How to Write an Unignorable Cover Letter for Financial Analyst

An impressive cover letter could be the gateway to your dream job in a reputed company. A cover letter is a primary requirement for any job in most of the companies, but if you are looking to work as a financial analyst, then your cover letter should include some tricky points. These will help you to grab that job.

In this article, I will share all the important tips regarding the cover letter writing for a financial analyst. Hence I advise you to read the article till the end.

In the end, I also include a Sample Cover Letter for the Financial Analyst Position which will help you draft your own.

We all know that success in professional life requires technical and communication skills. But none of us is perfect. Some are expert at writing while for others it is as complicated as rocket science. Nonetheless, if you are not an active writer, then I will suggest you to follow these simple steps to prepare an attractive cover letter. And if you are a master, these steps will guide you formatting your message correctly.

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Think before you write

If you want to write a cover letter then you should think like a recruiter or a hiring manager. Imagine that you got thousands of job application for 10 to 12 vacancies in your organization and you have to schedule the interviews for all the deserving candidates in just a few hours.

Now, what will you do? The answer is quite simple; you will go through the cover letters and shortlist the deserving candidates for the interviews.

What is the moral of the story? Quite clear- if your cover letter is engaging then it will provide you with an opportunity to showcase your technical and interpersonal skills in front of interviewer. Otherwise, it may end up in the bin.

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Job responsibilities of a financial analyst

First of all, you must be familiar with the job responsibilities of a financial analyst in an organization. If you are not familiar, I will share some important job responsibilities of a financial analyst. These points could be included in your cover letter.

  • A financial analyst is responsible for planning and forecasting of the financial matters of an organization.
  • As a financial analyst you are supposed to collect, study and analyze the previous data related to different aspects of business and send the recommendations to the management team.
  • Maintaining proper liquidity in the organization.
  • You are responsible for making future strategies for better numbers in the balance sheet.
  • You must be able to forecast any upcoming financial crisis and suggest effective plans to deal with the crisis.

Now, as you are familiar with the job responsibilities of a financial analyst, we can proceed to the next segment.

Prepare your Cover Letter for Financial Analyst in four simple steps.

Step #1:

The beginning paragraph of your cover letter should be written as the answer to one simple question – Why One Should Hire You?

To answer this question, you need to be very careful, because several candidates do not get the point clearly and start the letter by highlighting their skills without proper introduction. Hence, it is advisable that in the beginning there must contain a brief introduction, you can mention name, qualifications and experience.

Apart from that, you can mention the medium through which you came to know about the job opportunity. Then you can proceed towards answering the question -Why you should be the best choice for this post?

Step #2:

After highlighting your skills and willingness to work in the organization, in the next paragraph, you should cover your prior experience if any.

But be careful here, as some candidates include negative remarks about their ex-employer. Refrain from such mistake. You should remember that – no one is asking why did you quit your last job? You are supposed to mention your experience and move to the next segment.

Another important point is that keep your details as short as possible at the same time elaborate enough to showcase your expertise in the given sector.

Step #3:

In this step, you can directly relate your skills with the requirements mentioned by the employer in the advertisement. But you need to be very careful in this step, if you are not familiar with any advanced software or highly technical skill that is required by the employer then don’t make false claims. It could be catastrophic for your application.

Step #4:

Your covering letter should have a proper conclusion as well. I always advise to end with a call-to-action statement. This encourages the recruiter to invite you for the interview. But do not cross more than, two to three lines. In the ending you should add warm greetings.

I am sure if you follow these steps, the recruiter will not be able to discard your application.

A Sample Cover Letter for Financial Analyst Position

Dear Ms. Roscher

It is quite exciting to apply for the post of a financial analyst in a pioneer organization like- Nova Solutions. Myself Sara Smith; an experienced financial analyst, who can serve your organization with expert analysis of different complex scenarios of finance.

To mention briefly, I am an experienced financial analyst with experience in identifying trends, establishment of standard cost, forecasting the trends and other critical technical skills. I can take care of the financial health of your company in an effective manner as I have five years of experience in the relevant field.

Previously, after completing an MBA in finance from Murugam University, I worked as a junior financial analyst in FabTech Software Solutions for two years. It was an excellent learning experience. Here I would like to emphasize that my innovative hedging strategy helped my employer to maintain the financial stability during the time of global economic slowdown.

With my experience and ability to perceive market trends, I am sure you will find me as a resource of your organization. Please do not hesitate to contact for any queries.
Thank you for your time and patience.

Sara Smith

Do not forget to proofread your cover letter twice for grammatical and spelling errors. You can take assistance from an expert as well.

I hope you find this article helpful. Please share it with your friends. Have questions? Comment below.

I wish you all the best with your job search.

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