11 Best Novel Writing Software

best novel writing software

It is not wrong to admit that writing a good book is a strenuous process. Keeping a good novel writing software around helps you ease the process of writing, failing which some of your greatest ideas may go into the bin due to unforeseen reasons. Understand that even the most brilliant writing software in the … Read more

Grammarly Review: How Can Grammarly Help Academics?

grammarly review

Grammar has been an indispensable part of our school curriculum right from Grade 1 but ironically, even as adults, we often pause and question ourselves whether we have made the right choice of pronouns, nouns, verbs, prepositions, punctuation, and such others. But, now, if you need any help regarding any of these, don’t get perplexed … Read more

AutoCrit Review: What’s the Buzz About?

autocrit review

Writing involves creativity. So, when I was introduced to some advanced writing tools a few years back, I was shocked beyond words. I felt like the need for human skills is decreasing significantly in this world where computers have become tough competitors in our jobs. Still, I was quite satisfied that automated tools and apps … Read more

[20% Off] Scrivener Coupon Code – Grab It Today

If you are searching for a Scrivener Coupon Code, look no further. I have negotiated a 20% Discount Coupon for Scrivener lovers. Maybe you are writing your next masterpiece. Your mind is bubbling with ideas, your notebook is full of concepts, sticky notes are peeping out their necks from every other page in your book, … Read more

Optimonk Review – Best Exit Intent Popup Builder

optimonk review best exit intent popup builder

Strangely enough, I’m writing this Optimonk review on a website where I rarely discuss sales and marketing. But Optimonk has really improved my earning from this website, and this knowledge should be spread. You feel good generating traffic to your website, but it isn’t useful until this converts into sales. That’s where this lead generation … Read more

Scrivener Review. Is It Worth It?

scrivener review

Scrivener is undoubtedly one of the most popular book-writing software available today. In this Scrivener review, I will tear down this productivity software and compare it with other similar software like Microsoft Word. In the end, I will figure out why so many authors prefer this software for their writing projects. Writing books is not difficult. However, writing … Read more