8 Best WordPress Hosting UK Compared

Are you looking for the Best WordPress hosting UK? Are you searching for a hosting that provides the best speed, performance, and uptime guarantee?

There are several reputed hosting companies in the UK, but when it comes to targeting a specific geographic part of the globe, the speed and performance of a hosting company vary depending on the location of its servers and CDNs.

So, what features should you look for? And most importantly, how affordable is it to host a website with UK-based hosting?

I have handpicked the fastest eight WordPress hosting in the UK that provide excellent speed and assistance at attractive prices. So, make sure you scroll down to the end of this intricately curated article and make an informed decision to hire the best UK-based WordPress hosting.

How did I prepare this list of best UK WordPress hosting?

Here is my step-by-step guide to clarify my selection procedure.

  1. While preparing the list, I have made sure that every company has its data center in the UK.
  2. I have individually purchased 15 different hostings, hosted a demo website with each of them to compare their performances.
  3. My priority was performance over price as the list comprises the best WordPress hosting in the UK, not the cheapest WordPress hosting in the UK.
  4. I thereafter analyzed the customer reviews from different websites.
  5. Also, I have contacted customer support to check their friendliness.

To cut the long story short, below I have tabulated the performance of the best three WordPress hosting service providers in the UK.



WPX Hosting


Min. Response Time

51 ms

11 ms

24 ms

Max. Response Time

1835 ms

1188 ms

1755 ms

Global Avg. Response Time

675 ms

219 ms

163 ms

PageSpeed Insights (Mobile, Desktop)

100, 100

94, 93

98, 100

GTMetrix Grade




LCP GTMetrix

429 ms

327 ms

635 ms

Local Data Center




Pricing Starts From




It takes a lot of effort to prepare such research-based performance comparison table. I will be glad if you find it helpful and consider purchasing through my affiliate link.

1. Pressidium: The Best Value For Money WordPress Hosting in UK

Headquartered in London, Pressidium makes an excellent choice for a UK-based WordPress hosting provider that offers enterprise-level solutions. The company has been providing highly tailored and multi-tier WordPress architecture to its clients since 2014.

Unlike ordinary hosting companies, Pressidium focuses on expertise and resources to strengthen its service mix.

Here are some notable features of Pressidium hosting:

  1. With features like load balancing, easy scalability, quick backup, and automatic core updates, Pressidium strives hard to maintain an impeccable uptime of above 99.95%.

  2. A free SSL Certificate, web application firewall (WAF), secure transfer protocol, and bad bots filtering are some features that Pressidium incorporates to ensure the best security for your website and database.

  3. Dynamic load balancing, 42 PoPs content delivery network (CDN), RAID SSD storage, multilayer caching, PHP optimization help your website achieve unmatched levels of speed and performance.

  4. Apart from the above, Pressidium also offers an intuitively designed and easy-to-use dashboard that makes it easier to access your data, backups, analytics, etc., with a few clicks.




60 days money-back guarantee, highest in the industry

Does not offer email hosting

42 Global edge locations

Hosting plans are slightly on the higher side

Impeccable uptime guarantee of 99.95%

Free Migration and a customized one-click dashboard

2. WPX Hosting: Offers Great Speed and Support

Since its inception in 2013, WPX Hosting has been regarded as a highly reliable managed WordPress hosting provider in Europe and worldwide. The company has three global data centers located in Sydney, London, and Chicago. Therefore, if you want to host a website in the UK, WPX Hosting can be a great choice.

Let’s have a look at its prominent features.

  1. Prompt and experienced customer support staff
  2. Free website migration from any host to WPX Hosting
  3. A super fasts CDN with 26 global locations
  4. Free malware scan, detection, and removal
  5. Free Auto-backup that is kept safe for 28 days
  6. Free SSL certificate and one-click staging sites




Excellent uptime guarantee of 99.95%

No plans for a single WordPress installation

Free migration, CDN, and SSL certificate

Slightly expensive than its counterparts

Excellent global loading speed and performance

RAM isn’t impressive

30 days money-back guarantee

Free malware removal along with DDoS attack protection

3. Rocket.net: The Fastest WordPress Hosting in UK

Rocket.net is a new managed WordPress hosting company that started functioning back in 2020. With its headquarter in Germany, Rocket.net makes an ideal choice for hosting a UK-based website. Despite being new in the industry, Rocket.net seems to be establishing itself as a powerful competitor.

Let’s look at some of the unique features offered by Rocket.net.

  1. Rocket.net is backed by the remarkably fast Cloudflare Enterprise CDN, which means excellent speed for your website.
  2. The security optimization features like web application firewall, multiple firewalls, inbuilt data protection pack, malware protection, auto-patching, auto-updates, JavaScript protection, etc., substantiate the security of your website and its data.
  3. They have an extremely knowledgeable and professional customer service and support team. Contact them via live chat or email. They are prompt with solutions and courteous as well.
  4. Free migration from any host
  5. Automatic daily backup and on-demand restoration




Powerful CDN and abundant resources

Not many how-to tutorials and resources are available

Built-in plugins, excellent features, and an easy-to-use platform

Expensive for entry level users

Experienced support system ensures 100% uptime guarantee

Enhanced safety features protect your website

Auto updates and auto-backup

4. Kinsta:

Kinsta provides an excellent WordPress hosting solution to more than 20,000 client websites in 128 countries across the globe. Since its inception in 2013, Kinsta has exponentially grown to become a highly reliable and renowned WordPress hosting in Europe and America. The platform offers some cutting-edge features to ease your hustle of hosting a website. 

Some of these features are.

  1. Kinsta engineers can migrate your website from any host to Kinsta with zero downtime. However, the same is subjected to provisions of your plan.
  2. Automatic recovery from glitches
  3. Free hack and malware removal
  4. You can customize the backup window and even schedule an hourly backup of your website data.
  5. Automatic database optimization every week keeps your database clean.
  6. Multisite support, except for the basic plans
  7. Multi-user environment accustomed to the roles of key people.
  8. Free staging site, CDN, SSL certificate, PHP 8 support, and SSH access.
  9. Integrated server-level caching to improve the website speed




Excellent customer support in multiple languages

No email hosting included

Top-class performance and server optimization

Limited plugins support

Highly scalable and fast infrastructure powered by Google Cloud

Expensive for individuals

25 data centers across the globe

5. Nestify:

Powered by AWS and DigitalOcean, Nestify is an Austin, Texas-based managed WordPress hosting company that believes in providing highly cost-effective hosting solutions to its clients. And to justify it, they provide plans with services like faster CDN, free migration, unlimited sites, etc., at remarkably lower prices. It all helps Nestify offer a platform with a highly compatible user interface with an exceptional quality server. 

Scroll down to know more about the features offered by Nestify.

  1. The first and foremost distinctive feature offered by Nestify is that you can host as many WordPress websites as you want with any plan you purchase.
  2. By incorporating multi-level caching, efficient processing, and ultra-fast CDN, Nestify ensures that your website delivers impeccable loading speed and performance.
  3. Nestify ensures that your website remains safe from malware, SQL injections, DDoS attacks, or any other security threat by having a robust security scan mechanism in place.
  4. With unlimited hosting, you get the benefit of complete migrations as well.
  5. Nestify has an excellent support staff of its own that is prompt with responses and solutions. They do not sublet the support tasks to third parties.
  6. Nestify creates the backup of your website data each day. And the best part is that you do not need to install a plugin for the same.




Nestify lets you host unlimited sites

The support system is not as prompt as they claim it to be

With almost everything built-in, there’s no need to install additional plugins for server management

Flexible pricing and plans that meet different requirements of different users

6. Krystal Hosting:

Krystal is another London, UK-based WordPress hosting solution provider. The company came into existence in 2002, and ever since, it has hosted over 200,000 websites for 27000 clients, including Cadbury, the Financial Times, Nike, etc. It clearly indicates that Krystal makes an excellent choice for the big enterprises to host their website in the UK. 

Krystal has grown to become the largest independent hosting company in the United Kingdom. Not just that, their data centers are powered by 100% renewable energy. 

Let us see what sets Krystal apart from other hosting service providers.

  1. All the hosting plans on Krystal guarantee unbeatable uptime of 99.99%.
  2. All the plans provide added benefits like multiple email accounts, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited subdomains, etc. 
  3. You get a free domain name on all the plans of Krystal.uk except the amethyst plan, where you have to purchase a domain name for your site.
  4. A website builder lets you easily assemble your site using the built-in layouts available on the platform.
  5. Along with a Let’sEncrypt SSL certificate, you also get the benefits of off-site backup.




SSD and LiteSpeed caching ensure excellent speed

Entry-level plan does not have many features

no upper limit of bandwidth usage

Call support is not available 24×7

Free SSL Certificate, Data Backup and Migration

Environment-friendly hosting

60 days money-back guarantee

7. WP Engine:

WP Engine is a renowned WordPress hosting company that presently powers millions of websites all over the world. Established in 2010, WP Engine has headquarters in Texas and offices in California, Texas, England, and Ireland. WP Engine makes a great choice for hosting a WordPress website in the UK with its offices and data centers across Europe. 

Here are some prominent features of WP Engine.

  1. Automatic migration
  2. Dynamic staging environment
  3. Copy the layout of a previously created site
  4. Transfer bill to the client (for reselling)
  5. Professional support staff
  6. Core WordPress patching and fully managed security
  7. Offsite data backup and instant restoration




99.95% SLA uptime guarantee

Phone support is not very good

Daily backup and live threat detection

No email hosting

Excellent customer support

Expensive for beginners

Dynamic staging

Additional layer of security costs extra

AWS and Google Cloud powered hosting

8. AccuWeb Hosting:

AccuWeb Hosting is another well-known WordPress hosting provider in the UK. Despite being based in New Jersey (USA), they have a vast customer base in the UK and Europe. They offer a wide range of hosting solutions, including Shared Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Reseller, Cloud Hosting, Dedicated Server, and much more. Surprisingly, their feature-rich WordPress hosting plan starts at just $2.99/Month.

AccuWeb Hosting ensures customer satisfaction and a worry-free experience. Their persistent and exemplary support will keep you stress-free.

Features offered by AccuWeb Hosting.

  • Pre-installed WordPress
  • Unlimited WordPress site hosting
  • Option to select your server location
  • Technical aspects of running WordPress are managed by the host.
  • DDoS Protection
  • Scalable WordPress Hosting
  • Complimentary Backup
  • 24/7 Technical Support and guaranteed ticket response in under 1 hour.




Business email accounts

No plan with unlimited bandwidth

30 days money-back guarantee

Excellent customer support


There is an abundance of options when it comes to hosting a WordPress website in the UK. However, if you cannot figure out which one to choose, pick any of the eight hosting companies mentioned above that suits your budget.

Starting at £16 per month Pressidium offers a good balance between resources and affordability. Moreover, they are based in the UK itself.

If you are looking for the fastest response time, go with Rocket.net. Recently, I have collaborated with them to offer a 50% discount to my readers. You can use my coupon code to get the benefit.

And if you are tight on your budget, I will recommend Nestify.

I deliberately didn’t include some popular brands like BlueHost and SiteGround for their misleading pricing structure and subpar performance. Hopefully, this detailed comparison will help you make an informed decision in picking the best hosting for you.

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