How to Write a Cover Letter for Nurse

Writing a cover letter for a nurse is not difficult. However, you should follow some rules. Read this extensive article to know about it. We also have provided a sample cover letter for a nursing job at the end of this article. Feel free to copy and modify according to your needs.

With the increasing life expectancy rate, the medical fraternity is booming all over the world. Along with this, is expanding the demand for trained, competent nurses from various specialties.

Therefore, the nursing sector has now become one of the most potential career options. It has increased the promising future prospects. But every promising career option comes with one hindrance. This increased popularity is also an indicator of increased competition for the nursing posts.

Job hunting is already a cumbersome task, and sector like nursing with a variety of specialties demands special dedication. The whole process of arranging a resume, searching for jobs on various portals, applying to it, needs an ample amount of patience and time.

Now, there are significant numbers of candidates applying for the same posts as yours. Did you ever feel that your resume is lacking the x-factor? Are you sure, you are not making one of these 15 cover letter writing mistakes?

Like you are sensing something is lacking from your resume that could stand you out from the rest of the crowd? Like your qualifications and achievements are not enough highlighted in the resume?

Surprisingly, the answer to these common confusions is quite simple. To be noticed among hundreds of other nursing applications needs some professional touch to your otherwise very marvelous resume. A neat, to the point, practical cover letter can surely do the trick while applying for a nursing position.

Let’s face it; we all have ignored a cover letter like an underrated addendum. But here I am going to share some practical and true stand out facts in favor of cover letter.

  1. This is the best way to highlight your strong points in a very direct way in the eyes of the recruiters.
  2. Let’s accept the fact that shortlisting the right resumes from the bulk of hundreds of resumes is a tiresome job. Chances of some good resumes to be missed out is not such an impossible accident. Your cover letter will save time and energy of your recruiters and therefore will reduce the risk of your resume to be left out.
  3. The essential qualifications required for the job will be the same for almost all the eligible candidates. Experiences also will be varied, but somehow similar to many. But in a job like nursing, a lot depends upon other factors beyond academic qualifications. Your hobbies, mental strengths, your outlook towards the service of others, management, and critical situation handling capacity, etc. are could be decisive factors.
  4. Your past volunteering in an NGO, service in old age home or orphanage can add that extra benefit to your resume. A cover letter is the right place to showcase all these relevant experiences which makes you different from others who has applied for the nursing position.

Nursing Cover Letter Dos Donts

Tips for writing a cover letter for a nursing job

To begin with, we have to understand a simple fact. The person reading your letter does not have any idea about you and your qualifications. This cover letter is the only key to present the best of your qualifications and characteristic features. So, the cover letter has to be a crisp concentrate of all of your resume.

Keeping this in mind, let’s discuss how you should present it.

Firstly, Addressing. A personalized proper greeting is proof of your professionalism. Cross-check who you are supposed to be addressing. Try a nice warm yet professional greeting using full name of the person of interest.

If you can’t find the full name, go with Mr./Ms. following the surname. Good manners go a long way.

Secondly, Introductory lines and body of the letter. This introduction will comprise your purpose for writing this letter as well as your best qualification, as relevant for the post.

In the body, you have to describe your candidature, qualification, and experiences in a manner which is to the point and relatable to your hiring company. Highlight relevant hobbies, volunteering experiences that can directly back your relevance.

For an entry-level job, your recruiters will not expect an elaborate list of experiences from your end, but if you have any prior experience, you should mention it here. You should read this article if applying for an entry level nurse job.

If you are interested in pursuing any specific specialization, like pediatrics, surgery, critical care, etc., if it matches your recruiter’s interest, you definitely play that ball.

Thirdly, Closing paragraph. In this part, you wrap up your cover letter in a friendly and confident manner. A notion of expectation of a positive reply from your recruiter’s end must be added here to prove your genuine interest in this job. End with a call to action statement. Dedicated employees are assets to companies and your cover letter should reflect your dedication.

Last but not least, end your letter with a proper greeting. The whole idea of a cover letter is to be direct, and on point, always use the first-person voice.

You should finish your cover letter within one page and should not bore the hiring person.

Here is an excellent article about cover letter writing, I recommend you to read. It will definitely help you .

Sample Cover Letter for Nurse

Grace Jackson
4126 Tipple Road
Brooklyn City, NY 11203
Phone 215-772-9108/347-971-5192
November 2, 2019

Shelly Roche
Hiring Manager, Nursing
United Health Mission Hospital
1073 Patterson Road
Brooklyn City, NY 11221
Phone 718-919-2549

Dear Ms. Shelly Roche,
Very good morning to you. I hope you are well and healthy.

I, Grace Jackson, Bachelor of Nursing with six years of job experience, am writing this letter in accordance with the advertisement published on your hospital website for the post of Nurse. I am hereby delighted to present my candidature because I believe my core values, along with my qualification and hands-on experience, makes my candidature an ideal for the post mentioned above.

I have achieved my Bachelor of Nursing degree from New York Nursing College. In these years of study, I have meticulously gained knowledge about proper nursing practices, latest techniques, and machinery. I have also learned about patient care, handling critical situations, and managing proper communication through departments for operating a flawless system.

In my current job as a Registered Nurse in Brooklyn Sacred Cross Hospital, I am responsible for developing and managing patient care practices for 20 patients, coordinating interdepartmental workforce systems, and maintaining excellent helpful relationships with patients and family members.

During my clinical placements in two organizations, I was trained to look after the medical conditions of patients from various fields every day. I mainly developed interests in Critical Care, and I wish to specialize in this field in the future.

Also, my service as a volunteer in an NGO, providing medical care for homeless people has enabled me to understand the pain of the sufferer and taught me to give comfort and care with the utmost compassion.

I have always been recognized as a dedicated, calm, reliable, intelligent employee with the capacity to act promptly in case of emergency. I believe, having a cordial, professional relationship with my colleagues is key to maintain a healthy work environment.

I truly believe, given a chance, I could be an asset to your Hospital as I am looking for a challenging work environment with emphasize on Critical Care, and as per my understanding, your Hospital is one of the pioneers in this field. I look forward to hearing from you so that I can discuss my candidature and skills during an interview. I have enclosed my academic transcripts and two letters of recommendation along with my updated resume for your reference.

Thank you for your time.


Grace Jackson
Enc. Resume, Academic Transcripts, and Reference Letter

I hope that this article was beneficial for you — best wishes for your job search. You can also download our Visual DIY Cover Letter for your reference.

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