How to Write a Leasing Consultant Cover Letter

As you have found this article, I am sure you are looking for a job as a leasing consultant and want to write a cover letter for the job. Writing an effective leasing consultant cover letter is not hard. Moreover, such letter will give you an opportunity to stand ahead of the queue.

So, read this article carefully as I will share tips and samples for your benefit.

Who is a leasing consultant?

A Leasing Consultant is a person who is responsible for making sure that the respective properties should have a good occupancy percentage. His/her role is to provide advice, information, and guidance on leases. He looks for prospective clients and turns them into real ones.

Leasing consultants usually indulge in the following activities:

  • Managing coordinate properties and taking follow-ups
  • Updating the contact management database
  • Informing clients about the leasing terms
  • Taking care of the application process
  • Negotiating lease renewals
  • Handling maintenance/renewal requests from tenants
  • Keeping a check on properties on regular intervals
  • Managing all leases from potential and existing clients
  • Marketing all the property listings through open houses and individual showings
  • Carefully negotiating lease terms with landlords and management companies
  • Planning and implementing marketing strategies to generate traffic
  • Responding to leads and thoroughly inspecting the properties
  • Supporting legal and general advisory needs associated with real estate portfolios

How to format your leasing consultant cover letter

You should always maintain a business letter format while writing your cover letter. Below, I am providing the main parts of such letters.

Introduction: The first paragraph of the cover letter should contain your introduction, including your qualifications and experience, to grab the prospective employer’s attention. You can mention any accolades or accomplishments, if any. For example, “I have experience of five consecutive years with two corporate leases every week on average, which is why I am confident that my skill sets match as per your requirements listed in your advertisement.”

The Middle Part: In the second paragraph, you can elaborate on your qualification details, competencies, and professional traits that signal how good you are for the job. You can describe your core competencies like communication and interpersonal skills, time management skills, and the ability to convert prospective clients into customers using a consultative sales process.

The Closing: Then conclusive paragraph is a brief closing in which you can thank the reader for giving you a favorable consideration. You can reiterate your interest and provide your contact information for the further process. Use a respectful closing phrase like “Yours sincerely” or “Regards.”

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Below, I am providing an example.

Sample Property Leasing Consultant Cover Letter

Dear Sir

With great enthusiasm, I hereby forward my application for the post of a leasing consultant in your esteemed organization. With over five years of experience to back me up in the real estate and consultant profile, I believe I will be an asset to your company.

Throughout my career, I have a consistent track record of success and extraordinary achievements. My key skills that I can leverage to advance the company’s growth include extensive communication with potential clients, tours and walkthroughs, looking after lease renewals and processing the application, etc.

Apart from the skill sets mentioned above, I am capable of conducting thorough real estate market research and developing a database of properties that are always in sync with the buyer’s needs and finances. Conclusively, I am known for an easy-going personality with warm communication skills and maintaining a good rapport with my clients as well.

Kindly find enclosed my resume for further review, and I look forward to the opportunity to discuss more about the position and how I can contribute to the betterment of the organization.

I appreciate your effort to consider my credentials and experiences. Kindly contact me via email/contact number mentioned in my resume.

Sincerely Yours
Hanes Gene

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What to include in a property leasing consultant cover letter

Explaining the previous experience in the field: The first part of your cover letter should start with describing your experience as a leasing consultant and the properties you have managed so far.

Knowledge of Real Estate Laws: Real Estate Property laws govern the purchasing, utilization, and handling of the lands and properties. This law states how the property has to be acquired by people, and what can they do/don’t with the property they own.

Being a leasing consultant, you need to be aware of the updated laws, rules, and regulations. Apart from the basics, you need to know three types of properties such as:

  1. Private Property: An official nomination for the ownership of property by non-governmental legal bodies. Discernable or indiscernible things owned by individuals or firms over which the owners have exclusive rights to the land, infrastructure, finance, ownership, license, etc. This type of property can only be transferred by the consent of the owner or by sale/gift.
  2. Public Property: These are the land or buildings owned and directly managed by public authorities and are used for general purposes only e.g., sewer systems, libraries, public parks, etc.
  3. Collective or Cooperative Property: It refers to the properties that are not owned by one private entity but is owned jointly by a group of entities by agreement.

Knowledge of Property Rights: This aspect has four extensive components:

The owner has a right to

  1. Use the property as per his requirement
  2. Earn income from the property
  3. Transfer the land as a gift etc to others
  4. Make changes or demolish it

Customer Service: This is a vital skill for resolving many issues. A successful leasing consultant keeps a positive attitude towards all the situations and works diligently to solve any issue that arises. They are willing to give assistance or advice to clients that seek their support.

Excellent communication: Communication skills are an integral part of any job profile. Good communication skills are required to convert prospective clients into customers. As a leasing consultant is responsible for finding a new home for the prospective clients and engaging and meaningful conversation during an appointment or walk-through is crucial to ensure the comfort level of the clients.

Computer competency: You need to be tech-savvy as this skill comes in handy while managing the client information, property details, and appointment software.

Listening: Readiness to listen to the potential residents’ thoughts and values in a property is equally important.

Time Management: As a leasing consultant, you are required to be multitasking as in setting up appointments, conducting tours, answering queries, and closing on leases.

These require you to be on your toes and be smart with managing your time. Strong time management skills are crucial to ensure that you are utilizing your time in the best possible way.

To be a successful leasing consultant, you need to be aware of your priorities.

You can use calendars, planners, or a custom checklist to help you plan your day and appointments.

Sales-Oriented: A leasing consultant is no less than an artist. They paint a colorful picture in the clients’ mind. Therefore, a leasing consultant is required to have strong sales skills to aid in the process of closing on leases.

Interpersonal skills: This is a critical aspect of the characteristics necessary for the job. Leasing consultants must be cordial, amiable, and comfortable talking to people.

Detail-oriented: Being detail-oriented means giving strong attention to details. As a leasing agent, you need to be meticulous and thorough in your work to ensure that you incorporate proper information in the leasing agreements and recognize essential action items within the property.

Be persistent and proactive: When you talk about successful leasing consultants, nothing is more important than a proactive and persistent follow-up.

Though there would be a lot of no-no’s but you have to work towards converting it into yes-yes’. A consistent follow-up shows the client that you care, and it will also give you clarity as to where they are in the leasing process.

Ask relevant questions: Ask genuine questions to find out what exactly the clients are looking for. The more your questioning goes in the right direction, the closer you are to finding the right property for them.

Be prepared and know your stuff: As a leasing consultant, you need to know the A to Z of the units you have to offer, their terms and conditions, policies, nearby local amenities.