Host Havoc Review: How Good Is This Game Hosting?

The online gaming industry has witnessed a stunning makeover during the last decade. Forecasts suggest that this industry is set to propel the next revolution in the upcoming years.

The online gaming industry can provide a promising future to budding gamers with a wide array of games and vast fan-followers. But without a fast, reliable, secure, and resource-rich server, online gaming can be a massive headache, let alone the enjoyment.

Therefore, to have an uninterrupted gaming experience, you’ll need a stable and reliable game hosting server that offers excellent connectivity and security.

So, in this article, I will review a popular game hosting solution provider, Host Havoc.

What is Host Havoc, is it worth your money, and which games does Host Havoc support? You will get all your questions answered in this Host Havoc Review. So, let’s begin without further ado!

What Is Host Havoc?

Host Havoc is a game server hosting company that was founded by Clay Berndt, in the year 2013. The company, in its early days, used to exclusively provide private hosting services to its clients. However, in early 2014 they launched their public services in Canada. And around a year later, the company expanded its service market overseas to the United States. Today, with more than 75000 unique customers around the globe, the company has primarily developed its market in the entire North America, the majority of Europe, and Australia.

At present, Host Havoc uses 100% NVMe hardware that ensures the fastest storage space solutions in the entire industry! And it, undoubtedly, fuels their servers to provide blazing fast speed and highly agile gamer hosting services.

Moreover, given the features and high-performance assurance, their prices are also affordable. The best thing is that every developer at the company is a gamer, making it very convenient for them to precisely understand what a gamer needs.

Host Havoc Game Server Hosting Features

1. Excellent Uptime Guarantee: Host Havoc offers an overall uptime guarantee of 99.9% by utilizing some of the best data centers in the industry to base their hosting infrastructure upon.

Moreover, these data centers ensure dependable uplinks to deliver stable performance throughout the day.

You will never experience problems like slowing down or crashing down of the servers even when you max out the allocated threshold.

2. Exceptional Support System: Whatever be the issues you are facing with your hosting, Host Havoc constantly strives to deliver professional and prompt support to its clients.

The company, therefore, offers 24×7 support throughout the year with an impressive average response time of less than 10 minutes.

3. Instant Provisioning: While many game server hosting companies make you wait for an absurdly long time, Host Havoc’s agile deployment system automatically provisions the services as soon as you successfully pay for the desired services.

The instant setup will make the server go live with default settings. You can, however, change the server configurations at a later stage to better synchronize with your gaming requirements.

4. NVMe SSD Storage: NVMe is a revolutionary storage space solution service that offers up to 7 times faster speed than SSDs and up to 20 times faster speed than traditional HDDs.

Host Havoc does not cut even a single corner to ensure the best-in-class speed and performance. Therefore they use only NVMe SSD storage over ordinary SSD or HDD storage even for the base plan.

5. Lightning-fast Processing: Whether it be speed, performance, or processing, Host Havoc does not settle down for anything less than excellence. They rely on the industry’s topmost processors, viz. latest Ryzen and Xeon E-series powered CPUs that deliver speed output of up to 4.6 GHz.

6. Guaranteed Satisfaction: Host Havoc believes in offering the best level of customer satisfaction. And therefore, they back it with a guarantee! It means if you do not like their services, you can instantly claim a refund within 72 hours of your purchase without even citing a reason for the same. 

7. Free DDoS Protection: Whether it be UDP floods, SQL injections, or brute force attacks, they provide security by offering free DDoS protection with all of their hosting solutions.

Their platform is tweaked and tuned to prevent any kind of vulnerabilities. They protect you from more than 35 types of attacks and have already neutralized more than 3000 major attacks since 2013.

Why Choose Host Havoc for Game Server Hosting?

  1. Instant Provisioning: Host Havoc instantly activates any game server hosting you purchase right after paying for your order. However, the provisioning time may differ for the game you choose, but the service provisions within 5 to 10 minutes as it involves downloading files directly from Steam.

  2. 3-days Money Back: In case you do not like the services offered by Host Havoc for any reason whatsoever, you can claim a refund within 72 hours of signing up on the platform. The company initiates the refund without asking for a reason.

  3. MOD Support: From the MODs available on the Steam workshop to third-party APIs, Host Havoc supports every MOD along with their plugins.

  4. Install APIs: Whether it be Oxide or ARK API, all game servers support various APIs and their plugins. Servers are also optimized to run on Windows OS.

  5. Impeccable Hardware: Like any top-notch game server hosting, Host Havoc also prioritizes high performance and reliability by using dependable hardware configurations. You can select from Xeon and Ryzen processors.

  6. Ease of Payment: Host Havoc accepts payment through multiple payment modes, including Credit Cards, Debit Cards, PayPal, and even many cryptocurrencies.

  7. Cancel Anytime: They do not bind you in a payment contract or obligation. Therefore, if you do not like their services, discontinue them at any time.

Games Available and Server Slot Pricing

  1. MINECRAFT is available from USD 5 per month with 1-4 rec. Slots, 1 GB of RAM, unlimited NVMe SSD Storage, and infinite player slots.

  2. CSGO from USD 0.50 per slot. Minimum 20 slots at USD 10 per month

  3. ARMA 3 from USD 0.50 per slot. Minimum 40 slots at USD 20 per month

  4. ARK from USD 0.50 per slot. Minimum 30 slots at USD 15 per month

  5. 7 DAYS TO DIE from USD 1 per slot. Minimum 14 slots at USD 14 per month

  6. JAWS OF EXTINCTION from USD 0.50 per slot. Minimum 20 slots at USD 10 per month

  7. HYTALE available from USD 5 per month with 1-4 rec. Slots, 1 GB of RAM, unlimited NVMe SSD Storage, and infinite player slots.

  8. INSURGENCY: SANDSTORM from USD 0.75 per slot. Minimum 16 slots at USD 12 per month

  9. HURTWORLD G from USD 0.93 per slot. Minimum 30 slots at USD 13.50 per month

  10. GARRY’S MOD from USD 0.50 per slot. Minimum 20 slots at USD 10 per month

  11. ECO from 1 GB RAM available for USD 10 per month

  12. EMPYRION from USD 0.80 per slot. Minimum 20 slots at USD 16 per month

  13. DAYZ from USD 0.93 per slot. Minimum 20 slots at USD 18.50 per month

  14. DARK AND LIGHT from USD 0.50 per slot. Minimum 40 slots at USD 20 per month

  15. CONAN EXILES from USD 0.50 per slot. Minimum 30 slots at USD 15 per month

Other Services

Apart from providing game hosting solutions, Host Havoc also offers the following solutions to its customers.

1. Web Hosting:

Host Havoc provides hosting solutions to clients in the US, Canada, and Europe at a meager price. Their entry-level web hosting plan starts at USD 2.63 per month.

With two subdomains, 10 GB of bandwidth, 2 FTP accounts, 2 MySQL databases, and a free Cloudflare CDN, you can host a website that has low to moderate traffic flow.

However, the offered storage space is not good as the entry-level plan gets only 500 MB of disk space. With the PLATINUM plan, you get unlimited everything at USD 6.15 per month.

2. VPS Hosting: 

They provide robust VPS hosting solutions with customized KVM servers that ensure optimum performance and low latency for your website.

Their VPS hosting solutions are available for USD 8 per month, where you will get 1 CPU core that provides a processing speed of more than 4.0 GHz. Apart from that, you’ll also get 1 GB of DDR4 RAM with 15 GB of NVMe SSD storage space and a bandwidth of 250 Mbps.

3. Dedicated Hosting:

If you require a compelling and easily scalable dedicated hosting solution, Host Havoc’s Dedicated Hosting can be very much useful for you. 

With servers powered by AMD RYZEN 5950X/5900X and INTEL I9 10900K/11900K processors, the company offers raw performance to its clients that provide the perfect blend of speed and stability. 

Their dedicated hosting plans are available for USD 240 per month. With both of their plans, you get 128 GB of DDR4 RAM and 1 Gbps of bandwidth. However, the NVMe storage available with AMD RYZEN is 2 TB, whereas the same for INTEL is 1 TB.

Host Havoc Pros and Cons


  • 99.9% uptime guarantee
  • Excellent customer support
  • Comprehensive control panel
  • Great plugin and MOD support


  • Prices are slightly costlier
  • The minimum slot count for games is higher
  • Money back guarantee of only 72 hours

Host Havoc Review: Final Verdict

With so many game server hosting options available in the market, anyone can get overwhelmed and confused while looking for the one best suited for their gaming needs. Besides, very few game hosting companies provide outstanding performance and quick customer support.

With Host Havoc, you get the best of the two. And if you do not find their services to be up to the mark, you can claim a refund within 72 hours of purchasing.

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