Cover Letter for Project Manager

Are you looking for a job as a project manager? Writing a Powerful Cover Letter for Project Manager should be an important step in your job application process. And in this article, I will thoroughly discuss the cover letter writing process. You will find the answer to: How do I write a project manager cover letter? How should I begin a cover letter? What skills do project managers need to focus while writing a cover letter? and in the end, I will share a sample cover letter sample.

Project Management is a multidimensional job responsibility. As a project manager you may have to formulate a blueprint of projects, manage resources, juggle workforce, be responsible for the timely delivery of projects and many more.

This job offers you a great deal of responsibility and scope for learning if you can handle adrenaline rush, and pressure that comes along with it. Then again, “You pray for rain, you gotta deal with the mud too. That’s a part of it.” So, if this sounds interesting to you, then congratulations! You are a suitable candidate for this work.

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But, before digging deeper into this, let me tell you one thing, the job of a Project Manager is very vast in nature. From IT to corporate sector, from administrative to philanthropic sectors- each sector has a unique project management system that holds the core of the workflow. So, you can easily imagine, how varying the nature and scope of roles and responsibilities of a Project Manager can be! Hence, it is needless to say that applying for such a job is a matter of absolute precision.

How do I write a project manager cover letter?

It is crucial to know how to make your cover letter stand out from the rest of the crowd with its uniqueness. “To the point, firm, and affirmative” cover letter highlighting all of your qualities essential for the role of a Project Manager is your ticket to mark you out from the crowd.

Ask yourself: What characteristics of you make you suitable for this position? Figure out those core values which can help your recruiter. Below, I am listing some of these qualities.

What makes an excellent project manager?

Time management: The ability to organize assignments on time is an essential quality of a project manager. Employees usually respond better to managers who are focused, complete work on time and avoid distance from lingering. A good manager never involves him/herself in micromanagement and can prioritize work.

A good communicator: Another important skill is extraordinary communication. Project management includes leading groups from various departments who may not be accustomed to cooperating. A communicator who can give clear guidelines may control such groups and increase the productivity of an organization. The choice of words, body language, and tone are three important pillars of any communication. You must excel in these qualities.

Leadership: Project managers need to interact with and influence various stakeholders. Project managers who can improve a company’s reputation and productivity are always high on demand. It is, therefore, crucial for a project manager to have strong leadership qualities.

Organizational awareness: Familiarity with how an association is organized and how project groups are shaped is important for project managers. They must have a clear understanding of the company’s hierarchy and whether they or senior officials will bear responsibilities regarding the final outcomes.

Apart from these prime skills, he/she must be enthusiastic, trustworthy and a problem solver.

Highlight your proficiency

  • Project a firm grip over the three pillars of project management. Money, Man, and Time.
  • Showcase your ability to formulate a workflow prior to project initiation.
  • Showcase how to use resources to its utmost usefulness within the limitation.
  • Highlight your ability to multitask, handle stress and produce deliverables within tight time limit.
  • Lastly, prove yourself to not only be a leader, but a team worker.

Framework of a Cover Letter for the post of Project Manager

Start the cover letter, addressing in formal yet cordial tone. Don’t forget to greet your hiring manager or person of interest at the very beginning with a proper subject line.

Next, after a brief description of your qualifications, you should mention the best of your abilities. Now, one thing you must understand that what I am discussing about the job title ‘Project Manager’ here, is in a general way, but as I said earlier, it is a vast field encompassing different domains. The key to making a strong impression in your cover letter is to understand that the basic theory and dynamics of work of Project Manager is always constant irrespective of domain.

Thereafter, you should discuss your previous job experiences and achievements to showcase proof of your abilities. Your tone should be confident, to the point with no claims which are remotely untrue or any kind of exaggeration.

Just think of it this way, if YOU were a recruiter, would you prefer such a person to be in charge of YOUR project who is untrue about his/her previous responsibilities? Definitely not. Avoid these 15 Biggest Mistakes while writing your Cover Letter.

Lastly, wrap the letter up with a notion of positive awaiting from your side showing a genuine interest in the job profile. You can use a strong call-to-action statement here.

Bid with a formal, respectful farewell and you are good to go!

Here is our Six Point Visual guide to Cover Letter Writing. Download it and use a reference.

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A Sample Cover Letter for Project Manager

Dear Ms. Shelton,

I am pleased to write this letter to you in accordance with your advertisement on LinkedIn dated 10th December, 2019 for the post of Project Manager for Kolkata center, in your company Deloitte In. I believe with my M.Sc in Computer Science with 10 years of working experience using enterprise project management tools and agile and waterfall management methodologies, my candidature is ideal for the post you advertised.

In my previous job as a Project Manager, I excelled in the advanced use of MS Office suite and developed an interest in synthesizing and estimating complex data. My professional attitude helped to build a healthy relationship between team members as well as with stakeholders and the wider ITS team. I am comfortable in managing a team of employees from diverse backgrounds and maintaining professional relationships to deliver quality output. No wonder, I was appreciated for showing leadership and relationship management skills.

With my prior experiences and personal traits, I assure you that my candidature would certainly be a valuable addition to your company. My resume is attached herewith for your perusal. If you have any further queries, please let me know. I would like to discuss more about it in an interview with you.

Thank you for your time and patience.

Sayantan Halder

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