How to Write a Cover Letter for Software Engineer

Are you applying for Software Engineer position? I will show How to Write A Perfect Cover Letter for a Software Engineer that will make your recruiter keen to invite you for a personal interview. A Cover Letter for Software Engineer is a brief documentation of a software engineer’s technical skills related to the post he is applying.

You may be an experienced or fresh candidate. However, it is always advisable to attach a cover letter when you send your resume to the potential employer. A thoughtfully written cover letter always helps you to pass the initial screening process. Moreover, it gives you an edge over the other candidates. And in this article, we will discuss the best practices while writing cover letter for software engineers.

Tips for Writing Your Cover Letter

While writing a cover letter, you should follow these guidelines:

  • The purpose of your cover letter is to introduce yourself to the interviewer briefly. Keep it precise and do not exceed more than a page.
  • At the very beginning, introduce yourself and mention the job you are applying.
  • Mention your skills and experience appropriate to the post only.
  • Justify your claims with relevant documents and certificates.
  • Your resume should accompany your cover letter.
  • Always finish with a call to action statement.

Below, I am providing two sample cover letters for software engineers. You will get an idea of a properly written covering letter.

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Letter 1: Cover Letter Example for Experienced Software Engineer

Steven Jonas
4994 Polk Street
Arizona 85714

2303 McKinley Avenue
Colorado 80014

Dear HR Manager,
With six years of experience in Big data and Python, I believe I will be an excellent fit for the advertised senior software engineer position at NuovoSoft.

My knowledge of Linear Algebra, Convex Analysis, and Vector Optimization problems perfectly complements my technological skills. At AnticoSoft, I was responsible for developing and implementing a predictive model for a multi-million dollar client. Currently, I am co-leading a group of twelve employees to build a predictive model to detect certain health risks from medical images. I am supervising the data acquisition algorithm, model optimization, and training workflow for a better understanding of our model parameters. In recent years, I have gained insights into TensorFlow, Keras, and PyTorch to match the demand of diversified markets.

I believe with my knowledge and excellence; I will be a resource of your organization. However, it will be my pleasure to learn more about your needs and clarify any doubts.

I have also attached a signed copy of my resume detailing the projects I have undertaken and my experience in data-driven software development. Please, do not hesitate to call me or send an email at

Thank you for considering my candidature for this position. Hope to hear from you soon.

Steven Jonas

Letter 2: Cover Letter Example for Fresh Software Engineer

NuovoSoft India ltd.
Mumbai 400076

Dear HR Manager,

This is to express my interest in the recent job opening for the post of Fresh Engineer as advertised by your company. Please find my resume enclosed herewith for your reference.

A review of my credentials indicates that I have completed my Bachelor’s in Electronics and Tele Communication Engineering with a CGPA of 8.2 from Chanakya Institute of Technologies this year. With rich domain knowledge and a comprehensive understanding of underlying theories, I can solve problems related to DC power supply, RF amplifiers, PLC SCADA system, and Modems. My knowledge of software development using C++, Python, and Arduino perfectly complements my domain knowledge. Nevertheless, during my internship at TechnoBiz India Pvt. Ltd. I have successfully designed a DTMF controller-based remote device to control home appliances from a registered cell phone.

I am a perfect blend of academic and extracurricular excellence. During TechFest 2019, I have worked with a group of academicians and industrialists, which further substantiate my ability to work as an efficient team worker. Moreover, I am adaptable to the changing software environment. With excellent interpersonal skills, I am sure that I will justify the position I am seeking, and my inclusion will definitely be beneficial for your organization.

Thank you for your consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Sumit Awasthi

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