MilesWeb Vs. Hostinger: A Detailed Comparison To Help You Make A Decision

When it comes to affordable and feature-rich hosting, MilesWeb and Hostinger both provide excellent value for money. Especially if you wish to host your website in the Indian subcontinent, their hosting solutions are next to none.

However, no two companies provide solutions with the same assortment of features and services. Therefore, it becomes difficult to tell which one is better? Moreover, MilesWeb and Hostinger both have a solid customer base and a great brand value. But what if you have to choose one of them? How to tell which is better for your hosting needs?

In this detailed MilesWeb vs. Hostinger comparison, I have checked the performance on various parameters and compared their different hosting plans to determine which hosting company outperforms the other one.

General Overview

Hostinger provides robust hosting solutions backed by SSDs and professional experts. Since its launch in 2004, the company has facilitated hosting solutions to more than 29 million customers in 178 countries. Their highly reliable hosting lined up with round-the-clock support, and top-notch security has helped them join the club of most trusted budget hosting companies.

On the other hand, MilesWeb is a relatively new hosting company that started its venture in 2012. The company has already powered more than 30,000 client websites worldwide! Their fast, affordable, and highly scalable hosting solutions have helped them gain the trust of several international clients in a short period.

Hosting Solutions and Pricing

Both companies offer various hosting solutions at affordable rates. Here is a side-by-side comparison of different plans, along with their base pricing.

You will find that MilesWeb provides a broader array of hosting services as compared to Hostinger. However, the resources and features offered by both companies with each plan vary a lot.

Shared Web hosting from Rs. 40 per month (for three years)Shared Web hosting from Rs. 79 per month (for one year)
WordPress Hosting from Rs. 40 per month (for three years)WordPress Hosting from Rs. 99 per month (for one year)
cPanel hosting form Rs. 69 per month (for three years)cPanel hosting form Rs. 138 per month (for one year)
Cloud server hosting from Rs. 1650  per month (for one year)Cloud hosting plan from Rs. 799 per month (for one year)
Reseller Hosting from Rs. 315 per month (for one year)NA
Dedicated server hosting from Rs. 6999 per month (for one year)NA
Managed VPS hosting from Rs. 630 per month (for one year)VPS hosting from Rs. 285 per month (for one year)
Unmanaged VPS hosting from Rs. 480 per month (for one year)NA
NAMinecraft hosting from Rs. 639 per month(for one year)


Most cheap hosting companies are known for performance-related issues. As a result, hosted websites fail to load quickly, and the bounce rate jumps up significantly. Unsatisfied users abandon your website and look for a better alternative. Therefore, you must ensure that the hosting vendor you are about to hire provides ample resources to back the performance of your website.

Hostinger offers an uptime guarantee of 99.9%. It means your website should not remain unavailable for more than 43 minutes every month. Seven data centers around the globe and features such as HTTP2, Gzip compression, PHP7.4, and preinstalled caching plugins, ensure that your website delivers optimum performance when required.

Despite being a new entrant in the industry, MilesWeb manages to offer an uptime guarantee of 99.95% with its Tier-III and Tier-IV data centers. Each of their plans comes inclusive of SSD storage and RAID 10 hardware. Moreover, they use Intel Xeon processors to facilitate faster page loading time and enhance performance. They also use HTTP2, PHP7, SSD hardware, and built-in server caching.

Customer Support

Customer support is one critical aspect that should be on top of your list while looking for a web hosting company. Whether you are setting up your new website, migrating from an existing host, or stuck with an error, proactive customer support will always come in handy.

Hostinger has a solid customer support system that comprises highly experienced professionals. You can reach them through emails, live chat channels, or phone calls. Moreover, the official website offers a knowledge center to provide user guides, video tutorials, and other information related to general issues. Also, their round-the-clock support system is available in more than 20 languages.

On the other hand, the customer support on MilesWeb is available in over 3 languages. However, they also extend excellent customer support and technical assistance through email, live chat, and ticket systems. Thus, you can rest assured as the knowledgeable support team at MilesWeb resolve your queries in the lowest possible time.


Along with safeguarding user data and privacy, a website with excellent security performs better than a website with not-so-good security and privacy on search engine results pages. Hostinger and MilesWeb understand the importance of safety and therefore employ some of the best security measures.

Hostinger uses some advanced security modules, including mod_security, PHP open_basedir protection, Suhosin PHP hardening. Furthermore, you also get a free SSL certificate along with SSH access.

Similarly, MilesWeb fortifies the security of your website by providing free SSL certification for your website. Moreover, they use additional security features such as SFTP (secure file transfer protocol) to provide better security than FTP, network security to facilitate safe website transactions, spam, and DDoS protection.

MilesWeb Vs. Hostinger: My Final Verdict

Hostinger and MilesWeb, both provide some exceptional hosting solutions with their own benefits and disadvantages. While Hostinger offers hosting solutions with broader features and better performance, MilesWeb excels at delivering highly inexpensive hosting solutions.

Furthermore, choosing a hosting company entirely depends on the requirements of your website. So, if you need excellent performance with high resource availability to handle increased user traffic, you should go for Hostinger. But if you are short on budget and if the user traffic on your website is low to moderate, then MilesWeb makes an excellent choice.

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