How to Write a Cover Letter for a Teacher

Are you looking for a teaching job? Then read this article as I will show you How to Write a Cover Letter for Teacher. In the end I will share a Sample Cover Letter for a Teacher. You can download the letter and edit it according to your needs.

We, the teachers, train the future minds of the nation. We spend precious time in our lives to nurture and shape the lives of students. But getting a teaching job is not very easy. We usually undergo rigorous rounds of interviews to take up the honorable position of the teacher.

A resume mentioning all the skills, experiences, and credentials plus a big smile of confidence on your face are the two essential things that you will require while sitting right in front of the principal’s desk. However, to overcome the initial screening test, you need a strong cover letter for a teacher, which will portray your quality in front of the recruiter. Moreover, it will help you to showcase your teaching ability, passion, and journey in a refined and polished way.

We have studied more than 100 cover letters, several articles, and came up with the best tips for you. I strongly recommend you to read our thoroughly researched article on cover letter writing first. I am sure it will help you write a powerful cover letter for the teacher.

A cover letter, along with a resume, serves a single purpose. It tells why you are a perfect fit for the job. However, a cover letter is the first document that interacts with your recruiter. So, make sure you write it properly.

Below I am sharing few important tips which will help you during writing.

Tips for writing Cover Letter for a Teacher

Use Business Letter Format.

Everything that is circulated in our schools, right from leave application to the principal’s order, is in strict business letter format. So should your Cover Letter be!

Your letter should have an organized format with correct contact details, addresses, salutations, and closing. If you miss a chance to include any of these, you might lose an opportunity to take a step ahead.

Tailor-Made or Personalized Cover Letter

Will the cover letter of a music teacher and science teacher be the same?

Definitely not.

Personalize your cover letter not only as per your subject and grades but also according to different schools and their job requirements. Go through the job roles and requirements thoroughly before writing your teaching cover letter. Also, don’t forget the role of ATS (Applicant Tracking System). Make use of targeted job keywords to get spotlighted in their searches. We have discussed 15 worst cover letter mistakes. Check whether you are making one of them or not.

Make it short and catchy

You must know the difference between your resume and cover letter. Your cover letter should be specific, simple, and short. You should write the letter in a way that not only hooks the recruiter to read it entirely but also compels him/her to read through the whole resume.

Share your achievements

Advertising your academic accomplishments is one of the prime keys to get forward. It may sound rude but requires sometimes. Moreover, it shows your confidence. But, here you have to showcase your non-classroom activities also. You can mention extracurricular activities or achievements.

State the reason why you are the best one for this job

Various other applicants have their eyes on the same job, so state the reason “why only you.” You have their job description. You know what they are looking for in you. You have to present it according to their needs.

Proof read your letter.

Last but not least, proofread your cover letter. I know you are confident about your writing. However, it is always advisable to get it checked by someone. It may be your close friend or an intelligent proofreading software like ProWritingAid. Where the free version checks several mistakes, including few grammatical mistakes, the paid version is very robust and checks for more than grammar error and vocabulary suggestions. You can subscribe and save 20% by clicking our affiliate link.

A Sample Cover Letter for Teacher

Wini Albert
22 Oak Street,
Sometown 44101

Jack Smith
Senior Professor
XYZ Public Schools
55 Oak Street
Sometown, 44101

Dear Mr. Smith,

As a teacher of mathematics with more than five years of experience, I am pleased to learn that you are looking for a mathematics teacher at your senior level secondary school. Since the time I have been into this profession, three things excite me to take my career ahead: Better grades of my students, Attention to Individual, and Smart Learning Methodology.

In my previous position, I have managed classes and grades of more than 150 high school students. I possess the unique ability to break down the tough modules like Calculus, Probability theory, and Statistics into a simplified form that my students can understand. My strong passion for teaching and guidance helped me to reach a new feat. Last year 65% of my students passed the examination with more than 70% scores in their mathematics examination.

My goal is to combine the modern ways of learning with the traditional methods of teaching. I prepare my curriculum with a perfect blend of mock tests, previous year question papers, documented lessons, doubt solving classes, and healthy discussions.

With my intense focus and capacity to perform under pressure I am confident about my teaching ability. If given a chance, I am sure my skills and strength will make a noticeable impact on your institution. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any doubt or clarification.

Thank you for your interest and consideration.

Wini Albert


How long should a letter of application be for teaching?

There are no formal guidelines. However, a letter of application should not be longer than a page when you are attaching your resume alongside. If you are applying using a letter of application only, then don’t exceed a length of two pages.

Understand the purpose of your letter and you should focus more on serving the purpose. A cover letter introduces the applicant to the hiring authority but the purpose of an application letter could be completely different. If you find it difficult to understand the purpose, call the hiring authority. They may provide you the right information.

Who do I address a cover letter to for teaching?

Address your cover letter to someone specific. It could be “The Principal”, “The Director”, “Dean” or “Head of the Department.” Sometimes educational organizations outsource their hiring process. In that case, you may have to address the hiring manager. Read the job advertisement. It must be mentioned there. Don’t use “To whom it may concern”. It creates distance between the applicant and the reader.

I hope you liked our tips on writing a cover letter for teacher. Drop your comments below and let us know whether the guide worked for you or not.

Good luck with your future endeavors!