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Are you applying for an Executive Assistant job? Writing a powerful Executive Assistant cover letter should be an important part of your job application process. And in this article, I am going to thoroughly discuss the process of such cover letter writing. How to draft your letter? What should be included? What to avoid? Whom should you address your letter? I will cover them all. Along with that, I will also share the job description of the executive assistant. In the end, you will find one Sample Cover Letter for guidance. So, read this article thoroughly.

What is the role of a cover letter?

Getting a decent job in today’s competitive market is not that easy. You have to present yourself in an impressive manner in front of the hiring manager. And one can do this by writing a powerful cover letter. But writing such a letter is not very easy. You should know all the rules properly. However, if you are not comfortable with writing such letters then you can follow the tips mentioned in the article to grab the attention of your recruiter. We have written an extensive article on cover letter writing. Why don’t you read it before starting.

How your cover letter can help you to get an interview call?

Usually, the hiring team gets thousands of applications for a few openings. In such a scenario covering letter could be the decisive factor to get an interview call. So, draft it carefully. Below, I am mentioning different sections that you should include while drafting your cover letter.

Address properly: A cover letter should start with a proper addressee. Dear Sir/ Madam, Dear Hiring manager are preferred salutations. You can mention the name as well, such as Dear John Doe. In any case, don’t use “To whom it may concern.” Such a beginning creates a distance between the writer and the reader.

Mention the job reference: This is, however, optional but if you have been referred by someone from the same organization or in the network, you should inform his/her reference.

Brief details: In the next paragraph, mention your educational qualifications. This section should be short and attractive.

Experience: Experience is the key to success in the professional world. Do not forget to include the details of your prior work. It is the most important section of your cover letter. If you are a fresher then highlight positive points of your personality. You can mention the details of your project work and training experience.

Along with that, it is important to mention; how capable and efficient you are? Here you should answer “Why do you deserve the position?” Think from the perspective of a recruiter. They are hiring you for their benefit and your cover letter should clearly address the issue.

Conclusion: Conclude your letter with a positive attitude. It must show your confidence and enthusiast about the job. End with a call to action statement and leave your letter open ended. This kind of statement encourages the hiring manager to take positive actions.

Avoid mistakes: Your cover letter should be free of any mistakes such as grammatical mistakes, wrong choice of words or fragmented arrangement of sentences. Use software like ProWritingAid for proofreading. Get additional 20% off when purchased through our affiliate link.

Job responsibilities of an executive assistant

An executive assistant is supposed to assist the executive. You must be familiar with the job description of this post. In case you do not know then, I am mentioning them below.

The major job responsibilities of an executive assistant may include

  • Updating the executive on regular intervals about the upcoming meetings and presentations
  • Making presentations
  • Answering phone calls and regular mails on behalf of the executive
  • Scheduling of meetings
  • Preparation of summary of each meeting conducted by the executive
  • Preparation of various reports

Qualities required by an executive assistant

An executive assistant requires to perform several duties. He/she must possess excellent interpersonal skills like communication skills and team management. This post suits best for those who can deal with different kinds of people.

Eligibility criteria for an executive assistant post depends on the sector and organization. Below, I mention some of them

  • Excellent communication skills
  • Proper scheduling of different events
  • Organization of different events
  • Presentation of facts in a simplified way
  • Time management
  • Speed and accuracy in work
  • Knowledge of various productivity software like MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint
  • Team worker
  • Ready to accept challenges

So, if you excel these skills, you can work as an executive assistant in various reputed organizations.

A sample cover letter for executive assistant

Dear Hiring Manager,

With an experience of five years and an MBA from Nuovo Metronics, Montreal, I believe I am the most suitable candidate for the post of an executive assistant in your organization, as published on your website.

Currently, I am serving as an executive assistant in R&D technologies and quite familiar with the work culture and time management of a busy executive. Being a computer science graduate, I am very much acquainted with different productivity tools and office software.

Post-pregnancy I am constantly searching for an established group to work with and in my opinion, I can comfortably handle the job responsibilities of this post. If you provide me with the opportunity to join your team then I can assure you nothing but the best.

Please find my resume attached. Don’t hesitate to reach me out if you have any queries.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Ruchi Pradhan

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