How To Start An Impactful Cover Letter

Are you a job-seeker? If yes, then you must have prepared your resume with utmost care and professionalism. Yet, you feel you need that extra zing in your application and hence, you are trying to attach a personalized cover letter to your resume.

Very appreciable. You have realized what 90% of people do not and that is the “importance of a cover letter”.

Cover letter is the most underrated yet useful tool to stand you out from the rest of the crowd. It serves as the filter among hundreds of job applications to churn potential candidates out. But, there is again this confusion. Understanding the importance of a cover letter is one thing and writing a to-the-point, deal sealing cover letter is another. Often, we do understand the importance that a humble cover letter beholds, but fail to present it in such a unique way that it should serve the purpose 100%.

do you need a cover letter

The first and foremost confusion that many people face is how to start a cover letter.

How to start an impactful cover letter

The reason why many people find it to be difficult is not ‘what to write’ but ‘how to write’ the starting of a cover letter.

The trick is not starting the letter with ease and then building the statement in the following paragraphs. Rather, you should start with your best abilities which match the job requirement and intensify the first one or two lines in a way that it seals the deal for you.

So, if you are staring at the blank screen of the computer wondering how you should start the letter, how you would grab their attention. Or, you have found yourself typing those age-old cliché lines like ‘Hello, my name is this and I wish to apply for this post’ or ‘I am writing this letter in accordance with the advertisement posted on your website’ etc.

Do not worry, you are experiencing every jobseeker’s obvious dilemma and this article will help you to overcome your confusion regarding how to start a cover letter. I shall also provide you examples of it.

Now let’s see, what are the factors should be kept in mind while starting a cover letter.

To be honest, there are multiple ways to start a cover letter. Each cover letter is unique in two ways, one is job specification, and another is the characteristics of the candidate. I am mentioning some of the most important ways to start an impactful cover letter. You can mix and match, incorporate and create your own specific starting lines of a cover letter that would showcase best of you in those few lines. You should always remember to give your best so that you can grab the attention of hiring manager.

Start with a valuable statement.

You should start your cover letter in a way, that depicts your morals and goals which are similar to the organization’s. Every organization always roots for employees who would understand the company’s goals for better compatibility.

Use keywords.

This is a very beneficial way to get notified by the recruiters by thoughtfully incorporating exact keywords from the job description as published in the advertisement into the cover letter.

Be direct.

Employers love candidates who have an uncluttered mind. Employers go through hundreds of resumes for one post every day. So, you must always let the recruiters explicitly know the post you are applying for in the first lines of your cover letter. This way, your resume would pop among other applications. Always be direct and to the point so that it proves your methodical mindset.

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Mention reference.

If someone has referred you to the job, you should always mention it in your cover letter. It will grab the recruiter’s attention because they’ll want to give you a chance to test why someone trustworthy has recommended. Employers tend to select candidates with a referral due to the added trust factor.

Furnish true accomplishment.

Stating your most flaunting achievements at the starting of the letter always boosts your cover letter. If possible, you must describe how you added value to your previous job or profile. But please always keep in mind not to furnish anything that is not 100% true.

Express interest and enthusiasm for the hiring organization.

You should ALWAYS show interest not only towards the job but towards the company. This is your opportunity to sell yourself to the recruiters and showing your excitement towards their company and job profile would prove your point easily.

Now keeping these points in mind, let’s try building some potential lines that you can use to start your cover letter with. Here I am showing you some sample introductory lines that you can customize and use to start your cover letter.

Sample introductory sentences for cover letters

Sample #1: This letter is a way to express my strong interest in the International Business Relations position open at your company. As I have proven to be an asset to Johnson’s & Co. for the past 6years as Associate Zonal Business Head, my colleague Missy Jennings recommended that I contact you directly about this position as a rightful candidate.

Sample #2: My candidature of an Information Technology professional with ten years of high-level management experience in the IT industry for the post of Senior Analyst in your company is here for your kind consideration.

Sample #3: I am keenly interested in the entry-level position available at Atkins Investment Ltd. I recently graduated from New York College of Commerce with electives in investments, finance, and business. These have given me a solid base upon which I plan to build my career under the guidance of your esteemed organization.

Sample #4: As a teacher with six years of diverse experience in middle school, I believe every student has the capacity to flourish to their maximum potential if they are given nourishing environment and encouraging opportunity to learn at their own individual pace, given the courage to ask questions without fearing consequences and seek answer beyond any prejudices. With this, I offer my candidature for the post of a senior school teacher in your institute.

Sample #5: I was excited to see that Safran Cosmetics is hiring an Executive Event Manager for Corporate Event Management, especially because I’ve been organizing your company’s speaking events for CSR charity as an independent event manager for the past 3 consecutive years. With my total seven years of experience in corporate event management, I think I would be a great fit for this job.

Sample #6: My Doctoral degree in Mathematics with two years of postdoctoral research along with my authentic track record of performing complex analyses on various corporations with utter success makes me an ideal candidate for the Consulting Analyst opportunity in your multinational company.

Sample #7: With my five years of editorial experience and excellent capabilities, I would like to present my candidature for your consideration for the post of Editorial Assistant position published on LinkedIn.

Sample #8: I am excited to apply for the Administrative Assistant job opening in Future Finance Company as an administrative employee with four years of experience in the fields of insurance and finance.

You can use these samples as references and customize them according to your personal needs. Please remember what I said earlier, each cover letter is unique and should be formulated with absolute relevance to the job you wish to apply for.

I hope the samples have given you a proper idea about how you should start your cover letter with a power-packed introduction, successfully catching the attention of the recruiter towards you. Wish you all the best.