KnownHost Shared Hosting Review: My Speed Test Data Will Tell You The Truth.

We all look for a cheap option when it comes to website hosting. A penny saved is a penny earned!

But finding affordable yet reliable hosting is not easy. In fact, most cheap web hosting providers fail to provide dependable uptime, and your website has to suffer in terms of low availability and loss in user traffic.

While the internet is stuffed with such dubious companies, KnownHost is a decade-old trusted name that provides superior features, support, security, and uptime guarantee to their worldwide clientele at very reasonable rates.

I’m not just repeating what others say. I have tested their LightSpeed-based Shared hosting plan before writing this review. And today, I will share all my test results with you. So, make sure you read to the end of this KnownHost shared hosting review to make an informed decision.

What is KnownHost?

KnownHost has been one of the well-known web hosting service providers in the United States since 2006. It has a worldwide customer base from over 150 countries, establishing it as a reliable hosting service provider. The company operates hundreds of servers from three data centers located in Seattle, Atlanta, and Amsterdam.

KnownHost provides a wide array of hosting plans to suit the different hosting needs. Along with providing top-notch hosting services, the company is also making efforts to protect the environment. KnownHost has joined the Green Power Partnership of the United States Environmental Protection Agency to contribute to the environment.

KnownHost Shared Hosting Review Summary

Min. Response Time120 ms
Max. Response Time6120 ms
Global Avg. Response Time1886 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights100 Mobile/ 100 Desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestStable
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KnownHost Shared Hosting Performance Report

I wanted to understand the quality of their shared hosting services. So, I subscribed to their Basic Web Hosting service. It is the cheapest hosting plan offered by KnownHost and comes with 5 GB Cloud Storage, 512 MB Physical Memory, 2 MySQL Databases, and a LiteSpeed server.

The configuration was suitable for hosting a WordPress website. I used the Softaculous software installer to install my demo website. Then changed the default theme to GeneratePress and published a demo article. The article was around 1000 words long and contained two stock images of around 140 KB each.

After that I enabled the LiteSpeed Cache Management Plugin and my website was ready to undergo the tests mentioned below.

1. Page Speed Test by Google PageSpeed Insights:

Google PageSpeed Insights (PSI) provides valuable information about the test web page. Apart from showing an overall performance score, different lab data give information about key insights like First Contentful Paint, Speed Index, and Largest Contentful Paint.

Below is the performance report of my demo web page.

google pagespeed insights report of my website hosted on knownhost

2. Page Speed Test by GTmetrix:

GTmetrix is another independent web page performance checking tool. Unlike Google PSI, they allow test server location. Ideally, one should select a test server closest to the host server. However, for this test, I didn’t change the default test location, which is Vancouver, Canada.

gtmetrix performance test report of my website

Here is the performance test report.

3. Global Page Speed Test:

Speed index is a valuable core web vital. In fact, Google has started considering the speed of a web page for organic ranking. I used 43 different locations to test the speed of my website. We all know a geographical distance affects the page speed significantly. So, this test is important for those webmasters who want to target global audiences.

global page speed test result. knownhost shared hosting review performance test

The best performance was noticed in New York. This is quite logical as my website was hosted on a US server. Moreover, the worst-performing location was Beijing. I have tested several hosting services, and Beijing was at the bottom of the list for almost all of the cases.

Full report is available here.

Then I calculated the average loading time of these 43 different locations, and it came out to be 1886 ms.

4. Website Load Test:

Do you want to check how much concurrent traffic your website can handle? A website load test gives a fair idea of that.

load test report. have checked the number of concurrent requests that my website can handle.

For this test, I gradually increased the number of simultaneous requests from zero to fifty per second (violet line). A properly configured website should not be affected by the number of requests. So, the response time curve should be flat for an ideal host. Here, you can see a very similar curve (light blue line). Moreover, if you look at the standard deviation, it came out to be merely 2 ms.

Why You Should Prefer KnownHost

1. Excellent Uptime Guarantee: Unlike most shared web hosting companies, KnownHost guarantees a 99.99% uptime. This averages to downtime of less than 2 minutes per month. It ensures that your website remains accessible all the time to users around the globe.

2. Great Support: When it comes to customer support, you can count on KnownHost. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The customer support operates from the USA and assists all the users across the globe. It offers a token-based support system, where clients need to raise a token for their query. The company claims to respond within 10 minutes to any technical query raised by the customers.

3. One-Click Installations: cPanel and Softaculous software installer offer one-click installation of various open-source software, including WordPress. Software up-gradation can also be done from the panel.

4. Automated Backups: While choosing a shared hosting plan, you should never overlook the backup facility. KnownHost offers free and automated backups of your website data. It also allows you to restore your website data when needed.

5. 30-days Money-back Guarantee: All new shared hosting users at KnownHost are protected by a risk-free 30-day money-back guarantee.

6. Free Migrations: Most blog and website owners are unaware of the technical aspects of migrating a website. However, if you want to migrate your website to KnownHost, you don’t have to worry since their professional team will do the job for you.

If your website is hosted in cPanel, Plesk, or DirectAdmin, the KnownHost team will transfer your website without charging a single penny, but if your website is hosted in other systems, they will charge an hourly rate.

KnownHost Shared Hosting Features

  • Excellent Performance: KnownHost incorporates various features that contribute to enhancing the performance of your website. Some of these features are:

    • LiteSpeed Server: LiteSpeed servers are presently considered as one of the fastest, most secure, and performance-oriented web servers in the industry. Therefore, your website hosted on KnownHost delivers unmatched performance and faster page loading speed.

    • HTTP2 and HTTP3: HTTP2 facilitates better compression of HTTP headers and thus curbs the latency. At the same time, QUIC HTTP3 provides a fast page loading speed by reducing connection establishment timing.

    • Resource Isolation: Resource availability on shared web hosting is an issue that troubles most website owners. But since KnownHost provides fully managed shared web hosting solutions, you don’t have to worry about resource availability. They guarantee resource isolation to ensure that your website has all the resources it needs to deliver better performance.

    • ZendOpCache: ZendOpCache consists of pre-compiled scripts that prevent memory overload and facilitates lesser PHP execution time. ZendOpCache fuels the performance of your website and reduces loading time.

    • MariaDB: Instead of using the MySQL database, KnownHost uses MariaDB, a highly agile and high performing database engine that facilitates faster database access and reduces website loading time.

  • Cloud Storage: Having your website data stored on the cloud diminishes the risk of losing data due to server failure. Moreover, cloud storage facilitates great accessibility, security, and easy scalability. KnownHost offers a cloud-based shared hosting plan for reliable and convenient hosting experience.

  • SSD Storage: Many shared web hosting companies use Hard Disk Drives to capitalize on the low-cost web infrastructure. But hosting with HDD fails to deliver optimum speed and performance. KnownHost on the other hand makes a difference by incorporating SSD (Solid State Drives) with superior speed.

  • Unlimited Bandwidth: Most shared web hosting companies meter the bandwidth depending on which plan you choose, i.e., entry-level hosting plans come with a very restrained bandwidth. However, KnownHost offers unmetered bandwidth for each of their shared web hosting plans. 

  • SSL Certificates: Along with substantiating data privacy, an SSL certificate enhances the trustworthiness of your website. Unlike many other shared web hosting companies, KnownHost provides SSL certificates for free.

  • Highly Reliable: KnownHost constantly strives to level up its reliability levels. Apart from offering an uptime guarantee of 99.99%, KnownHost also monitors its services, servers, and network round the clock to rule even the slightest possibility of malfunctioning. Furthermore, they also employ a highly redundant network to back their uptime guarantee. The company uses multiple high capacity fiber uplinks to ensure unlimited bandwidth. On top of it, the expert support staff at KnownHost promptly provides assistance at any time of the day.

  • Excellent Security: Web hosting features and speed will go in vain if it does not have a proper security system. Therefore, KnownHost managed shared web hosting plans come inclusive of some great security features that include-

    • PatchMan Security: PatchMan provides security against a number of bugs and threats. Therefore, KnownHost also incorporates PatchMan security features to strengthen the security on their platform.

    • Imunify360: Every managed shared hosting plan comes inclusive of Imunify360. Imunify360 is an excellent threat detection and protection software that keeps your website safe from most of the common threats and malware.

    • Isolation: With a cloud-based hosting, KnownHost ensures the isolation of one account from others and maintains account security for each client on the platform.

    • Hardened Servers: Hackers and scammers invent new ways to threaten the security of hosting platforms. But with continuous monitoring, patching and excellent security, KnownHost identifies and neutralizes the threats.

    • Brute Force Protection: Brute force attacks involve a trial and error method to decrypt the keys and decipher the login credentials and password. KnownHost neutralizes such attacks by assigning the needed resources for the same.

    • DDoS Protection: The company claims its network to be fully protected against distributed network attacks that send multiple requests to the network resources. The DDoS protection enables them to provide impeccable uptime and speed.

    • Qualified Security Team: KnownHost does not outsource security services to third parties and hires their staff to safeguard their managed web hosting services.

  • Ample Email Accounts: KnownHost allows you to create multiple email accounts under the given resource limits. Not just that, they also allow you to choose your mail client from Horde and RoundCube to manage your emails. Their mail connections are POP3 secured and IMAP enabled. IMAP allows email account access from multiple devices and locations. The SpamFilter control allows you to block spam emails. Use Autoresponder to provide automated responses to the senders. 

KnownHost Shared Hosting Plans and Pricing

Basic Web HostingStandard Web HostingProfessional Web Hosting
Price 3.47 USD per month6.47 USD per month9.97 USD per month
Domains01 Domain05 DomainsUnlimited Domains
Storage5 GB Cloud Storage20 GB Cloud StorageUnlimited Cloud Storage
Email Hosting5 email accounts25 email accountsUnlimited email accounts
SQL Database2 SQL Database5 SQL DatabaseUnlimited SQL Database
Bandwidth UnlimitedUnlimitedUnlimited
LiteSpeed ServerIncludedIncludedIncluded
Free SSL CertificateIncludedIncludedIncluded

KnownHost Pros and Cons


  • Diverse hosting plans
  • Hassle-Free website migration without any charges for migration
  • A 30 days money-back guarantee to all the new shared plan users
  • DataCentres in  Seattle, Atlanta, and Amsterdam, Netherlands
  • Automatic backup facility
  • Easy account setup
  • Robust security with free SSL certificate
  • Excellent customer support system
  • One-click installation with Softaculous installer


  • No phone support
  • No hosting plans for window servers
  • No servers in the Asian region

KnownHost Shared Hosting Review: Final Takeaway

KnownHost’s managed shared hosting makes a brilliant choice for those who cannot afford VPS or cloud hosting but still want to host their website on a reliable platform.

With various features, top-class support, free migration, free SSL, and many such services, it ensures that your hosting experience remains peaceful. A 30 days money-back guarantee to the new clients makes it risk-free for anyone who wants to test their services.

KnownHost Shared Hosting Review Rating
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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