[20% Off+ $50 Credit] BionicWP Black Friday Deals

Wouldn’t you like it if you could get extremely fast, and highly optimized managed WordPress hosting from BionicWP for incredibly discounted rates? The BionicWP Black Friday Sale 2021 is the perfect occasion for grabbing the best hosting at the cheapest prices.

Let’s see what BionicWP is before we jump to discuss black Friday deals, plans, and features.

A relatively new GCP-based WordPress hosting platform, BionicWP is quickly becoming the best-in-class hosting provider. Offering top-notch security, they provide managed services, consisting of powerful optimization tools and application-level support. 

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20% Off For Lifetime + $50 Credit + 7 Days Free Trial

So, what’s so special about BionicWP Black Friday Deals 2021? Let’s check out.

How To Activate BionicWP Black Friday Deals?

The black Friday sale is going to start from 26th November and end on 29th November. But you can avail the BionicWP Black Friday Deals 2021 up to 10th December!

BionicWP is offering some exciting hosting deals during the sale session. Keep scrolling down to know how you can redeem the best deals on BionicWP-

  1. Click on this link to go to the BionicWP Black Friday Deals 2021 page. It will automatically activate the black Friday deals 2021.

  2. Go through the various available hosting plans and click on the Start Free Trial button. It will enable you to try the hosting plan for absolutely free for 7 days. You can either continue availing BionicWP services by paying the requisite hosting fee or discontinue at your will. You can also go and pick a plan if you know what you need for your website.

  3. Pick a plan that suits your needs and continue.

  4. Next, create and register a domain name for your website or use an existing domain address to continue further.

  5. Recheck the details of your selected plans before proceeding further.

  6. Explore the various add-on features and add the useful ones to your cart before proceeding further.

  7. Proceed further to make the payment for your purchase once you’ve picked a suitable plan and added the useful add-on features to the cart. You can use multiple payment channels to make the payment against your purchase, including PayPal and credit cards. 

BionicWP Black Friday Deals 2021 Highlights

While BionicWP is offering multiple attractive hosting plans at exceptionally low prices, you’ll have to choose the plan according to your needs. 

To save you some trouble, I’ve browsed through each of their hosting plans and come up with some best black Friday deals BionicWP is offering

bionicwp black Friday sale 2021

Is BionicWP Hosting Suitable For You? 

BionicWP has a flexible pricing policy in place. More are the number of websites you want to host with them, more will be the discount you get. Plus, you get to decide the number of websites you want to host with them, you will be billed only for the number of websites you host with them. 

And not just that, they are providing a 20% lifetime discount during this black Friday sale. It means you’ll get a 20% discount for the lifetime whenever you buy a product from BionicWP. 

Moreover, you can also customize a hosting plan by contacting the support team. You can host one website at BionicWP for $27.50 per month that can handle up to 20,000 visitors. You’ll also get 5 GB disk space and 50 GB Content Delivery Network bandwidth along with advanced security.

The price of the hosting plan varies upon the number of websites you host and add-on features you subscribe to.

BionicWP Hosting Features: Is It Worth It?

Some of the most sought after features offered by BionicWP hosting are as follows:

  • Managed WordPress Hosting: You’ll get server and application-level management and support for your website application customization. From theme, plugins, and core updates to website edits, speed monitoring, and site maintenance BionicWP looks after it all. They take care of everything from server and site management to edits.

  • Unlimited Edits: With BionicWP you do not need to hire a VA to look after your website edits. The BionicWP support team can do it for you as many times as you want. Updating imagery, updating content, plugins, and whatnot, they’ll do it all on your behalf. 

  • Business-friendly: Another perk of using a managed hosting is that you can shift your entire focus in the direction to grow your business. Not just that, by paying an additional $25 you can get a dedicated team to look after all the blue-collar tasks of your website.

  • White label: BionicWP also provides white-label hosting features. It means you can design and develop a website on BionicWP hosting and sell it to a client independently. In fact, BionicWP offers full support to such clients and the client’s user never sees BionicWP’s branding on the end product. 

  • PageSpeed Insight Score: BionicWP is powered by Google Cloud Platform and maintains 90+ Google PageSpeed insight score for all the websites hosted on BionicWP. 

  • Great Security: One-click malware scan, WAF firewall, hack promise, etc. are a few of many security features offered by BionicWP to its clients. The fortified security on the hosting makes it an ideal choice to host a website that is fool proof against hacking and brute force attacks.

  • High performing CDN: BionicWP has its servers in all the six continents. CDN enables them to provide top-class, unbeatable, superfast speed to the websites hosted on BionicWP.

BionicWP gets you started fast with its set of high-quality tools. The control panel opens up instantly after sign up and brings you to a custom dashboard that is extremely easy to navigate. Build your WordPress site from scratch with the help of an inbuilt step-by-step guide. You can also use the ‘Migrate My Site’ option if you have websites on different a host. Unlimited migrations are supported at no extra cost. So, launching and migrating your website is super easy.

Plus, you get a lifetime free trial – leverage its power to work on your projects, and if you wish to go live simply upgrade to a paid plan.

Is BionicWP Black Friday Deals Worth It?

The bottom line is that you cannot simply make a pass on the BionicWP Black Friday Deals 2021. It’s not everyday that you get to host as many websites as you want on a feature-rich, performance-centric, and fully managed hosting at such low prices

So, hurry up, follow the given steps and get your BionicWP hosting at discounted price now!

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