How to Write a Cover letter for Graphic Designer

Are you applying for a graphic designer job position? Then this article is for you. Read it thoroughly as I will show How to write a creative cover letter for graphic designer. I will demystify several questions like; How do you start a creative cover letter? ,and Should you include a picture in your cover letter? At the end I will also share a Sample Cover Letter for your reference.

Have you ever wondered; Why is a cover letter so vital for job application? Why do several recruiters strictly ask for a cover letter from applicants? Why an application without a cover letter is often considered incomplete, even when you have a well-drafted resume? There must be some reason.

So, what is the difference between a cover letter and a resume?

Your resume is a documentation of your qualifications and experiences. However, the purpose of writing a cover letter is completely different. It is your conversation starter. A well-written cover letter convinces the hiring manager to continue the conversation and show your attitude towards the job.

While a resume sketches the academic achievements, job experiences etc., your cover letter serves the purpose of the first interaction with the recruiter. Your cover letter is a key part of your job application process. Undoubtedly, a well-drafted cover letter will give a significant boost to qualify the initial screening processes.

Graphic designing is a highly creative field and your cover letter should be as creative as possible. Use quirky subject lines if sending by an email. Include powerful introduction. End with a strong call-to-action statement that will shout loud for you. Give your recruiter adequate explanations; why you might be the most deserving candidate for them? However, refrain from any false claim. This could be a fatal mistake for your application. We have written a full article on 15 Worst Cover Letter Mistakes. Point number 7 will surprise you. I recommend you to read the article.

How do you start a creative cover letter?

An introductory sentence should be as impactful as possible. I have seen several people writing a very weak introduction. Which is a big mistake. Create a hook. Keep your reader engage. Otherwise, no one will read your letter completely. You might lose the golden opportunity. Convey your enthusiasm for the hiring organization. Mention the job for which you are applying. So, in a nutshell, your starting paragraph (1) Introduces you, (2) Clarifies the position you are applying for, and (3) Creates a hook.

Below, I am showing an example of a weak and a strong cover letter introduction.

impactful introduction in cover letterIn both examples the message is same. However, a simple rearrangement of words has changed the impact.

Write every part of your cover letter with the utmost care. Use judicious sentences. Relate a common interest. Here is an excellent article on cover letter writing. We have broken down every part of a cover letter and discussed it thoroughly. Surely, it will help you write an impactful cover letter for a graphic designer job position.

What should you include in your graphic designer cover letter?

Your cover letter for a graphic designer should mention the technical knowledge relevant to the position. It must portray your innovative designing and thinking skills. Use your designing skills to make it unique. Grab the attention of your hiring manager. Use beautiful backgrounds, your picture, unique font, and style. I have used Canva to design an elegant cover letter design inspiration for you. You can use their service to create a unique cover letter according to your needs.graphic designer cover letter design inspirationThe last or the conclusion paragraph must end with a call-to-action statement. Present yourself as a positive, ambitious, and helpful employee. You may have to be a little forceful in this part if you want to get called you for an interview. Make it open-ended so that you can continue the conversation.

Lastly, do check for grammatical errors. My sincere request, get it reviewed by your friends or proofreading software like ProWritingAid. It is very easy to use and a pro version covers more than 400 types of checks. Get additional 20% off when purchased through our affiliate link.

Below, I am providing two sample cover letters for graphic designer.

Sample Cover letter for a fresh graphic designer

Ms. Nancy Jonas
BTN Graphitom
343, Leans Street
Atlanata 94301

Dear Ms. Nancy,
With a diploma in graphic designing from prestigious STN Graphitome, I found myself glad to write this application letter for the post of a graphic designer as published on your website.

I have also done an internship in this course which gave me a huge knowledge about designing page layouts and websites, photo image modification, marketing and producing collateral. During college days, I have developed a wide knowledge of various computer languages and technologies related to graphic designing. With excellent communication skills, I am the most suitable person to work in a team.

I would like to start my career with your company, where I can use my knowledge to the fullest and also get a chance to know new things from practical experiences. I am attaching my resume along with the cover letter. Hope to hear from you very soon. However, you can reach me in my email given below.

Thanking you,

Mari Roland

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Sample Cover letter for an experienced graphic designer

To, Ms. Nancy Jonas,
BTN Graphitome,
343 lans street,

Dear Ms. Nancy

I am glad to write this letter for the post of an experienced graphic designer as published on your website. Considering my academics, and experiences, I found myself a suitable applicant for this opening.

To briefly mention, currently, I am working as a graphic designer at RIM Graphics. During my three years at RIM, I have learned a wide range of abilities to innovate designing principles. Image manipulation, web page designing, and banner designing are few areas that excite me the most. My art campaign for one of our international clients has been praised largely and proved that I always exceeded my clients’ expectations. Moreover, my knowledge of HTML5, CSS3, and Adobe suite gives an edge to address various critical designing issues.

I am sure that my experiences and dedication would help you to elevate the standards of your company. Please find my resume attached. However, if you have any queries you can reach me in my email given below.

Thanking you,
Donuld Trump

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