How to Become a Proofreading Expert With ProWritingAid?

The Internet is flooded with content. Be it text, images, or videos, we are adding millions of them everyday. And with this staggering number of contents, competition is becoming tougher everyday.

Gone are the days when you used to write and rank regularly.

Today we invest a huge chunk of the day on researching the right keywords and finding an appropriate strategy before even writing the content.

However, writing an article is still the most important part of creating any content and we should not ignore this part. While writing content for the internet we need to keep the target audience and search engines in mind.

Without search engines, no one will find you and without an audience there is no meaning of writing any article.

While the search engines have improved a lot in recent years, semantic searching is still in its nascent phase. So, while writing an online article we should not use very long, complex and ornamental sentences.

Moreover, simple and coherent sentences improve the readability and engage the readers. Thus we should proofread our articles several times to make it engaging and understandable by the search engines and the readers.

We need some proofreading tool to keep our writing focused and simple.

There are several proofreading software available in the market. But ProWritingAid is undoubtedly one of the most widely used grammar checkers and proofreading software among them.

If you want to be a proofreading expert with ProWritingAid then you must have to understand its working.

This amazing Artificial Intelligence (AI) based proofreading tool will help you to write grammatically correct English. There are several alternatives to ProWritingAid like Ginger software, WhiteSmoke, etc. available but none of them addresses the problem like ProWritingAid does.

As an active writer, I use this tool to correct my grammatical and spelling mistakes. And if you want to resolve your readability issues and establish yourself as an expert in the field then I will strongly recommend you to use ProWritingAid.

You may think why? So here is my answer.

Grammatical Error Detection and Improvement Suggestions

One of the 3 main areas that ProWiritingAid addresses is the grammar issue. When you start writing your article, this editor automatically scans your article for various grammar issues.

It underlines errors in different colors according to their type. Once you put the cursor on the underlined word then it will show all the possible suggestions. Now you can select the suitable suggestions or reject the suggestion as per your understanding.

Doesn’t it look very similar to any word processor like Microsoft Word?

Don’t get me wrong. ProWritingAid has hard-coded hundreds of grammar rules and uses advanced natural language processing algorithms to fix more than 1000 different issues. This is beyond the ability of any ordinary word processor.

As being a non-native English speaker, I used to struggle a lot with my writing. Grammatical mistakes and inconsistent flow were very regular. But after using this software for several months my writing skill has improved significantly.

So, I can easily say that ProWritingAid will definitely help you in improving your writing and proofreading skills.

Readability Improvement

As a blogger the readability of my content is very important to engage my readers as well to get a high Google ranking.

If your content is easy to read, and understand then only it will keep the readers engaged for a long time. This editor shows various readability improvement suggestions and the overall Flesch readability score of your writing.

Readability analysis using Flesch Score, detection of Sticky words and phrases, overused words and adverbs, passive to active sentence suggestions are a few important tools that provide readability improvement suggestions.

You can easily improve the readability of your blog posts or articles just by following the suggestions given by this application.

Structure Analysis Tools

Structure analysis tools are another important addition to this proofreading software. It check for several aspects of overall construction of your article. This includes structure analysis, length analysis and transition between sentences. Transition analysis feature has helped me significantly over the years to improve my writing.

My Suggestion

Whether you are a native English speaker or you just a beginner, whether an expert writer or a naive in the field of blogging; in any case, you can take the assistance from ProWritingAid to make your writings precise and worth reading.

While it is true that software can’t replace an expert human eye, if you follow its suggestions, it will definitely help you improve your writing quality.

If you are interested in writing and proofreading, you can download this free e-book from the link given below.