How to Write a Cover Letter for Receptionist

Are you a receptionist, looking for a job switch for better exposure? Or a beginner with an interest to build a career as a receptionist? If either of the answers is yes, then you must be thinking about making your resume flawless, so that it gets enough exposure to reach the hands of the right recruiters. But did you know that a clear, smart and direct way to jazz your resume up is to include a cover letter? And in this article, I am going to share How to Write a Cover Letter for Receptionist that would multifold your chance of getting that dream position.

You must be thinking, what extra benefit a few lines about yourself can possibly serve when you are already sending them your resume which has all the necessary details? I absolutely understand your confusion. Let me tell you a secret.

Top recruiters often rely on your cover letter, not onto your detailed resume, to examine how well you can follow the job description and tailor your credibility around it. Yet, ONLY 40 percent of the applicants at least bother to add a cover letter to their resume, let alone say that only a very few of them ACTUALLY understand the job requirement, follow the instructions and curate a proper cover letter displaying eligibility and qualification aptly. Often those are the finalist candidates who go straight to the next round of selection process.

Amazing, right? How small attention to details can land you on your dream job by directly highlighting your eligibility in your cover letter.

Now, let’s talk about how you can create such a cover letter. I will also help you by providing a sample cover letter for your reference.

How to Write a Powerful Cover Letter for Receptionist?

First of all, we have to think what should be in the cover letter? You are applying for the post of a receptionist, so you have to look at what are the core values that the recruiters have asked. Penning down your thoughts would be a great start. You have to showcase your eligibility in a way that makes you the best fit according to the requirement of the recruiters.

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After forming the initial write up, you should now work on it. Receptionists are supposed to be meticulous and provide attention to details, so vigorous editing of your writing to make it perfect would also serve the proof of this trait.

Often, recruiters find the cover letter to be vague and boring. To avoid such problems, you should reread your initial draft several times. Make it more precise by trimming it down to the points. Breaking the document into a few paragraphs is always beneficial. It would help you to look your cover letter uncluttered. Complete the letter within three to four paragraphs.

Grammar is one of the biggest casual mistakes recruiters face while reading cover letters which vastly reduces the chances of getting selected. To lose your otherwise rightful candidature over some mere mistakes, would be really unfortunate. So, please check thoroughly for any grammatical errors or faulty sentence construction. You can use proofreading software like ProWritingAid for doing so.

Use keywords that are highlighted in your recruiter’s advertisement into your cover letter. You should firmly incorporate your specific skill set, previous job responsibilities, specialized areas of work, specific experience or exposure which is required as per the advertisement, into your cover letter. This would make you more visible in the eyes of a hiring manager at a glance.

If you are still confused, I would suggest you go through this amazingly thorough article. I am sure you will find it useful.

What Should a Receptionist Cover Letter Include?

A receptionist is the foremost person to come across in any organization, so a cordial and well-mannered attitude is always a must for a receptionist. That is why you should start the cover letter by addressing the hiring manager or corresponding authority warmly and formally. Mr./Ms with full name or surname would suffice the purpose. Along with it, you could use a cordial wish to prove your communication skills.

In the introductory paragraph, dish your relevant qualities within one or two powerful sentences using keywords for better attention.

In the body, you should gradually explain your previous experiences along with valid recognition, promotions or value addition to the company. Another important yet forgotten way to catch the recruiter’s eye is to showcase your interest in the company. Do research about the recruiter’s organization. Trust me, it will be an immense plus point for you.

Ending paragraph you should comprise with a confident statement about how you could be an asset to the company. You should now end the letter by a strong call-to-action statement proving your genuine interest in this job.

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Important Tips You Should Never Avoid While Writing a Cover Letter

  1. Use active voice as much as possible.
  2. Write up should be exactly as per the requirement posted by the recruiter.
  3. Never furnish any information that is not 100% true.
  4. Be well informed about the company you are applying to. Do not make the cover letter so focused on how good you are that you forget to highlight how fortunate it would be for you if you get a chance to work for them.

Have a look into this excellent article about the common mistakes people make while writing a cover letter.

Sample Cover Letter for Receptionist

Dear Mr. Sandler,
I wish you a very good morning. I trust you are healthy and doing great.

I am writing this cover letter in accordance to the advertisement for the position of a Receptionist at Pristine Logistics and Sales Pvt. Ltd. With 10 years of experience as a receptionist in sales and logistics companies, especially in the areas of planning, analysis, organizing and customer service, I am confident that my candidature is perfectly matched for this position.

While my resume is furnished with all the necessary qualifications and experiences relevant to your job description, below listed are some highlighting factors worth mentioning to prove my potential as it perfectly matches your requirements.

  • Introduced hassle-free, time, and cost-effective centrally compartmentalized filing system instead of a multi-departmental system, saving 20% of the previous budget
  • Researched and recovered loopholes in a data management system and rectified the whole pattern
  • Retrieved undue payments of 2 million from overseas clients
  • Followed up existing customers to ensure proper after-sale service and feedback
  • Introduced our products to potential customers over successful telephonic conversations, increasing numbers of customers by 12%
  • Proficient in MS Office, especially MS Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.

In both of my previous employment in Walter Corporations and Phoenix Developers, I was awarded for my proficiency several times. I was appreciated for my professionalism, vocal as well as telephonic communication skills, multitasking capacity, and work ethics.

I am a very hard working person with organizing and managerial skills. I have an excellent eye for details. I can proficiently handle up to forty clients per day while managing my other desk job provided by my superior. Finally, my pleasant personality and situation handling capacity have been proven beneficial for the company several times.

Hence, I am confident that with my experience and skill set, I would be an asset to your esteemed company. I am sincerely looking forward to discussing my candidature in detail in a face to face interview with you.

My updated resume is attached herewith for your kind perusal.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Marie Hudson

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Sample Medical Receptionist Cover Letter

Dear Dr. Sandler

With a diploma in customer service, and an extensive 7 months experience at PBC Inc. I am excited to apply for the position of a Medical Receptionist at your clinic, as published on your website.

During my position at PBC Inc. I have developed a wide spectrum of skills and experiences including scheduling appointments and maintaining organization calendar. I have helped several patients and their families by answering their queries. Managing historical records of patients is a difficult task and I have performed it flawlessly. Apart from these, I have handled numerous prescriptions regularly, answered phone calls, and scheduled and forwarded important calls to respective departments.

With my abilities and experience, I am confident that I will contribute positively to your growth. I would appreciate getting a chance to meet you personally and discuss job responsibilities. You may contact me at 999 9999 9999 for any queries. To follow-up, I will call Mrs. Jonar after one week.

Please find my resume attached.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Marie Hudson

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Sample Receptionist Cover Letter With No Experience

Dear Mrs. Jane
I am writing to you to show my interest in a receptionist position in your organization. Mrs. Dokar from the marketing department recommended that I contact you for a job position.

As a fresh graduate, I always wanted to meet new people and to start my career in the field of public relations and administration. During my college days, I was actively involved in various extracurricular activities while maintaining a good overall ranking. Apart from my pleasant personality, I am a good speaker and have been awarded several times for my speeches.

My cordial behavior makes me a suitable candidate for the position I am applying for. I am energetic, cheerful and organized. I can quickly adapt to the environment and make new friends.

With all these abilities, I am sure, I will be able to perform various duties and responsibilities.

Please, find my resume attached.

I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Marie Hudson

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