How to Write a Cover Letter for Office Assistant

Are you applying for an office assistant position? Do you want to write a cover letter that will impress your HR? Then read our article on How to Write a Cover Letter for Office Assistant. I am sure it will help you with achieving your feat.

Your cover letter is an important document which will help you standing out in the crowd. So, write it properly. I will recommend you to read this five-minute article on cover letter writing. The author has beautifully taught the art and science of writing cover letters.

Let’s be practical. HR department usually browses hundreds of applications every day. They pick those applications which suit their vision. Therefore, you should know how to write it properly. What should be included and what should be avoided. In this guide article, I will share some tips which will definitely help you to frame your letter.

Valuable tips for job seekers

There are certain points you must keep in mind while writing a cover letter for an office assistant. Some points are general, and some points apply to the office assistant position only. So, read it carefully.

Read the advertisement carefully. Please be sure that you are eligible for the post. If so, find out the most relevant keywords for the position and start drafting your letter keeping that keyword in mind. You can also browse their website to get valuable information regarding the post. What is the company about? What type of tasks they tackle? This will give you enough idea to personalize your cover letter.

Start the letter with a proper salutation. Use the name of the recruiter and address the letter directly to him/her. However, in circumstances where you don’t know the name, use”Respected Sir/Madam”, “Dear Sir/Madam” without any hesitation. Showing respect is always considered as a good gesture.

You can start the letter with your work experience. Follow the reverse chronological order. This is a judicious method of starting your letter as it describes your current and the most relevant qualities first. Share relevant experiences that can help your recruiter.

Use bullets to highlight most important points. Please remember that your cover letter must be short and precise. Using bullets can help you highlighting important points in a limited paragraph and improves the readability also. Moreover, your recruiter can easily glance through them in a short time. Help him/her.

Avoid mentioning any personal details. Most of the time, it is not required. Also, don’t need to include your hobbies or interests in the letter. These details may not be relevant for the job and will unnecessarily increase the length of your letter.

Never use action verbs. I recommend not to use passive terminology either. Passive sentence creates a distance between the writer and the reader and sometimes creates confusions as well. I strongly recommend you to avoid these 15 Biggest Cover Letter mistakes.

Present your experience and qualifications.

The post of an office assistant requires a diverse spectrum of qualities. It could range from fixing a schedule for your manager to managing important documents of your organization. Many times, an office assistant works as a problem solver. Do you possess such quality? If so, highlight them. Explain your problem-solving methodology. You can mention awards or recognition received during previous employment.

Mention how fluent you are with different office management applications and word processing software such as Microsoft Office. Below, I am mentioning some of the qualities you may consider including in your letter.

So here’s my checklist for you.

  • Understanding of administrative duties, including office management, executive support, billing or invoicing, travel/meeting coordination, document preparation and project or program support.
  • Experience as an office assistant in other organization
  • Interpersonal and communication skills
  • Peer skills and customer interaction skills
  • Computer expertise

Do you have other suggestions? Mention in the comment section.

Think from the perspective of a recruiter.

Place yourself in the seat of a recruiter. Ask questions like; Are you multilingual? How strong are your communication skills? How punctual are you? Can you work under pressure? Your recruiter is looking for these qualities in his/her prospective employees. And your cover letter should address them. Give them hints. Impress your recruiter with your key strengths. Make them curious to meet you. I am sure; you will get a call for a personal interview.

Below, I am sharing a sample cover letter for office assistant job position. Feel free to download and edit according to your needs. I hope this will help you in drafting your letter.

A Sample Cover Letter for Office Assistant

Dear Mr. Thomas

Upon learning of your advertisement for an Office Assistant, I hastened to submit my complete resume for your review. As an organized and experienced professional with extraordinary organizational and interpersonal abilities, I am prepared to contribute significantly to your company’s objectives and goals.

My expertise lies in performing an efficient administrative operations. Moreover, I can offer my service efficiently, even in a time-bound environment. The few areas that I excel in are calendar maintenance, bookkeeping, report preparation, arranging meetings with teamwork, and event coordination. With my ability and skill set, I can prioritize tasks and collaborate with peers and management teams. I stand fully prepared to offer an outstanding level of office support service to your organization at Thomas & Co.

I am confident of the fact that if you hire me as your office assistant, you will have more energy and time to concentrate on initiating new prospects regarding your business. My resume is enclosed herewith for your review. You can email me at

Thank you for your time and patience. Have a great day.

Angela Demon

Download This Cover Letter

What should an office assistant cover letter include?

sections of a cover letter

There are six main sections of a cover letter. You should include them in your letter.

  1. Contact information
  2. Salutation
  3. Introduction
  4. Main body
  5. Call-to-action statement
  6. Signing off

You should include these sections in your office assistant cover letter.