How to Write a Cover Letter for an English Teacher

Are you an English teacher who wants to get hired for a job?

If so, you are in the right place. Today, I will be sharing tips and samples to write a Cover Letter for English Teacher. So keep on reading this article.

Most of you reading this post is because you are looking for a position as an English teacher.

English is one of the most used and powerful languages in today’s world. It helps you to create the best impression in your work, social, and entertainment spheres.

But, have you ever wondered who contributed the most to make us learn this language?

It’s we, English Teachers!

We impart valuable learning and ethics in young minds right from their childhood. Be it helping with writing ABC in kindergarten students or reciting full-fledged poetry in school-goers, English teachers are always fantastic support.

However, getting hired as an English teacher is a strenuous task. There are thousands of applicants ready to fight for a few positions. But there is a simple way to stand away from the crowd? Do you know what it is?

It is your cover letter for an English teacher.

In this guide, I will tell you; How can you augment your chances of getting hired by as much as 70%? Moreover, if you want master the art of writing cover letter, you should read this article. I am sure it will help you to add that X-factor in your writing.

Let’s begin with the essential tips to write a cover letter for an English teacher.

Start with a personalized introduction

Your cover letter has to be unique, simple, yet impressive as you are not the only person who is applying for this position.

Your prime focus while writing the cover letter is to hook your reader in the initial seconds. Make sure that you add your qualifications, experience, and skills in a way that it leaves a long term impact on your reader.

Your cover letter should have a tone that makes the reader carry over into reading your cover letter. In simple words, it should engage your reader until the end.

Address your letter to someone specific

Whenever possible, address your message to someone specific. A few moments of further research on who will likely read your letter will help you to achieve your goal.

If there is a specific name or position in the job listing, then you are good to go with your existing one. If not, then don’t feel low, little more research will definitely help you find the right person to pitch.

Use the right tone

Finding the right person is not enough; you also need to use the right tone. Just make sure you don’t go too casual.

In case you don’t find the person who might be reading your cover letter, it would be great to go with a generic address like “Greetings.” I know it sounds a bit odd, but believe me, it will feel less formal and stringent than the traditional “to whom it may concern.”

Give relevance to salutations

Salutations express your courtesy for the reader. These are some salutation examples you can consider “Greetings, Ms. Marilyn, Dear Principal Marilyn, Dear Ms. Marilyn.”

Avoid salutations, such as Hi (It portrays quite a casual image in front of the reader), To Whom It May Concern (It looks too impersonal to the reader), Dear Storm Coast Elementary School Administrator (It seems dull and vague).

Salutation plays a significant role in defining a tone in the letter. Your primary goal is to sound professional while making it approachable. If you make your cover letter impersonal, then the reader might not feel engaged while reading the letter.

Elevator pitch: body of your letter

Writing the elevator pitch is one of the most challenging tasks while writing the cover letter. This pitch should include your purpose, best qualifications, and vision. But, every candidate applying for this relevant post will share their background qualifications and skills. Then, what differentiates you?

Your Representation.

You have to smoothly incorporate your hobbies, skills, and experiences in the letter’s body and represent it in the best way in front of your reader.

Don’t be too generic with statements like ‘I love students and teaching. Please find my CV below and contact me in case of queries.’

Instead, be influential, with statements like, ‘I have 7+ years of experience, or I find my passion in…. etc.’

All these aspects will help you not only to stay in the game but rock the play. You should perfectly write your elevator pitch as it positions you like the most required candidate for the job.

Appropriate closing

The closing of your letter should have a Call to Action statement, ALWAYS.

Don’t end your cover letter with “waiting for your response.” It closes the room for conversation. Instead, go with, “Thanks for your consideration. I am expecting to hear from you within a week. In case you are occupied with your work, I will take this opportunity to give you a gentle reminder after a week. Thank you.”

The ending should be done in a way where you can make follow-ups. It should have a pinch of attitude as well as friendliness.

Don’t forget to greet the person warmly at the end with words like, ‘Sincerely.’

These are some of the must-follow points while writing a cover letter for an English Teacher. We have written an extensive article on cover letter mistakes. Check whether you are making one of them or not. Now let’s take a look at:

Sample Cover Letter for English Teacher

Dear Principal Marilyn,

I have a decade of experience in the English education sector and have found that my passion for teaching English Grammar and Literature has only grown every passing year. I have taught students from multiple schools with different grade levels. Despite the evolving complexities in the educational landscape, my enthusiasm to help students master the English language has never faded away.

For the past few years, I have been working with De Paul School. It gave me a unique ability to develop strategies to cover my course modules in time, grab my student’s attention for interactive classes, and share my passion for English Language and Literature with them. I have dedicated my career to helping all my students and would relish the opportunity to do the same at South Shore School.

In the current position, I teach Grammar, Vocabulary, Literature, and Creative Writing to the students. I have recently been recognized as “One of the Most Outstanding English Teachers by the Youngstown PTA.” Moreover, I have been an essential part of the National Federation of Teachers Conference.

I am a positive and highly energetic person who can carry forward the vision of your school with the utmost ease. It would be an honor to continue my career as an English teacher at South Shore School.

Let me know if you have any other questions. I will be happy to answer.

Thanks for your consideration. I am expecting to hear from you within a week. Thank you.

Emma Jackson