BionicWP Review. Shocking Test Results Will Surprise You.

WordPress is a great content management system (CMS) for any online business. Be it a simple blog or a high-traffic e-commerce website, WordPress can manage them all. However, like any other CMS, it requires utmost care, and a managed WordPress hosting solution could be your preferred choice.

So, if you are searching for a fast yet simple managed WordPress hosting service provider, BionicWP could just be the one. But don’t take my words for granted. Read my full BionicWP review to get a complete idea of what you can expect from this hosting solution.

Unlike many other reviewers, I have tested their service extensively to uncover the full story behind their marketing claims. Moreover, I will share a $50 promo code so you can test their service inside out. It can’t be anything better than this.

Let’s dive in.

Is BionicWP a Reliable Managed WordPress Hosting?

It can be pretty daunting to choose a suitable WordPress hosting solution, especially if you are a beginner. Several hosting companies try to sell products regardless of their relevance. Don’t fall into this trap because you are just another customer for them.

BionicWP attempts to fix this problem by providing a truly managed WordPress hosting solution that allows its customers to grow and scale their business without limitations.

Since its inception, BionicWP has become a preferred WordPress hosting provider for those who look beyond the marketing gimmicks. It comes with several handy features and benefits. But before we jump into a detailed review, here are a few highlights that you can expect from BionicWP.

  • Hosted on state-of-the-art Google C2 compute servers
  • Fast loading times with a guaranteed score of 90+ on Google Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix
  • Friendly support team
  • Free real-time uptime monitoring service
  • Free website migration and staging environment
  • Free security and malware reports
  • Free hacking recovery service
  • Free 30 days off-site backup guarantee
  • Free weekly reporting and speed monitoring
  • Fully managed service with theme, plugin updates, and automatic core updates
  • White label support to agency owners
  • Unlimited edits including minor CSS adjustments, plugin upload and content update
  • No-confusion simple plan starting at $27.5 per month

Other benefits include free SSL certificates, a superfast caching facility, a content delivery network, and transactional emails. 

Although several managed WordPress hosting providers offer very similar facilities, BionicWP does have some edge over the others, and we will explore them all in detail in this BionicWP review.

BionicWP Review Summary

Min. Response Time162 ms
Max. Response Time2546 ms
Global Avg. Response Time609 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights100 Mobile/ 100 Desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestStable
Free SSLYes
One-Click AppYes
Free TrialYes

My BionicWP Hosting Performance Test Results

The internet is full of biased reviews and recommendations. However, I have taken a quantitative approach to provide data-driven recommendations to my readers. Before writing this BionicWP review, I performed a set of standard experiments. This helped me understand the quality of this hosting service provider.

Methodology: After subscribing to their service, I have pointed a domain name to their server. I use NameCheap DNS for my day-to-day tasks. Then, I installed WordPress with default settings. A 1000 words long article with two images of 180 KB was published. Here, I want to clarify that no additional plugins were installed during these tests. However, I installed the BionicSpeed plugin to check its applicability.

1. GTmetrix Performance Test:

GTmetrix is a popular website optimization tool known to the developer community. Every GTmetrix report comes with a Performance Grade (higher is better) and Web Vitals (lower is better) report. 

Below, I’m sharing the GTmetrix test report screenshot with you.

GTMetrix score during my BionicWP review

As you can see, the website performed exceptionally well in this test. Both the Performance and Structure scores were 100%. An LCP of 425 ms and TBT of 40 ms is also commanding. Web Vitals are important because Google constantly pushes better-performing and fast websites to the top of the SERPs.

During this test, I was using popular themes like GeneratePress, and Twenty Twenty One. Moreover, to check the effect of WordPress themes, I have considered several other popular themes like Astra, Hello, and Hestia. In all the cases, the scores were more than 88 on Pingdom, which is pretty decent. You can download the report from here.

2. Google PageSpeed Insights Report:

Page speed plays a vital role in user experience. Longer loading time directly correlates with a higher bounce rate and affects SEO negatively. BionicWP, unlike any other hosting solutions, claims to provide 90+ Google PageSpeed scores on its platform.

It uses industry-leading caching services from NitroPack to achieve such performance level. To verify their claims, I have tested my website with Google’s proprietary developer tool. Much like GTmetrix, it also gives an overall score corresponding to a test page, and Lab Data gives an idea about the different performance metrics in both Desktop and mobile devices.

Below, I have shown the report corresponding to the Mobile page view.

pagespeed insights report

As you can see, my web page scored a perfect 100/100. FCP, TBT, and other values are also well within the recommended range and are therefore shown in green.

3. CDN Performance Test:

A CDN performance test emulates visitors from several geographical locations and gives an idea of the time that it takes to open that page from different places. Here, I have used 42 geographical locations to perform this test.

Below, you can see a part of my result. You can download the full report from here.

cdn performance test was performed

When it comes to website response time, the distance between the server and visitor plays an important role. The shorter the distance, the faster the website is. This is indeed evident from this result. The closest locations performed exceptionally well, whereas the distant locations took a longer time.

The fastest response time (162 ms) was recorded from New York and the longest response time (2546 ms) was from Beijing. Then, I calculated the average response time for 42 different locations, and it came out to be 609 ms.

4. Website Load Test Result

A load test helps to understand how a website performs during traffic peaks. Moreover, it gives a conclusive idea of the behavior of the server employed. During such a test, several virtual users hit the website and measure the response time. 

In an ideal situation, a response time graph should be a horizontal straight line. However, in the real world, it deviates from its ideal behavior.

Below, I’m showing the load test graph.

bionicwp load test report

The violet line corresponds to the number of virtual users making concurrent requests to the server. The blue line corresponds to response time. As the number of virtual users increases from zero to fifty per second, the blue response line remains almost horizontal during the test period. Moreover, no erratic spikes have been noticed. No HTTP failure has occurred, and the standard deviation has been found to be only 8 ms. 

These numbers are highly satisfying and prove the quality of the service provided by BionicWP.

BionicWP Features

If you are concerned about your website’s speed and security, BionicWP could be a good choice for you. The company projects itself as the only “Truly Managed” WordPress hosting platform for any online business.

But what does it really mean? What’s inside the hood? Let’s discuss its features in detail.

1. Hosted on Google Clouds

One of the main features that differentiate BionicWP from other players is their websites are hosted on Google Cloud. To verify their claim, I performed a reverse hosting search.

bionicwp hosted on google cloud

Indeed the site was found to be hosted on Google Cloud.

Kudos to their effort to provide a hosting service based on state-of-the-art infrastructure. However, the choice of selecting a hosting location was limited at the time of writing this review. I believe they will work on introducing more locations soon.

A good WordPress hosting offers both application and server-level management support, and BionicWP is not an exception. The highly scalable Google Cloud infrastructure ensures the optimum performance of your website and a seamless user experience for your visitors.

To check the server’s quality, I have fetched the core level server details of my live website. As you can see from the screenshot shared below, it used a Genuine Intel Xeon processor-based server with a whopping 3100 MHz clock speed.

server details of bionicwp

I’m sure these servers are capable enough to handle a huge spike in traffic if your website goes viral (I also have shown this with my load test report). So, if you are looking for a competent WordPress hosting service that doesn’t compromise with server quality, you should definitely consider BionicWP.

2. Friendly Support Team

Once logged in to your dashboard, you can quickly contact the support staff via their ticketing system or through messenger. The support system remains live throughout the day, so you can even contact them late at night. Surprisingly they don’t provide support via telephonic calls.

BionicWP lauds their support facility and my personal experience is quite good with them. During my interaction, the response was received within a few minutes. The support staff was knowledgeable and listened to my problem patiently. He offered me an accurate solution and solved the problem immediately.

This is amazing considering how pathetic it usually is, even with several reputed brands. Furthermore, the support staff was prompt, polite, and experienced. He was eager to help me and was available throughout the process.

3. 90+ Google PageSpeed Insight Scores

BionicWP is probably the only hosting company that guarantees a 90+ PageSpeed score.

90+ google pagespeed score on bionicwp

4. Literally Zero Downtime

Another reason for choosing a quality hosting service over a cheaper alternative is its uptime availability. A mere 0.1% downtime means more than 8 hours and 45 minutes of unavailability during a whole year. This may not be important for small blogs; however, it could lead to a significant loss in revenue for real businesses.

BionicWP doesn’t promise a 100% uptime guarantee. So, I used UptimeRobot to figure out the real scenario.

bionicwp uptime report

While writing this BionicWP review, I monitored their service for more than 200 hours but didn’t experience any downtime during my test period. Moreover, the response time was way less than 200 ms. These numbers are significantly better than many of its competitors.

5. Free Security Checks and Hack Promise

Security is an essential part of your online business. All plans come with a default security pack. This includes daily malware scanning, WordPress hardening, and WAF firewall. But don’t be surprised to get even more. BionicWP promises to fix your website for free in case it gets hacked somehow.

Apart from that, every plan comes with an one-click free SSL certificate from Let’sEncrypt. If you face any problem, just ask the support staff to help you.

 free ssl certificate with bionicwp

BionicWP comes with free Malware Scanning, WordPress Hardening, and WAF Firewall. So you don’t have to pay hefty fees for installing them separately.

free malware scanning

6. Try Before You Buy Promise

All hosting plans come with a free staging environment. You can now test your existing website, plugins, modifications, codes for free even before making them live. The one-click staging environment is simple to implement and does not require any technical knowledge.

This free feature provides a unique opportunity to compare the performance of your current hosting to their service. And if you like, ask them to migrate your website for free. Be it a single website or 100+ sites, they will do it for you for free.

7. 30 Days of Off-Sites Backups

Taking regular backups is essential for any online business. BionicWP offers a free 30 days of off-site backups. So, if you ever face a problem with your website, you can rollback as per your choice.

30 days off-site backup

8. Unlimited Edits

BionicWP provides a unlimited edits service as an add-on facility. This service helps those who rely excessively on external agencies to take care of their website modifications.

You can opt-in to this service if you are stuck with content editing, plugin uploading, change of address, minor CSS adjustments, or other simple changes. However, if you need to perform complex tasks such as making custom plugins, or code editing, you can ask them for a custom quote.

9. Fully White-Label Support For Agency Owners

Now, agencies can get the hosting solution from BionicWP and sell it to their clients using the white-label hosting feature. As a result, customers will enjoy comprehensive support even though it will be sold by some other agency under their own brand name.

Is BionicWP a Good Kinsta Alternative?

Finding your perfect plan might be very confusing as Kinsta has 10 plans to choose from. Moreover, the basic plan starts at $30 compared to that of $27.5 from BionicWP. But the difference does not end here. BionicWP gives unlimited edits, advanced WordPress performance optimization, and page speed guarantees.

Unfortunately, Kinsta pays little attention to site migration, making it challenging to migrate your site if you are not from a technology background. So, unless you get significant discounts from Kinsta, BionicWP might be an ideal choice.

Below, I have tabulated a comparison between BionicWP and Kinsta.

Speed Guarantee90+ GTMetrix, Google PageSpeedNo
CDN210 POPs by AWS34 POPs by KeyCDN
Traffic20,000 visits25,000 visits
Daily Backups30 Days, Offsite14+ Days
Advanced SecurityYesNo
Free SSLYesYes
Free MigrationYes, UnlimitedYes, Restricted
Server Level CachingYesYes
Application Level SupportYesNo
Money Back GuaranteeYesYes
No. of Plans110
PriceStarts from $27.5/mStarts from $30/m

Check out my BionicWP review video summary.

How to Install WordPress With BionicWP

So far, we have discussed the advantages and disadvantages of BionicWP. Now I will show how easily you can install a WordPress website with them. BionicWP comes with a one-click WordPress installation facility. So, anyone can install it easily.

Step 1: Log in to your dashboard. If you have not signed up yet, you can use my affiliate link and coupon code “blogindigo” to join their platform with a $50 welcome credit.

Step 2: Once logged in, click on the “+ New Site” button to launch your website.

Step 3: You will be asked to fill up your Credit Card details. This is a mandatory step. However, you will not be charged at the beginning as it will be a staging site.

Step 4: Select whether you want to install a new website or migrate to an existing site. Here, I’m installing a new website.

how to install wordpress on bionicwp

Step 5: Modify your WordPress details. Here you will be able to select the Hosting location as well as the database version.

Step 6: Click on the “Launch Site” button to install your WordPress website.

BionicWP Pricing

Unlike other vendors, BionicWP provides a single plan that simplifies the whole billing cycle. You only will be charged for the services that you have opted for.

Here is the breakdown of their plan.

  • The Base Plan costs $25/month.
  • Bionic Speed, the caching facility from NitroPack, costs $9/month. This price is significantly lesser than the usual price of NitroPack.
  • Advanced Security which includes regular malware scanning, costs $2.50/month.
  • Optional Unlimited Edits costs $25/month.
  • Optional Transactional email costs $1/month.
  • They charge an overage of $1/2GB for space over 5GB, users need to pay a disk overage fee.

BionicWP Review: My Verdict

To sum up, BionicWP is a reliable managed WordPress hosting solution that has changed the sheer meaning of hosting for the better. While other hosting solutions tend to provide customers with server-level updates in the name of managed hosting, it offers additional application-level edits, customization, and support as a part of its one simple plan.

Even though there are a few managed hosting solutions that do offer application-level support to their customers, you usually end up spending an exorbitant amount for that. BionicWP reduces that cost to the bare minimum so that everyone can take advantage of its services to scale their businesses.

Therefore, if you are looking for a WordPress hosting solution that helps you grow big, look no further than BionicWP!

FAQs Related to BionicWP Review

What is BionicWP?

BionicWP is a leading managed WordPress hosting solution. They take care of all of your WordPress hosting needs, including website migration, daily backup, regular security checkups, and plugin updates.

Is BionicWP any good?

BionicWP offers fast managed WordPress hosting with industry-leading uptime and an impressive page speed score. They are one of the very few WordPress hosting solutions that are hosted on Google Clouds. Moreover, they offer a very responsive support system. Automatic daily website backup and a free staging environment make this one of the best WordPress hosting solutions.

What is WordPress web hosting?

In a nutshell, WordPress hosting is a special kind of hosting solution that has been optimized to improve the performance of WordPress-based websites. Typically this type of hosting includes one-click WordPress installation and performance improvement.

Do I need a web host for WordPress?

Definitely, you always need a host for WordPress. However, if you are a beginner, you can start with the free plan available on

Is BionicWP shared hosting?

No. It is a managed WordPress hosting based on Google Clouds.

How much traffic can BionicWP handle?

It can handle a lot of traffic. However, they charge an overage of $1/2GB for space over 5GB.

My BionicWP Review Summary
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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