MDDHosting Review: Is It Worth It?

Most hosting companies opt to provide solutions suitable for large-scale enterprises or small-scale business/ blogs. But what if you find a professional Cloud hosting company that provides the perfect blend of services suitable for all kinds of websites with excellent scalability and optimization? Moreover, what if all of this is available at a handsome price tag?

No, it’s not a fairy tale but a reality knitted by an exceptional web hosting company named MDDHosting.

In this personally curated MDDHosting review, I will discuss my first-hand experience of testing MDDHosting and its Pros and Cons with you. So, make sure you scroll down to the end of the article and enjoy the value I embedded in this review through my personal experience.

MDDHosting Review Summary

Min. Response Time134 ms
Max. Response Time1827 ms
Global Avg. Response Time610 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights99 Mobile/100 Desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestVery Stable
Control PanelcPanel with Softaculous Application Installer
Money Back Guarantee30 Days

Server Performance Test Results

To provide a fair idea of the quality of any hosting company, I subscribe to its cheapest hosting plan and test it thoroughly. Here, I purchased the monthly subscription of Cloud 1 plan and hosted a WordPress website on it.

1. Google PageSpeed Insights Report:

Google PageSpeed Insights provides valuable information about the performance of a web page on Desktop and Mobile devices. A performance score of 90 and above is considered good for any website.

Here is the performance score of the website hosted on MDDHosting.

while reviewing mddhosting I tested the performance of my website with google pagespeed insights

2. GTMetrix Website Performance Report:

GTMetrix is another website performance monitoring tool that provides valuable information about different Core Web Vitals like Time to First Byte and Largest Contentful Paint time.

The page I monitored contained a featured image of around 180 KB. So, LCP (466 ms) is the time to load that element which is well below the highest value of 2.5 sec. Moreover, the TTFB was 200 ms which I consider excellent for a host at this price.

my mdd hosting review will give you an insightful idea of the performance of the server employed

3. CDN Performance Report:

Then I monitored the performance of my website from 42 different locations spreaded worldwide. This is important because geographical distance plays a vital role in the performance of any website.

Here is a screenshot of the best five regions.

i tested the server response time from 42 different locations before writing this mdd hosting review

As you can see, the best performing location was San Diego, with a Total Time of 134 ms only. The worst performing location was Beijing with 1827 ms.

Then I calculated the average global response time of 42 different locations, and it came out to be 610 ms only.

4. Website Load Test Report:

Load test provides a fair idea of the concurrent requests that a website can handle. Usually, shared hosting in this price range struggles to serve more than 30 requests per second. However, MDDHosting managed to serve 50 requests per second without any difficulty. I’m sure it is capable of serving a reasonably large number of concurrent requests.

website load test was also performed

5. Technical Support: 

A good host without a supportive technical staff is meaningless. When it comes to technical support, MDDHosting provides 24/7 live chat support. To test their promptness and the quality of support, I contacted them and received a reply instantaneously. The support guy was courteous and readily available throughout the process to help me install the software correctly.

I contacted the technical support team and their response was prompt and accurate

With all these results, I’m quite confident that MDDHosting is a good choice for anyone who is looking for a reliable hosting solution.

What is MDDHosting?

Since its inception in 2007, MDDhosting has been a reputed name in the web hosting industry. And all the credits for its consistently reliable performance go to the high-quality customer services intertwined with lightning-fast speed and unbreachable security. Furthermore, MDDhosting provides all of this at highly affordable rates.

MDDHosting is an independent web hosting service provider with its base in Mooresville, Indiana, United States. It has built its LiteSpeed servers on high-end processors with great RAM to ensure the best-in-class services. All of the company’s servers run on the Intel Xeon 48 Cores processor or above with at least 256 GB of RAM.

Apart from the above, MDDhosting also employs a self-healing and highly available storage platform powered by StorPool. Their servers are located in a peaceful environment with superfast connectivity of the data center situated in Denver (Colorado).

What else does MDDhosting have up its sleeve? Keep scrolling down to discover my independent test results.

Solutions Offered By MDDHosting

MDDhosting solely focuses on providing Cloud and VPS hosting solutions that empower websites with unmatched speed, performance, and security. They possess the unique capability to cater to varied user needs with different traffic flow and resources.

Have a look at the different hosting plans, their features, and prices to decide whether or not the platform is suitable for your hosting needs?

1. Managed Shared Cloud Hosting

Finding a reliable, secure, and scalable managed cloud hosting can be a real headache. But the services offered by MDDhosting can put a full stop to your endless search. You do not need to migrate to a new host if your website requirements shoot up. MDDhosting allows you to quickly scale the resources and provide steady performance irrespective of the traffic load on the site.

Here are the features you will get with MDDhosting’s managed shared cloud hosting plans.

  • Free SSL Certificate: Each managed shared cloud hosting plan includes SSL certificates by Let’sEncrypt and cPanel AutoSSL. It improves the user data security and search engine friendliness of your website.

  • Free Malware Scanner: MDDhosting uses an automated malware scanner powered by Imunify360 to scan all your files. They do it daily to ensure that your website remains free of malware and other security threats.

  • Free SiteLock Security: Like free malware scanners, these plans include a free SiteLock Lite scanner that scans your website for malware and search engine blacklisting. The free usage, however, is limited to 5 pages only. You also have the option to upgrade the SiteLock plan to premium.

  • Powered by StorPool: All storage is powered by StorPool. As per company claims, it provides high availability, distributed, and self-healing features. They focus on eliminating every single point of failure by making multiple copies of your data and storing it across different storage drives and servers. This facilitates fast and highly reliable shared storage pools.

  • Uptime Guarantee SLA: MDDhosting backs the 1000% uptime guarantee with a Service Level Agreement, which is highly uncommon given the sophisticated nature of hosting solutions. For instance, if your server faces downtime of one hour, you can lodge a claim for 1000% credit of actual downtime, i.e., you get 10 hours credit for the downtime of an hour.

Apart from the above, MDD managed shared cloud hosting also comes equipped with the following features.

  • Free migration
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • 24×7 support throughout the year
  • Unlimited domains and email accounts with an unlimited MySQL Database
  • Daily offsite data backup facility
  • LiteSpeed web server with cPanel control panel and PHP version selector
  • SitePad site builder

2. Virtual Private Servers

MDDhosting provides highly tailored and easily scalable virtual private server solutions to its clients at very reasonable rates. 

Backed by modern hardware and highly professional support staff, the managed VPS hosting makes a great choice if your business needs high-performing, secure, and scalable hosting solutions.

Here are some of the worth-mentioning features.

  • Root Access: MDDhosting provides the total root access to the VPS. This means that you can install and remove any software and file from the system as you get SSH access to the server. However, they do not offer support for the software not included in the server.

  • Daily Backup: MDDhosting has a robust backup system powered by JetBackup. It automatically creates a backup of your website data and stores it offsite for a minimum period of 7 days. It also allows you to restore the data anytime using the cPanel.

  • SolusVM VPS Control Panel: MDDhosting uses a graphical user interface-based VPS management system known as SolusVM or Solus Virtual Manager. The best thing is that every VPS plan comes inclusive of Solus Virtual Manager.

  • Instant Reboot: Unlike other VPS service providers, MDDhosting lets you reboot the virtual private server on your own without having to contact the support team. You can do it through the SolusVM dashboard. The server usually reboots in less than 10 seconds.

3. Reseller Hosting

Reseller hosting solutions are specially designed plans for web developers and designers. The company makes sure that they fulfil the requirements of the developers to help them create customized websites and then sell them to the clients for use.

MDDhosting provides amicable features and resources like ample server space, excellent bandwidth, essential software, and much more to make the platform developer-friendly. LiteSpeed web server, LiteSpeed cache, SSH access, etc., also add up to provide you with the best development experience. Having said that, let’s look at some of the notable features offered by MDDhosting’s reseller hosting solutions.

Here are some prominent features of this plan.

  • High availability: MDDhosting hosts all its clients’ accounts exclusively on high availability hardware that can withstand any fault. And in the rare event, if your account collapses, the company brings it back online in no time using another hardware unit.

  • White-label Servers: The reseller hosting services offered by MDDhosting are entirely white label. It means that your client will never know which hosting solution you are using. There is absolutely no reference or mention of MDDhosting in any way.

  • Private Name Servers: Most companies that provide private name servers charge a small or significant amount of money for it. But at MDDhosting, you can set up a private name server without having to spare an extra penny! It prevents your client from realizing that you are a reseller.

  • Overselling Enabled: MDDhosting allows you to consume 100% of your disk space and transfer it to your purchase. 

  • Optional WHMCS: MDDhosting allows you to optionally employ the WHMCS (Web Host Manager Complete Solution) at a nominal price of $18.95 per month. It will enable automatic provisioning of cPanel web hosting accounts.

Apart from the above, you will have access to the cPanel control panel with a built-in web host manager. Along with that, you will also enjoy the Softaculous script installer and secured webmail service. There’s also a provision for hosting unlimited email accounts with autoresponders.

MDDHosting Pricing

Unlike providing a plethora of services, MDDHosting focuses on three major sectors; Managed Shared Cloud Hosting, Virtual Private Servers and Reseller Hosting. 

Here is the detailed pricing structure of each individual plan.

1. Managed Shared Cloud Hosting Price

Plan CPU CoresRAMSSD StorageMonthly Cost
Cloud Starter0.5 Core0.5 GB10 GB$5.99
Cloud 1One Core1 GBUnlimited$9.99
Cloud 2Two Cores2 GBUnlimited$19.99
Cloud 4Four Cores4 GBUnlimited$39.99
Cloud 6Six Cores6 GBUnlimited$59.99
Cloud 8Eight Cores8 GBUnlimited$79.99
Cloud 10Ten Cores10 GBUnlimited$99.99
Cloud 12Twelve Cores12 GBUnlimited$119.99
Cloud 14Fourteen Cores14 GBUnlimited$139.99

2. Virtual Private Server Price

Price Per Month$63.71$112.46$157.46
Storage100 GB200 GB300 GB
Bandwidth1 TB3 TB5 TB
Port speed1000 MBPS1000 MBPS1000 MBPS
Burstable RAM2 GB2 GB2 GB
CPU Core246
Auto ProvisioningIncluded Included Included 

You can also opt for the following add-ons at a price indicated against them-

  • LiteSpeed Web Server- from $15 per month
  • WHMCS Billing System- at $10 per month
  • Softaculous Application installer- at $2 per month
  • Additional IP Address- at $5 per month.

3. Reseller Hosting Price

Price Per Month$44.55$89.55$134.55
SSD Disk Space50 GB100 GB150 GB
cPanel Account limit50100150

MDDHosting Pros and Cons


  1. All hosting plans are less expensive than its competitors.
  2. The platform’s GUI makes it very comprehensive.
  3. They provide highly scalable enterprise-grade Cloud, VPS, and Reseller hosting.
  4. You get the benefit of multi-tier hosting.
  5. LiteSpeed servers, Cloudflare Railgun, Malware scanning, Let’sEncrypt and cPanel SSL certificates, etc., substantiate the safety and performance. 


  1. No managed WordPress and dedicated hosting solutions.
  2. Domain privacy is not available for free of cost.
  3. The Virtual Private Server plans are slightly on the expensive side.

MDDHosting Review: Is It Worth It?

MDDhosting makes an excellent choice for anyone who wants to host a website on a fast, feature-packed, and cost-efficient platform. The company makes it possible for its users to harness the true power of the cloud and VPS hosting along with providing top-class security and support.

All three plans come with some handy features that many competitors don’t even think to offer. From picking up a plan and creating an account to launching your website and seeking support, is surprisingly straightforward. And the best part is, the platform lets you scale your resources effortlessly.

Don’t just believe me; go and try yourself. After all, it offers an unconditional 30-day money-back guarantee!

MDD Hosting Review Summary
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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