11 Best Books on Writing. #7 Is a Must-Read for Every Aspiring Writers

best books on writing

You could have been borrowing books from libraries, exchanging with your friends, or even reading them in your Kindle. But there is a selected number of books that remain in your reading treasure chest forever. The ones discussed below belong to this category as they teach you about the nuances of writing. Yes, we are … Read more

How to Use 5 Essential Story Elements to Write a Captivating Story

5 essential story elements

Writing a captivating story involves the coordination of five essential story elements: characters, setting, plot, conflict, and resolution. As a writer, once you master how to balance these elements in your story effectively, you are perfectly positioned into coming up with the best story for your readers. As a good writer, you should know how … Read more

35 Best Podcasts for Writers- a List of Most Trending Writing Podcasts

best writing podcasts

Writing is a soft skill that gets improved with time, but do you think improvement comes automatically? NO, not at all.  If you want to improve yourself, then you have to make efforts in the right direction.  In order to improve your writing skills, you may follow the writing podcasts of well-known authors and writers. … Read more