Is HostGator Good for WordPress?

HostGator is a renowned web hosting company that provides highly optimized WordPress hosting solutions to its clients in almost every corner of the world. More than 2 million WordPress websites use HostGator’s WordPress hosting solutions to host their website. 

The ready-to-go WordPress hosting solutions make it convenient for you to set up a website with minimum effort. Moreover, the customized control panel empowers you to perform various tasks, including automatic backup scheduling, backup restoration, and many account management-related activities with just a few clicks.

Let’s find out if HostGator makes a good choice to host a WordPress website.

What Gives HostGator the Competitive Edge?

HostGator is not an ordinary hosting company; they provide solution-oriented, highly scalable, and high-performing services to clients. It not only guarantees ultimate satisfaction for the clients but also helps the company stay ahead of the competition. While most hosting companies emphasize boosting high uptime, HostGator makes sure that you get security, assistance, and customization options in addition to the same. Here’s how they do this.

  1. Enhanced Security: HostGator is aware of the fact of how important it is to keep their clients’ website data safe and secure. That’s why they ensure incorporating the best-in-class security solutions by incorporating the following safety features.
    1. SiteLock Fix: It creates a defense against viruses, malware, ransomware, and much more by conducting daily data scans, screening, and threat removal.
    2. CodeGuard: It ensures that your website database and web files are regularly backed up automatically. You can restore backed-up data anytime with a mere single click.
    3. SSL Certification: Along with providing end-to-end data encryption, an SSL certificate allows your website to have added a padlock sign in the address bar at the user end, which indicates that your website is safe. It also gives you a substantial boost in improving the SERP rank.
  2. Cost-efficient: Along with providing highly secure hosting plans, HostGator also focuses on making them highly affordable. That’s why their entry-level plan starts at as low as 5.95 USD per month. Plus, the plethora of features you get to enjoy under such a small price tag gives you the real value of each penny you spend. 
  3. Ultimate Speed: HostGator ensures that the websites hosted with them deliver excellent speed and performance. All the plans come inclusive of built-in Cloudflare CDN, which ensures that the content of your website quickly loads on any device in any corner of the world. That’s why SEO experts love HostGator.
  4. Free Migration: HostGator allows you to migrate your WordPress website from the existing host to the HostGator hosting. Moreover, the experts at HostGator will move your website free of cost.
  5. Money Back Guarantee: There aren’t many hosting companies that provide a money-back guarantee on their WordPress hosting plans. But HostGator is an exception. Here you get a 45-day money back guarantee on any plan you purchase.
  6. Impeccable uptime: The performance of any hosting company is measured by the uptime it delivers. HostGator manages to deliver uptime of more than 99.9%, which means your website hosted with HostGator virtually stays up all the time. 
  7. Excellent Support: The support system is the backbone of any hosting company. And with a robust support system in place, HostGator stands tall over the competition. You can reach the HostGator support team over phone calls, emails, live chats, and fax messages. 

Salient Features of WordPress Hosting From HostGator?

Like any other top-class hosting platform, HostGator also houses various features that, along with empowering the clients to have authority and control, enable the client’s website to deliver high-level performance. Some notable features that make HostGator an exceptional WordPress hosting platform are- 

  1. WordPress Ready: With the managed WordPress hosting plans from HostGator, you get to enjoy highly optimized solutions. In fact, you get the pre-installed WordPress along with all the essential plugins ready on your hosting account. 
  2. Free Domain: On top of various exciting features, top-class security, and excellent support, you will get a free domain for a whole year. 
  3. Ad Credits: With every WordPress hosting plan on the HostGator, you will be entitled to get 150 USD credits for Google Ads Spend. However, you will have to spend at least 25 USD on Google Advertising to claim the credits.
  4. Unlimited Bandwidth: You get to enjoy the unmetered bandwidth for your website on any WordPress hosting plan you purchase on HostGator, another good reason to go for HostGator!
  5. Excellent Application Integration: HostGator has an excellent app integration mechanism in place that allows you to sync HostGator with various tools and apps of WordPress. It eases creating a page through free CMS.

HostGator WordPress Pricing

There are three WordPress hosting plans available on HostGator. All of these plans provide similar features; the only difference is the number of websites you are allowed to host with each plan and the ability to handle the user traffic flow. The plan details are tabulated hereunder-   

Name of PlanStarter PlanStandard PlanBusiness Plan
Cost 5.95 USD per month7.95 USD per month9.95 USD per month
Number of Websites010203
Visits per month100,000200,000500,000

Pros and Cons of HostGator WordPress Hosting


  • Affordable hosting plans
  • Excellent uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • Free migration 
  • Automated backup 
  • 45 days money back guarantee.


  • Although the support is available 24×7, the wait time in the queue is very long.
  • The domain isn’t free for a lifetime.

Is HostGator Good for WordPress?

Yes. The bottom line is that HostGator makes an excellent choice for hosting your WordPress website. With impeccable features, a top-notch support system, strict security, and highly affordable pricing, HostGator has everything that one may ask for in a WordPress hosting company.

If you are an individual blogger or a small enterprise, you’ll find everything you need to host a website on HostGator. So, if you ask me if HostGator is good for WordPress, I would say it’s beyond just good!

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