How to Write a Cover Letter for an Internship

Are you looking for an internship? Then, this article on writing a cover letter for internship is for you. Read it thoroughly, as I will describe the art of writing a cover letter which will make your recruiter confident to ask you for an interview.

Internship is creating a new buzz in the job market in the USA. And I am sure you are also looking for one such opportunity. Getting a professional exposure, and practical skills will definitely boost up your career graph.

But, do you know how many candidates are applying for the same position?

To find the answer, I did a google search and found an old article here. Numbers are not very satisfying, and I think the number has only reduced in recent times.

But don’t get demotivated as I will tell you a secret which will significantly improve your chance of getting that dream internship position.

Let’s imagine a situation. Let’s imagine yourself in the position of a hiring manager who checks around a hundred applications from internship candidates every day. Will you be able to check each of them thoroughly? Most of the time, it is not possible.

So, what will you do? You will only glance through the cover letter. If you find it interesting, then only you will check other enclosed documents. Otherwise, you won’t even bother to click the download button.

So, what becomes the most important document for your application?

It’s your Cover Letter!

Today I will discuss some fantastic tips to write a cover letter for an internship position. I am sure; it will help you to get selected for your dream internship position. Who knows, you may even stand a chance to get PPO (Pre Placement Offer) from that company.

But before starting, let me share an experience from my internship application.

Back in post-graduation, I had to apply for an internship in one of the most reputed marketing companies. There were around 100 applicants, out of which I had to get selected.

Do you know what made me get my dream internship?

Most of you might think, a Cover Letter.

But no!

It was my Properly Formatted and Formulated Cover Letter under the guidance of an Expert Career Advisor. Needless to say, I had to pay him his fees.

But today, I will share my experience and will guide you thoroughly. However, if you want to get it written by an expert, I will suggest checking this service. He has experience of more than ten years.

Here, in this article, I will cover:

  • What is a cover letter?
  • How to write a cover letter for an internship position.
  • A sample cover letter.

So, let’s begin.

A cover letter is a personalized, professional document sent to an recruiter expressing one’s interest for the position. This should portray your skills, experiences, and expertise subjectively.

It increases your chance of getting selected for a position. I recommend you to read our guide on How to Write a Perfect Cover Letter where we have shown how easily you can boost up the acceptance rate by as much as 70%.

Tips for Writing an Internship Cover Letter

Use Business Letter Format.

What if you start your cover letter with a Hello to Head HR, instead of Dear or Greetings?

You may lose a chance to move further.

A poor cover letter format can be disastrous for your application. It is vital to use Business Letter Format while writing a cover letter for an internship position.

Include your Name, Contact address, Date, Salutations, Letter of the body, and Closing in a proper and organized way. Using a business letter format to write cover letter depicts professionalism. So make sure you don’t miss it. We have an awesome DIY Visual Cover Letter guide. Go, download it. Use it as a reference.

DIY Visual Cover Letter Sneak Peak

List Down Important Keywords.

Do you know several hiring companies use the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) to reduce the manual load? So, pick the most relevant keywords according to the position you are applying. Job analysis includes a job description and job specification. Make sure that you use the skills and keywords asked by the recruiter.

For example, your internship description states that the company requires “Strong Market Research and Content Writing Skills.” These are your keywords. They play a significant role in your Internship selection process. Mention them in your letter.

For example, you can write, “I performed Market research and developed Search Engine Optimized Content for XYZ Company’ in your internship cover letter.

Use Proper Salutations.

Don’t be too casual or informal when you write your salutation. Just keep it simple and professional. You can use “Dear Mr. /Ms.” while writing. Don’t use “To whom it may concern.” It sounds cold and distant.

Personalize it.

Do you think a Cover Letter for Social Media Intern and a Search Engine Optimization Intern will be the same?

One size does not fit all!

It differs despite being a part of the Digital Marketing Module and Process.

You have to create a unique, different, and personalized cover letter for various companies. This way, you can target in the right direction.

Hook Your Reader in the First Paragraph.

Your recruiter might have gone through hundreds of letters before your application bumped into his office. Why will the recruiter pay attention to you?

The initial 60 seconds are very crucial to create a hook in the reader’s mind. Address your most significant achievement to engage the recruiter and direct him/her to proceed further.

Highlight your achievements, recognition, interests. Tell your recruiter about your USPs. Tell them why you suit the best for the position. Make him keen to check your detailed Resume.

End With a CTA (Most Important) and Follow-Up.

Call to Action or CTA is a must for any internship cover letter. It is the final step. If you crack this, you are all set to rock!

You have to end your letter with Call to Action like, “Can We Schedule my interview the coming weekend?”
Don’t forget to take periodic follow-ups with your recruiter.

Below I include a sample internship cover letter. You can copy and modify according to your needs.

Sample Cover Letter for Internship Position

John Albey
Digital Marketer
5927, Bay Street,
Toronto, Canada

5th November 2019

Janie Allerton
Head, Human Resource
Prestige Corporation
123, Ontario
Canada 5547

Dear Ms. Allerton,

I am writing this letter to apply for the Digital Marketing (your keyword) Internship with Prestige Corporation. I came across the job description and found that my skills meet all your requirements.

I was overwhelmed with joy when my Social Media Advertisement was shortlisted for an ‘Internet Achiever’s Award.’ It was a core result of my Social Media Research and Practiced habit. Article writing, blogging, and social media have been my fervor since high school. Apart from being a Graduate in Marketing with 8.5+ CGPA and owning a Digital Marketing Course from Google, I have

  • Extensively read over 100 books on Social Media, Content strategies, SEO, and SEM.
  • Completed certifications on Strategic Internet Marketing, Market research and Analytics, PPC, and many others from the most reputed Digital Marketing Institutes of the World like Hubspot, SEMrush, etc.
  • Worked aggressively on freelance projects during weekends, vacations, and summer to earn decent pocket money and at the same time, get the best market exposure and lessons.

When my dean asked me to apply for this position, I could not find a single reason to say no. With Prestige Corporation’s vision, to help the entire world in digital growth, I could not find a better place to work for.

Can we schedule an interview to discuss my achievements and Prestige Corporation’s next month’s digital plan and outputs? If you remain busy for an interview, I will give you a call next week for the same.

Please find my resume attached.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

John Albey

I hope this article was helpful – Good Luck with your Internship.

Don’t forget to comment below if you have any queries or problems while writing a cover letter. I will be happy to help you.

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