How to Start a Thriving Freelance Writing Career in 2021?

how to start a freelance writing career

Stranger: So, what do you do lately? Me: I am a freelance writer. Stranger: Huh? Is that even a career? Me: Sigh! (Replying in my thoughts) do you read anything? Perhaps, a newspaper, magazine, or books, anything? (Drum rolls) that’s precisely what a writer does, either freelance or hired! So yes, it’s a career, a big one for that … Read more

18 Simple Ways to Improve Your Writing Skills

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Writing is challenging for many people, especially those who don’t write for a living. It’s encouraging to learn that writing does not have to be problematic. Everybody can up their writing skills with little effort and willingness. Acquiring a set of tricks to enhance your writing skills is not as challenging as you may perceive. … Read more

Writing Styles: The Secret to Engage Your Readers With Your Writing

writing styles featured image

Writing styles refer to the type or form of written work you are creating. It would be helpful if you think of it as a classification for identifying the writing type you will be making. For example, the writing style of a cookbook is entirely different from a romance and steamy novel. Every writing style … Read more

AutoCrit Review: What’s the Buzz About?

autocrit review

Writing involves creativity. So, when I was introduced to some advanced writing tools a few years back, I was shocked beyond words. I felt like the need for human skills is decreasing significantly in this world where computers have become tough competitors in our jobs. Still, I was quite satisfied that automated tools and apps … Read more