MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review: Managed or Unmanaged, Which One Should You Use?

Small and medium businesses usually prefer hosting solutions that come with ample resources and a high uptime guarantee. Therefore, Virtual Private Servers (VPS) could be an excellent option for such businesses as they ensure the right balance between affordability and resource availability. Along with improved performance and greater control, virtual private servers are easily scalable and manageable as well.

This article will discuss the VPS hosting solutions offered by a promising hosting company named MilesWeb. So, make sure you read this article thoroughly to determine whether or not MilesWeb VPS are suitable for your needs.

About MilesWeb

MilesWeb is an Indian hosting company that has become popular for providing hosting solutions at highly affordable prices. Since its inception in 2012, the company has empowered more than 30,000 websites around the world.

MilesWeb aims to provide fast, dependable, and budget-friendly hosting solutions to its clients through its comprehensive server network.

From a novice blogger to a full-time developer, MilesWeb claims to cater to every type of user and provides apt professional support.

Their VPS hosting solutions also revolve around the same values. Along with being high-performing, their managed and unmanaged VPS solutions are also highly affordable.

MilesWeb Managed VPS 

If you are looking for a worry-free and feature-rich VPS hosting solution,  MilesWeb can be a blessing for you. From setting up your virtual private server to installing updates and data optimization to performance tuning, MilesWeb will look after everything on your behalf.

Their managed VPS plans are further bifurcated into Standard and Memory-Optimized solutions that cater to the varied performance needs of the clients.

The company employs a team of dedicated staff who look after the server end of your website. They ensure great speed, ample power, and easy scalability for your site. These plans come inclusive of SSD storage and an impeccable 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Their data center in Mumbai facilitates excellent performance and speed for the websites hosted in India and the subcontinental region.

Below are some worth mentioning features of MilesWeb Managed VPS  solutions.

Managed VPS Features

1. Fully Managed Server: 

Whether you lack the technical knowledge or want your full attention on the business, with a fully managed VPS solution, you can rest assured of the best performance of your website.

They house dedicated teams of experts to look after your VPS.

From automatic up-gradation to guaranteed resource availability and from instant support to performance optimization, MilesWeb managed VPS plans offer every possible facility to its clients.

They monitor your server round the clock and ensure that it yields impeccable availability while keeping the errors and glitches at bay.

2. Comprehensive Control Panel: 

The managed VPS solutions from MilesWeb come inclusive of a control panel with a user-friendly interface to ease out server management.

You can easily configure and customize the server within a few clicks and create simultaneous virtual servers on the go.

You can access performance graphs, reinstall the operating system, access logs, enable rescue mode, access SSH key, and do much more from your control panel. Moreover, you have an option to choose a control panel from cPanel or DirectAdmin to customize and operate your VPS.

3. Linux Operating System Of Your Choice: 

If you prefer a Linux-based operating system, then MilesWeb can be a suitable option for you since they support multiple variants of Linux. You can pick from some of the most preferred Linux operating systems such as CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora.

4. Outstanding Performance And Speed: 

MilesWeb uses the latest technology and hardware to ensure the optimum performance of your website. The same gets replicated in your VPS. You get fast speed, excellent compatibility, and high resource availability for your website and web applications.

5. Exceptional Hardware: 

Needless to say, better physical servers and networks substantiate the performance, uptime, and security of a server. Therefore, MilesWeb also incorporates enterprise-class hardware to offer the perfect cocktail of power and speed for your website hosted on a fully managed VPS.

MilesWeb Managed VPS Pricing

1. Standard Managed VPS Hosting Pricing

PlanPriceCPURAMSSD SpaceBandwidthDedicated IP
V1Rs. 630/ monthTwo vCPU2 GB50 GB500 GB01 IP
V2Rs. 1,050/ monthTwo vCPU4 GB100 GB500 GB01 IP
V3 Rs. 2,040/ monthFour vCPU8 GB150 GB1000 GB01 IP
V4 Rs. 3,060/ monthSix vCPU12 GB200 GB1000 GB01 IP
V5 Rs. 4,080/ monthEight vCPU16 GB250 GB2000 GB01 IP
V6 Rs. 6,060/ month12 vCPU24 GB300 GB2000 GB01 IP
V7 Rs. 8,160/ month16 vCPU32 GB350 GB2500 GB01 IP
V8 Rs. 16,320/ month24 vCPU64 GB400 GB2500 GB01 IP

2. Memory-Optimized Managed VPS Hosting Pricing

PlanPriceCPURAMSSD SpaceBandwidthDedicated IP
VO1Rs. 3,906/ month2 CPU15 GB25 GB1000 GB01 IP
VO2Rs. 7,812/ month2 CPU30 GB50 GB1000 GB01 IP
VO3 Rs. 11,718/ month4 CPU45 GB75 GB2000 GB01 IP
VO4 Rs. 15,624/ month4 CPU60 GB100 GB2000 GB01 IP
VO5 Rs. 19,530/ month6 CPU75 GB125 GB2500 GB01 IP
VO6 Rs. 23,436/ month6 CPU90 GB150 GB2500 GB01 IP
VO7 Rs. 27,342/ month8 CPU105 GB175 GB3000 GB01 IP
VO8 Rs. 31,248/ month8 CPU120 GB200 GB3000 GB01 IP

MilesWeb Unmanaged VPS

If you prefer to be on the controlling side of your server, MilesWeb unmanaged VPS hosting will be most suitable for you.

They enable you to manage your virtual private server and provide you with SSH and SFTP access.

Lightning-fast SSD storage and 99.99% uptime ensure that you get excellent availability, speed, performance, and resources for your website. With their data center in Mumbai, India, the company is an excellent option for tech-experts to host their website in India and the subcontinental region.

However, MilesWeb will still look after the physical server even under an Unmanaged VPS Hosting plan. Here are some excellent features you can access with an unmanaged Virtual Private Server hosting plan on MilesWeb.

Unmanaged VPS Features

1. Complete Control:

MilesWeb’s unmanaged VPS hosting provides you the best value for your money if you are familiar with tasks associated with managing a server.

From taking care of the top layer of your server to installing security updates or managing the backups, unmanaged VPS plans bring you the liberty of being in charge of everything.

But one thing worth mentioning here is that you will not get full support and assistance from the MilesWeb team as most things will remain out of their reach.

2. Multiple Operating Systems:

MilesWeb’s unmanaged VPS solutions allow you to pick various Linux-based operating systems depending on your requirements. Like a managed VPS, they will enable you to select from CentOS, Debian, Ubuntu, and Fedora.

However, unlike managed VPS hosting, you will have to install the operating system on your own.

3. Multiple Control Panels: 

MilesWeb offers three different control panels viz. Webuzo, Plesk, and cPanel. All of them come with various features, and you can choose one according to your preference.

4. Easily scalable: 

Since you fully control the VPS, you can quickly scale or descale the resources anytime as you are in complete control of all the resources available at your disposal.

5. Cutting-edge Tech And Hardware:

MilesWeb uses top-notch physical servers, storage drives, and everything that comes with the managed VPS. Therefore you get the same uncompromised speed for your website.

MilesWeb Unmanaged VPS Pricing

PlanPriceCPURAMSSD SpaceBandwidthDedicated IP
SMV1Rs. 480/ month2 vCPU2 GB50 GB500 GBINCLUDED
SMV2Rs. 795/ month2 vCPU4 GB100 GB500 GBINCLUDED
SMV3Rs. 1,530/ month4 vCPU8 GB150 GB1000 GBINCLUDED
SMV4Rs. 2,295/ month6 vCPU12 GB200 GB1000 GBINCLUDED
SMV5Rs. 3,060/ month8 vCPU16 GB250 GB2000 GBINCLUDED
SMV6Rs. 4,545/ month12 vCPU24 GB300 GB2000 GBINCLUDED

MilesWeb VPS Hosting Review: My Final Words

Whether you want to manage your server on your own or want the hosting company to look after it, MilesWeb offers both types of VPS hosting solutions for you. The best part is that their managed and unmanaged hosting plans are available at unbelievably low prices.

So, if you are looking to deploy a VPS in the Indian subcontinent, MilesWeb will definitely not turn you down.

Don’t just trust me; try their VPS for a month. You will definitely praise their services.

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