Liquid Web Vs. Nexcess: How To Tell Which One Caters To Your Needs?

First thing first, Liquid Web and Nexcess are both parts of the Liquid Web family of brands. Both of these brands deliver excellent hosting solutions to their clients. But what sets them apart?

When it comes to web hosting, the requirements of small-scale enterprises and individual bloggers largely differ from that of a large-scale company. As such, any hosting company prefers to target only one kind of consumer. And in a broader aspect, this is the main difference that sets Liquid Web and Nexcess apart.

Liquid Web primarily targets large-scale enterprises and web professionals that require high-end and dedicated hosting solutions to power their websites. The company houses resources and expertise to provide support and assistance in hosting and maintaining websites with high user traffic flow and server needs.

Whereas, Nexcess caters to the hosting needs of small-scale businesses and individual bloggers. They intend to provide financially viable hosting solutions to the clients and host websites with low to moderate user traffic flow.

I have intricately observed various services, plans, and features offered by Liquid Web and Nexcess to create this in-depth comparison. So, keep scrolling down and explore the differences and suitability of these two platforms!

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What Is Liquid Web?

As stated earlier, Liquid Web targets big companies and caters to their hosting needs. They even boast of providing hosting solutions to some of the Fortune 500 companies! With a glorious history of more than 22 years, Liquid Web has established itself as a company that provides highly dependable hosting solutions to keep high-load websites up and going.

With over 500,000 hosted websites, more than 50,000 premium users, and over a million free software users, Liquid Web makes an excellent choice for cloud and web professionals.

Liquid Web Family of Brands

Liquid web family of brands house three separate brands that offer different solutions. Here’s a brief detail of each of these three brands and the solutions and services they offer-

  1. Liquid Web: Liquid Web is designed to deliver highly customizable and enterprise-managed hosting solutions. Their services include- 
    • Dedicated Servers: Dedicated servers, cloud dedicated servers, VMware private cloud, server clusters, HIPAA compliant hosting, etc.
    • Cloud Instances: Cloud servers, VMWare private cloud, cloud dedicated servers, etc.
    • Virtual Private Servers: VPS Hosting, Private VPS etc.
    • CMS and E-commerce: Managed WordPress, managed WooCommerce, Magento Cloud

  2. Nexcess: Nexcess provides highly optimized and open-source hosting plans that include-
    • Managed Magento hosting 
    • Managed WooCommerce hosting
    • Managed WordPress hosting
    • Flexible cloud hosting
    • Enterprise hosting
    • Domain registration
    • SSL certificate 

  3. StellarWP: StellarWP offers almost every tool, software, and plugin that one might need for WordPress. It has-
    • iThemes
    • The events calendar
    • Restrict content pro
    • Kadence
    • GiveWP
    • IconicWP

What Is Nexcess?

Since its inception in the year 2000, Nexcess has been providing stellar hosting solutions to its clients. The majority of the hosting companies tend to slash their charges by compromising the quality of services. But Nexcess, on the other hand, emphasizes capitalizing on the privilege of providing hosting solutions that are far superior to the price you pay for them.

With hundreds of thousands of websites hosted on Nexcess, it makes an excellent choice to host your website on Nexcess.

How Do Liquid Web and Nexcess Differ From Each Other?

Liquid Web and Nexcess provide highly tailored and performance-oriented hosting solutions to their clients. But it is the nature of their services and targeted customers that casts the major difference between them. 

Here’s how you can determine which hosting is suitable for you-

Is Liquid Web Suitable For You?

Liquid Web caters explicitly to the hosting needs of big-time businesses by providing highly reliable and robust enterprise-class hosting solutions focused on cloud, dedicated, reseller, VPS, and WordPress hosting. However, they do not offer shared hosting plans.

Liquid Web empowers some of the Fortune 500 companies like Porsche, National Geography, Eddie Bauer, Home Depot, and Symantec. This makes it pretty clear why they boast of being one of the best hosting solution providers in the world. Although pricey, the managed hosting services they provide do not lack in any aspect at all. Plus, you get uncompromised security and impeccable uptime along with excellent customer support for your business website.

Let’s have a look at the plans and services they offer-

Liquid Web Plans and Cost

  • Virtual Private Server: The VPS hosting plan offered by Liquid web is highly agile and powerful. Not only do they provide a robust plan, but they also cater customized VPS plans to businesses with specific needs. The entry-level VPS plan on Liquid Web will cost you $35 per month. The specifications of the entry-level plan include-
    1. 2 GB RAM
    2. 40 GB SSD Storage
    3. Linux/ Windows-based server

  • Cloud Web Hosting: The cloud web hosting on liquid Web comprises of three plans viz. Cloud Servers, VMware Private Cloud, and Cloud Dedicated Servers. All these plans focus on providing you uninterrupted hosting solutions by managing the essential resources for your website that are shared across various servers.  The entry-level cloud hosting plan on Liquid Web will cost you $149 per month. It comes inclusive of the following specifications-
    1. CentOS 7 Linux or Windows OS
    2. 15 GB RAM
    3. 452 GB Storage
    4. 5 TB monthly data
    5. Flexible scaling

  • Dedicated Web Hosting: A dedicated server is exactly the opposite of a shared server hosting, i.e., all the system resources of the server are vested in empowering your website to deliver the best performance. That’s why Liquid Web’s dedicated web hosting is considered one of the most powerful hosting solutions. The entry-level dedicated hosting plan on the Liquid Web will cost $169 per month and come inclusive of the following specs-
    1. Single quad-core processor
    2. Two 240 GB Solid State Drives
    3. 1 TB backup drive
    4. 5 TB monthly data transfer
    5. 16 GB RAM

  • Reseller Hosting: With highly dedicated VPS reseller plans on Liquid Web, you can create and rent a powerful hosting service backed by spectacular 24/7 support. The reseller plans on Liquid Web are available from $139 per month and come inclusive of WHMCS (WebHost Manager Complete Solution) plugin with Linux and Windows OS and customizable RAM, monthly data transfer limits, storage, etc.

  • Other Enterprise Hosting Solutions: Apart from the above, Liquid Web also offers some other Enterprise Hosting Solutions that provide immensely powerful services to huge enterprise websites. These plans are-
    1. VMware Private Cloud hosting starting at $510/month 
    2. Cloud Servers hosting starting at $264/month
    3. High availability hosting starting at $1448/month
    4. Server Clusters hosting starting at $743/month
    5. Database hosting starting at $1498/month
    6. High-performance hosting starting at $1127/month
    7. HIPAA Compliant data centers and solutions starting at $344/month

Is Nexcess Suitable For You?

Nexcess vs liquid web

If you are a small-scale business, an individual blogger, or a student who needs a highly resilient, reliable, secure, and robust hosting solution but cannot afford to hire an enterprise-level hosting company, then Nexcess is the best bet you’ve got. With its unmatched capabilities to deliver impeccable hosting quality and support at highly affordable rates, it becomes convenient for you to leave the hosting-related worries behind and divert your entire focus towards growing your business.

Nexcess is not one hosting company that strives hard to be excessively pocket-friendly and messes up its credibility. Instead, they focus on providing cutting-edge performance, speed, security, and support to the clients to deliver the best value of the money they pay. Following is a brief discussion on the plans and services that Nexcess offers along with its pricing-

Nexcess Plans and Cost

  • Managed Magento Hosting: Nexcess provides fully managed and highly optimized Magento hosting solutions with impeccable security, speed, and scalability. Whether you want to stage your site, incorporate a dedicated IP address, or automatically scale the resources, Nexcess has got your back at every point. If that’s not enough, they also carry out on-demand performance tests. Moreover, the Nexcess CDN with 22 international locations ensures that the heavy content does not slow down the loading speed of your website. 

    When it comes to costs and prices, the entry-level Managed Magento Hosting plan costs $49 per month. The entry-level plan allows you to have up to 20 concurrent users, 50 GB of disk space, up to 10 domains, and a bandwidth of 1 TB.
  • Managed WooCommerce Hosting: Just like the managed Magento hosting solutions, Nexcess also provides fully managed and highly optimized WooCommerce hosting solutions. It’s solely focused on delivering fast and reliable e-commerce hosting services to clients. You can even order performance tests to troubleshoot the existing issues and improve the website speed. Nexcess has a StoreBulder feature in place that lets you create a store of your own with your desired preferences and themes within a few clicks. Also, a Powerful CDN and up-to-date technologies make it convenient for you to reduce query loads and improve the performance of the site. 

    With an entry-level managed WooCommerce hosting on Nexcess, you can host one store with 30 GB storage, 500 orders per hour, and StoreBuilder at $19 per month.
  • Managed WordPress Hosting: At $19 per month, you can subscribe to an entry-level managed WordPress hosting plan that comes with up to one website hosting, 15 GB storage, and 2 TB of bandwidth on Nexcess. You can also get access to premium tools like WP Merge, TinyPNG, iThemes Security Pro, Visual Compare, and Qubeley Pro. 

    Some added benefits include access to excellent image compression, no metered pageviews, no traffic limits, and no average fee. Plus, you have 24×7 access to the expert support channel.
  • Flexible Cloud Hosting: The extensive development tools, auto scalability, PCI compliance, and high flexibility make Nexcess’s cloud hosting solution meet all your needs. It does not matter if you own an e-Commerce store with huge traffic flows or a business website that tends to need highly scalable resources. The cloud hosting plan can deliver you a long-term and highly reliable hosting solution. 

    At $49 per month, you can purchase an entry-level cloud hosting plan on Nexcess that comes inclusive of the capability to handle 20 concurrent users with 50 GB disk space, ten secondary domains, and 1 TB bandwidth. Nexcess highly optimizes the environment for applications like Magento, WordPress, WooCommerce, CraftCMS, ExpressionEngine, etc., for your website to deliver excellent performance. 

Apart from the above, Nexcess also provides highly optimized, customizable, and powerful enterprise hosting solutions with dedicated infrastructure and 99.99% uptime.

Liquid Web Vs. Nexcess Highlights

Liquid Web Vs. Nexcess: My Final Thoughts

Nexcess and Liquid Web hosting both provide extremely powerful, reliable, and highly-tailored hosting solutions to their clients. The only differences between them are their prices and capabilities to handle user traffic.

So, if you have a blogging website or an e-commerce store that experiences low to moderate traffic, Nexcess is the best pick for highly reliable hosting with stellar performance, speed, and uptime. And if you own a website with an extreme and humongous amount of user traffic flow, then Liquid Web would be the best for you.

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