7 Proven Ways To Monetize Your Blog

At the end of the day, each of us strives to be the best in our field to earn money and settle down. So, when you look upon the Internet for easy ways to make money, blogging attracts your attention, and you start to blog.

Some people blog out of their passion for writing, while others write to monetize their blogs.

You could have started exploring ways to earn money from your blog or even be clueless about how to go about it. I assure you that blogging is a legitimate way to make good bucks, but only when you do it right and be patient through the process.

As an experienced blogger with hands-on experience in blog monetization, I feel pleased to share some of the best methods to monetize your blog.

These have personally worked out for me, and I hope they will benefit you too.

So, here are 7 Proven Ways To Monetize Your Blog.

1. Advertisements: The easiest way to monetize your blog.

Yes. You can see multiple ads around you right now while reading this article. Sometimes, they are a bit intrusive, and I don’t deny that. 

You might also be thinking on the same lines of using advertisements as a way to make good money. Of course, advertisement is the simplest way to monetize your blog and is also the first thing that comes to mind of a new blogger.

When it comes to blog monetization, advertisement is probably the easiest and hassle-free way to see some inflow of cash.

You could either sell your ad space directly to the advertising agencies or get in touch with some ad networks that come back to you with ads that could be published on your webpage.

The first option may not be the best for new bloggers who are yet to establish their forte and publicize their website as not many ad agencies recognize you spontaneously.

But once you get a large audience base and become a recognized brand, I promise you that agencies come running towards you for displaying their ads.

The second option of collaborating with an ad network is simply the best when you start initially as the network provides you with some ads that you can display on your site. The main drawback of this model is that you and the ad network share the profits. 

There are several ad networks in the market, but you should always aim to work with the best such as Google AdSense, Ezoic, Mediavine, and Adthrive. I have purposefully mentioned these names, and in the next part, I will discuss the reason.

Google AdSense: 

If your blog attracts less than 10K page views/month, I suggest using Google AdSense as it is easy to get approval and is also the most popular ad network in the market.

But don’t expect to become rich overnight with Google AdSense as the monthly income will not be much with this amount of traffic. At this stage, your aim should be to attract more traffic to your website.

I would also like to mention that you get paid only when people click on your ads. Your revenue could stand anywhere between $1 and $4 per 1000 page views. I suffered this problem for a long time as my primary audience is from India, and my niche is not related to insurance and other premium products.

AdSense works great depending on numerous factors, such as your organic traffic source, placement of the ads, and the availability of advertisers for your niche.

So, be careful before deciding your niche.


We are currently using Ezoic on our platform, and I am happy to heave a sigh of relief as the earnings from our blog have doubled or even tripled occasionally. 

Ezoic is also a Google Certified Publishing Partner that uses a flagship application called the AdTester, which helps publishers display best performing ad combinations to fetch more earnings from their blogs.

I am proud to tell you that our hard work and efforts have garnered our blog pages more than 30K page views per month within a year.

Mediavine and Adthrive:

If you have an even better page view statistics, I recommend you try Mediavine or AdThrive, both of which are Google Certified Publishing Partners. 

If you are interested in partnering with Mediavine, you must have at least 50K pageviews/month and be in good standing with Google AdSense.

If you fulfill these criteria and your specialized niche includes food, health, travel, crafts, education, DIY, parenting, fitness, fashion, finance, lifestyle, or entertainment, don’t hesitate to contact them. 

Adthrive is even better than Mediavine; however, they accept proposals only if you have at least 100,000 pageviews/month. Believe it or not, your revenue will skyrocket if you get approval from AdThrive as the RPM could be as high as $15.

So, if you aim to monetize your blog with advertisements solely, you need to have at least a million visitors per year. If your blog doesn’t generate such huge numbers, I suggest you try affiliate marketing that is less stubborn and way more profitable when done correctly.

2. Affiliate Marketing: Mints money if done properly.

Another good way of monetizing your blog is affiliate marketing. In this method, you receive a small commission every time your recommendation leads to a sale.

You could compare this method to the referral bonus that you receive when someone whom you have recommended gets recruited in the organization.

If you can convince your visitors to purchase through your affiliate link, you get a specific commission. You are free to place the link anywhere of your choice – it could be within your post or in the sidebar.

It is not surprising that most e-commerce websites, including Amazon and Apple, partner with affiliate marketers to increase their sales. But the users too nowadays are smart enough to stay away from recommended products by a blogger who hasn’t used most of them.

So, you need to be very honest if you want to monetize your blog with affiliate links. 

A standard example of affiliate marketing is Nerdwallet, which is dedicated to financial products. This website has defined the standards for affiliate marketing and proved its success in an extremely competitive niche.

I recommend you to visit their site to get a hold on how to go about affiliate marketing.

You could also explore other popular affiliate websites, including The Wire Cutter, SafeWise, and BestReviews, to understand the concept and implement it in your unique way.

All the valuable affiliate sites shower customers with potential value that you don’t even notice that the links are present to lure you into buying something, but you smoothly make a transition to the affiliate site on your own.

My recommendation to you would be to join hands with those products that share a recurring commission. This way, you don’t have to keep bragging about them for the millionth time but still keep receiving a steady income flow.

A classic example of such a product is SEMrush. You can earn up to 40% recurring commission for every new user and this goes on for every month as long as the customer is using the product. 

Once you start promoting affiliate products like SEMrush, you get to experience affiliate marketing’s full potential and how it helps to monetize your blog.

At blogindigo.com, we promote affiliate products related to the writing industry as we specialize in this niche.

We recommend writing tools such as Scrivener, Novlr, etc. that help us generate income through affiliate marketing. Though a business secret, I wholeheartedly feel good revealing it to you and looking forward to seeing you shine.

Amazon Associate is probably the most popular affiliate program. For every sale, Amazon pays you a 3-10% commission.

Digital Photography School is one such affiliate website that has made thousands of dollars as commission from promoting photography equipment sold on the Amazon website.

There has always been the possibility that you’ve seen some websites displaying that they monetize with Amazon Associates. Even companies like CNN and the New York Times monetize with Amazon Associates. 

You, as a blogger, could try this out as Amazon is one of the biggest e-commerce platforms that generate billions of traffic per month. But recently, Amazon has reduced its commission significantly. So, check their commission chart before monetizing your blog with their affiliate program.

3. Selling Ebooks: Better than affiliate marketing.

Don’t restrict yourself to writing blogs only. Diversify your creativity and become a business partner, coach, or author.

There are bloggers who are now making millions by selling ebooks.

These are the ones who have stopped relying on affiliate marketing strategies to sell other people’s products. Instead, they have come up with their digital product that connects with their audience and incurs even more income than expected.

This is how you start growing independently and establish your supremacy in the blogging domain.

If you wonder how you can switch over to writing books when you are focused on penning down exciting articles, the strategy is quite straightforward.

If you are an established blogger in your niche, it’s time that you utilize your success as a blogger to make an outstanding publishing deal releasing your ebook.

Some bloggers use their old blog posts and bring about an entire book that’s interesting and catchy. Some others love to start afresh and think of thousands of ideas for their ebook.

Before you zero in on any topic, remember that your chosen topic should be in demand. 

You don’t start writing simply because you love the idea, and therefore your audience would automatically fall in love with it.

Once you choose the topic and create an insightful ebook, you now need to figure out how to market your ebook and sell the product. 

Selling ebooks is a great way to increase your blogging income as unlike the other two methods mentioned above, you retain most of the profit this way.

You can even choose to self-publish your book. A perfect example of a successful self-published book is “Choose Yourself” by James Altucher, a Wall Street Journal Bestseller. 

Another classic example is Mark Manson, who published a post that fetched him a deal with one of the best publishers, Harper Collins.

Darren Rowse published an ebook titled “31 Days to Build a Better Blog,” which is nothing but a compilation of some of his blog posts. The book is beneficial compared to the blog because of its convenience.

You could even consider selling other digital products such as apps, themes, plugins, online courses, images, videos, and music too, which individuals can use in their own way.

But before doing any of this, I strongly recommend you understand what your readers want rather than assuming that you are developing a product that meets their needs. 

So, once you have understood your readers, and connected with your audience, start selling ebooks to earn money from your blog.

4. Email Marketing: It’s time to convert your loyal readers to customers.

An email list is a valuable asset to any blogger as it helps you connect directly with your audience. This is also one of the simplest ways to monetize your blog when you know how to do it right. There are several bloggers who have monetized their blogs using email marketing only.

Once you decide to use this strategy to earn money from your blog, the first thing you should do is sign up with an email marketing service such as Constant Contact, MailChimp, Send in Blue, etc.

But before that, you need to win the trust of your audience by giving them valuable information.

The readers could divulge their email ids to you, but the most challenging task is to make them open your email without letting it go to trash directly.

It’s an art that you must master, and I recommend reading tips and tricks shared by Neil Patel, who is one of the top 10 digital marketers, according to Forbes and a hardcore fan of email marketing.

Once you successfully get a decent email list, you can be proud of yourself as you now have direct access to your subscribers and can reach out to them whenever you want.

Don’t be surprised to see ample traffic from your email list and a sharp increase in your page views as emails are claimed to be the most popular smartphone activity. But, to claim any of these benefits, you must have a targeted email list and an engaging email newsletter.

Protect your email list with your heart and soul as these are the people who believe you and could also be called as your brand ambassadors.

5. Provide Consultancy: You are your boss now.

Are you a person who helps friends or colleagues with useful suggestions and tips regularly? If so, monetizing your blog by providing consultation or coaching services should be your best option.

Believe me or not, despite the presence of multiple ideas, platforms, and the Internet that helps you with information on every little topic under the Sun, the demand for consultants hasn’t faded. 

Good consultants are always in demand in almost every niche. 

By getting into consulting, you are not selling a product but selling a superior service. Rather than providing a service, as a consultant, you are more into offering strategies and advice to your cherished clients to help them become more effective in what they do.

What I love about providing consultation is that you needn’t invest anything when you start doing it. You can even begin offering consulting services on your existing blog.

That should be straightforward as you already know what you’ve written, which gives you the confidence to deliver it to others.

Try consulting by creating a page with a form where the user is required to fill necessary information to take it forward.

People who have established their supremacy in providing consultation charge by the hour for the advice provided even through phone calls, emails, or Skype calls.

Isn’t it time to convert your free consulting services to your close friends as a paid service for many more people who could benefit from the information that you share?

Some consultants even charge up to $1500 an hour and are not so easy to get in touch too! Sometimes, they have a waiting period well over 6 months or so. 

You literally can mint money by providing consultation if you are confident and know what you are doing.

6. Provide Coaching. Expand your business.

Another excellent way of monetizing your blog is by providing a coaching service.

Choose a specific niche that you are interested in and most comfortable with. You could choose to be a life coach, blog coach, or even a writing coach.

But not many novice bloggers take up coaching, and I don’t recommend doing it during your initial days as you must be very confident about what you are conveying to others. 

Dive into coaching once you become successful in selling ebooks and other services. 

Don’t be disappointed if you are a novice blogger as you can take up coaching as a monetization strategy from the beginning too. But this is only when you are incredibly confident about what you are doing.

Being a one-on-one service, you can charge hourly rates for the phone or Skype calls. Rather than how much traffic you generate, your success as a coach depends on targeting the right people who need your services and are ready to pay you.

7. Sponsored Articles: Time to go ad-free.

Some bloggers hate displaying ads on their blogs, and if you are one of them who wonders how to earn money from your blog without the hindrance of such ads, sponsored articles could be just the perfect option for you.

Ad networks might make you lose total ownership of your content, and readers are so sick of these ads that they often use adblockers to stop seeing any of them.

Whereas, in sponsored articles, reputed companies or other bloggers pay you money to promote them on your blog and spread the good word about them.

The idea sounds great as you don’t have to go bragging about your blog to gain money, but the companies come in search of you.

But, this is one of the least utilized ways to monetize your blog—primarily because you need to attract ample traffic and prove your credibility to be called upon by companies.

As a blogger, you can charge some fees to write about the company on your blog. 

Though these can be an excellent way to make money, in fact, lots of money, you must only take up posts that are relevant to your audience. 

Before you take up sponsored posts, do understand the laws involved and make sure that you disclose the nature of the post too, whenever necessary.

I’ve seen many bloggers making generous income using this method, but I am yet to explore its nuances and benefits myself. However, some time ago, I requested for a business to sponsor one of my posts, and he generously paid me $50.

Sponsored posts have tremendous potential to generate income and is a profitable strategy that’s used by more than 50% of businesses to expand their influence in the market. Make optimal use of its expansion strategy.

Meanwhile, be truthful about your sponsored post to the readers failing which you could get into trouble. Also, ensure that you give honest feedback as you cannot afford to lose your loyal customer base just because someone is paying you to advertise their product.

How many page views do you need to monetize your blog?

There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to the number of pageviews needed to monetize your blog. Multiple factors play a prominent role in deciding upon your success.

Someone might have millions of pageviews a month yet earn peanuts through them. Whereas, someone might not do great in terms of page views but could still make hefty amounts.

I hope it’s clear that the page views alone don’t matter, but rather, it primarily depends on how you use them. It wouldn’t be wrong to say that you must be generating some income if your pageview count is above 10,000.

But you can expect a handsome flow of income once the pageview count goes beyond 100,000 and if you are doing the things correctly.

If you are already at this juncture and still not earning well from your blog, it’s time to look upon the key points I have mentioned above and see where you stand.

How long does it take to get the first paycheck?

There aren’t one or two but many factors that determine when you can start monetizing your blog. In general, if you have the determination and are intensely focused, I would say that you can start monetizing your blog in a year or so.

Understand the basic rule that monetizing your blog will take time.

You need to stay positive, keep doing your work without feeling demotivated, and never lose perseverance if you want to earn a decent income from the blog.

Some bloggers don’t even make three-digit figures each month from monetizing their blog—they are not newbies but have been in the industry for quite some time.

To be truthful, it took me more than 9 months to get my first paycheck from this website. 

Some bloggers take as little as three months to establish themselves while others take more than 2 years or so. 

For instance, Spencer Haws took just three months to earn his first paycheck. Schroeder-Gardner, the founder of “Making Sense of Cents,” took almost six months to make her first $100 monetizing her blog, but now, only after a couple of years, she makes over $100,000/month.

Ups and downs in your blogging life are inevitable. It could take up to 12 months to even make $100 as earnings from your blog.

I strongly recommend you to stay inspired. Keep working hard and never lose motivation as exciting things mostly happen only after you lose hope.

To be very honest, lettejunction is my third blog. I could not even monetize two of my previous blogs after struggling for more than two years.

This might happen to anyone. Work on every blog of yours as hard as you would work for your first blog. If you stick with your planning, take your work ethics seriously, and work hard continuously, you are sure to see encouraging results and profits in due course.


You can start a blog today in no time. The real challenge comes when you want to monetize it.

If you start from scratch, you might have to wait for more than a couple of months to get it rolling. Don’t let your focus be devoted to generating traffic.

Niche is yet another factor of importance but not the sole factor that determines your success.

Try different things, reiterate, improve, get the numbers needed to monetize your blog, work hard with determination, and keep testing multiple things before something starts working.

Once something clicks, start scaling up in terms of publishing ebooks, bringing out new products, etc.

Get your tools and strategies ready to start earning money from your blog.

Never promote something unless you strongly believe in it; try getting organic traffic, and monetize your blog. Whatever you do, be consistent and remember that you don’t achieve success in the blink of an eye.

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