The article that I tested contained a featured image and another image of around 140 KB each. Both in Desktop and Mobile, the score was 99, which is considered excellent. Moreover, the Speed Index was well below the highest acceptable level.

2. GTmetrix Performance Report:

While writing this Convesio review, I have tested the performance with GTmetrix

GTmetrix performance Grade was perfect “A” with a Performance Score of 100% and Structure Score 94%. All Web Vitals scored well, and the time to the first byte was also within the recommended range. A clarification: The website that I tested was hosted on a USA local server, and the GTmetrix test was performed from Vancouver, Canada.

3. CDN Performance Test:

Here, you can see the best five locations. The top-performing location was New York, and the Total Time was 306 ms. The worst performing location was Berlin with 1596 ms. Then, I calculated the Global average from a data set of 43 locations, and it came out to be 1071 ms.

4. Website Load Test:

Website load test gives an idea, how a website performs under traffic surge. Convesio uses Docker containers to balance the traffic between different instances. So, I performed two tests, one with a single container and another with ten containers.

Below is the Load Test graph with a single container.

While writing this Convesio review, I have tested performance of a website with the Load test experiment

An ideal load test response time is independent of the number of requests. However, here the response time line (light blue) behaved oscillatory above 100 ms. This is a clear indication that the server struggled to handle these much requests per second.

then I increased the number of containers to ten

Then I scaled up the number of containers to ten and waited for a while before testing the performance again. The response graph is shown below.

Again tested the performance with load test

While I didn’t notice any oscillatory behavior here, the response graph (light blue line) was not close to the ideal behavior at all— moreover, the Avg. Response Time increased from 188 ms to 586 ms, and Peak Response didn’t go beyond 39 requests/sec.

Convesio Pros and Cons


  • 100% Uptime: Convesio claims to virtually maintain 100% uptime so that your client’s website delivers high availability. It helps your client’s website to outperform the competition.

  • Excellent Speed: Convesio is a great option when it comes to improving the page speed irrespective of the device being used by the end-user. They use multiple data centers located around the globe to ensure excellent speed. High speed means better customer retention and great performance by the website.

  • Docker Containers: Convesio uses the latest OS-level virtualization to balance out the traffic, and ensures unbeatable availability and easy scaling of your website.

  • Free trial: Convesio allows you to try their service and use their platform for free of cost for 30 days. The platform allows you to host Two free sites. You can also book a 30-minute demo to explore their services.


  • Expensive: Keeping the high availability aside, the platform does not offer any such exclusive features for the given charges. It makes the platform costlier as compared to the other platforms. Plus, with three of the four Convesio hosting plans, you can host only a single WordPress website on the platform.

  • Serious Performance Issue: The Foundation plan that I tested suffered serious performance issues during the stress test. Scaling up the number of containers didn’t help much.

Convesio Pricing & Plans

Price$50 per month$100 per month$150 per month$350 per month
WordPressInstalls Single Single Single Multiple
Traffic10000 visits 50000 visits 150000 visits Customizable
Memory 512 MB1 GB2 GBCustomizable
CPUOne vCPU/ single threadTwo vCPU/ single threadFour vCPU/ single threadCustomizable
PHP workers4 PHP workers8 PHP workers16 PHP workersCustomizable

Is Convesio The Best WordPress Hosting? A Comparison Between Convesio and

Convesio is a bit overpriced. While the platform may make an excellent choice for a few developers for its high availability, it does not perform well under a traffic surge., on the other hand, makes an excellent choice for bloggers, business enterprises, and eCommerce companies despite being younger than Convesio

Here’s a brief comparison between Rocket and Convesio.

1. Suitability

Convesio aims to cater the managed WordPress hosting solutions to the developers/agencies. Their plans are designed while keeping the dev agencies in focus, which makes their plans a bit costlier.

Rocket targets daily bloggers, business enterprises, and eCommerce companies that need a managed WordPress hosting solution. They offer Cloudflare Enterprise-backed hosting plans, which are cheaper and suitable for most users.

2. Performance

Convesio uses a global content delivery network and page speed optimization services to ensure that a website loads fast. The docker containers used by them improve the uptime of the website.

On the other hand, Rocket has a built-in CDN powered by the Cloudflare Enterprise plan. Also, they use Brotli for seamless and fast data compression. It enables Rocket to deliver the performance and speed far better than Convesio at a very affordable price.

3. Number of Websites

With Convesio‘s Foundation, Growth, and Performance hosting plans, you cannot host more than one WordPress website per account. Given the price, it doesn’t seem financially viable to spend so much money for a single WordPress installation.

Whereas with Rocket‘s Starter, Pro, Business, and Agency plan, you can host up to one, three, ten, and twenty-five WordPress websites, respectively, that too at a low price compared to that of Convesio.

4. Scalability

Convesio provides its clients with an auto-scaling feature to handle a sudden surge in traffic. While Rocket does not have an auto-scaling feature, it can manage up to 25000 visits per month with the entry-level plan, which is fairly better than what Convesio offers. As such, it becomes needless for Rocket to offer an auto-scaling feature. Rocket also offers more storage and bandwidth to its clients at much lower prices.

5. Price

The entry-level hosting plan, i.e., “Foundation Plan” at Convesio, is available from $50 per month, which is on the higher side as compared to the pricing of its competitors. Also, you’ll have access to limited resources.

On Rocket, you can start hosting a website for $30 per month while having access to a broader range of features and resources as compared to Convesio.

Below Is The Performance Comparison: Convesio Vs.

Global Avg. Response Time163 ms1071 ms
Google PSI Mobile/Desktop98/10099/99
GTMetrix GradeAA
GTMetrix Performance100%100%
GTMetrix Structure97%94%
Load TestStablePerformance Issue
HTTP Failures00

The bottom line is that with Rocket hosting, you get a lot better features, host more websites, and access more resources as compared to those of Convesio that too at a considerably lower price.

Convesio Review: My Final Thoughts

Long story short, the USP of Docker Containers and 100% uptime may sound fascinating and lucrative. But the truth is that high availability doesn’t make much of a difference in the long run when your server struggles to perform under stress.Therefore, I recommend going for a hosting company like, which offers loads of benefits at a comparably lower price. The best part is that Rocket hosting offers an agency plan that starts at $1 for the first month. I have tested and reviewed their service. I’m sure it won’t let you down.

Convesio Review: Is It The Best WordPress Hosting?
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

FAQs About Convesio

Is Convesio A Managed WordPress Hosting?

Yes. Convesio is a managed WordPress hosting company that provides services to critical businesses. They are one of the few WordPress hosting brands that offer high availability hosting services.

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