Is GoDaddy Hosting Good?

Congratulations as you have decided to launch your website. Now you need a hosting service that provides features according to your needs. GoDaddy thrives as the World. No 1 domain name registrar. Moreover, they provide hosting platforms for individuals, businesses as well as bloggers. The fact that they have 20+ million customers and 80+ million … Read more

Is Bluehost Good For Blogging?

Over the past few years, Bluehost has become synonymous with perfect hosting for blogging. Started in 2003, this American company has over 3 million customers worldwide. Great uptime, technical assistance, and excellent WordPress support make them a perfect host for bloggers. Bluehost provides seven different types of hosting for different kinds of needs. However, I … Read more

Is BlueHost Better than GoDaddy?

Are you planning to launch your website and are currently searching for a good web hosting company? Both BlueHost and GoDaddy seem to be a great choice, given their features and services. Their pricing might be very similar, but each of them differs in the level of performance. For instance, BlueHost allows using various programming … Read more

Pressidium Review: How Good Is This Managed WordPress Hosting?

pressidium review

Are you looking for a reliable WordPress hosting provider? Do you need the best user experience, high-end site security, and approachable technical support for your website? Then Pressidium could be a perfect choice for you. It’s a London-based managed WordPress hosting company operating since 2014. Pressidium claims to provide the best WordPress hosting experience by … Read more