Nestify Review: Shocking Website Speed Data Will Surprise You

A perfect host is a myth; people used to say, but not anymore. The monopoly of a few giants has indeed made hosting a terrible experience for many bloggers and developers. Wisdom dawning late, customers are seeking new nests to build their sites. But how well have they fared?

The search for a perfect host has reached its prime. And some eagle eyes are already stuck on ‘NESTIFY.’

Nestify, as a managed WordPress hosting, aims to give maximum value for each penny paid by the customer. To put it simply, Nestify wants to eliminate the exploitation that has been long due. Did they achieve the mission successfully?

With hosting plans for unlimited sites, CDN services, and free migration, Nestify wants to be a torchbearer of the revolution.

In this Nestify Review, I have looked at the features that have attracted the crowd towards them.

Nestify Review Summary

Min. Response Time61 ms
Max. Response Time1828 ms
Global Avg. Response Time662 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights99 Mobile /100 Desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Load TestStable
One-Click AppsYes
Free SSLYes

Nestify Server Test Reports

Server Test Reports provides an unbiased overview of the quality of a server. Nestify optimizes bare-metal AWS and DigitalOcean servers before making them available for you. So how good are these servers? Let’s check.

Before proceeding, here is my standard methodology. I deployed a DigitalOcean WP-VPS-1 located at US-East. This was the cheapest server available at the time of testing. WordPress was installed, and the GeneratePress theme was used. After that, I created a thousand-word-long article with two images. No additional plugins were installed. I didn’t tweak the server.

1. GTMetrix Test Report

GTMetrix is a popular website testing tool. It provides actionable steps for server optimization. A GTMetrix score of 90 or above is considered good. 

Below, I have shown the GTMetrix report of my website hosted on Nestify.

nestify GTMetrix server test report

2. PageSpeed Insights Report

Google PageSpeed Insights is another website optimization tool. Like GTMetrix, it also provides an overall web page score. The higher the number, the better is the optimization.

nestify Google PageSpeed insights

This is really a good number considering the fact that I have not used any optimization plugin during the test.

3. CDN Performance Test

No one wants to visit a slow website, therefore page speed is an important website matrix. CDN performance test gives an idea of website loading time from different locations. The lower the number, the better is the performance.

nestify CDN performance test report

The lowest loading time was 61 ms (New York) and the highest loading time was 1828 ms (Beijing).

4. Website Load Test

Load test gives an idea of the number of concurrent users that a website can handle. Ideally, a good load test response graph should be flat, even with the highest number of simultaneous users. Below, I have shown the load test graph corresponding to my test website.

nestify website load test report

The violet line is the number of user requests per second, and the blue line is the corresponding response time. 13297 requests were made during a period of 12 minutes. As you can see, the blue line remains almost flat (with a standard deviation of 6 ms only) during the test period, which indicates a stable nature of the server.

5. Uptime Report

Nestify guarantees 99.95% uptime throughout the year. This translates to around 5 minutes of downtime per week. However, during my seven days test, I didn’t notice any downtime.

With all these reports, I’m pretty sure that Nestify provides quality services to its customers, and I won’t hesitate to recommend it as a value-for-money managed WordPress hosting service.

Nestify Features

1. Unlimited Websites

Unlike other hosting services, Nestify offers unlimited website hosting, irrespective of the plan you choose. In essence, whether you choose the base plan or the most premium, you can host unlimited sites. 

2. Fast Server 

Sites hosted on Nestify never fall behind anyone. It is one guarantee they give to their customers. With a perfect blend of caching, efficient processing, and CDN services, Nestify offers the best site speed in the industry.

By improving the site speed with Nestify, you are securing the following benefits.

  • Increased conversions from traffic
  • Enhanced user experience
  • Improve site visibility in search engines.

Studies conducted by Nestify also validate that the bounce rate is higher in the case of mobile phones. Hence the need for better speed and optimizations is far more pronounced in mobiles. Nestify offers an optimized mobile version of websites with its low bandwidth support mode to tackle the challenges.

3. Advanced Security 

All websites are at constant risk of attacks from various malicious agents such as malware, comment spam, DDoS attack, or SQL injections. Even before you become aware of the frauds, all your data might be exposed. 

Nestify aims to challenge this scenario by providing the best protection suits for your website.

To help you protect your website, Nestify runs frequent scans. If already hacked, they assure a free malware cleanup for you. These security measures make sure that your website and audience stay safe.

4. Limitless Migrations

Migrating a site is a daunting process. It is also the reason why most people are reluctant to move their site from their old host.

But Nestfify won’t leave you stranded.

They offer free migrations for an unlimited number of sites. In addition, they also give extensive technical assistance through industry-leading experts.

5. 24X7 Expert Support

Nestify provides one of the best technical support in the industry. With their single-tier support system, they ensure that none of your queries goes unnoticed.

They do not employ any third-party customer support team. It is at a time when many companies use call centers to filter complaints. Nestify values their customers, and there can be no better affidavit for the same!

6. Regular Backups

Imagine all your hard work undone by a silly mistake. For most hosts, it will be the end if you have not installed any backup plugins. But Nestify catches you covered. Without any plugins, Nestify creates a backup of your site each day. You can also create custom backups. In effect, your site is safe in the Nestify nest.


  • No additional plugin is required.
  • No extra charge for backup.

Other Features of Nestify

  • Nestify provides free CDN services. It helps the website distribute data efficiently and effectively. Not only this increases the site speed, but it also saves bandwidth.
  • Website authority is one prime reason for the rise or fall of your traffic. SSL certificates enable an encrypted connection, enabling a safe surfing experience for the customers. The absence of SSL certificates may expose your website to different scams. And the best part is, this service is free.
  • In addition to these features, Nestify has several plans and services extended to agencies that build websites for their customers.

Nestify Pros and Cons


  • Nestify is cheap, considering the fact that you can host unlimited sites even with their base plan.
  • Gives excellent site speed.
  • As everything is inbuilt, the need for external plugins is less. Not only this saves time, but it also solves compatibility issues raised by plugins.
  • Numerous plans to choose from. Sometimes, you may need a plan that stands between the base and premium. With around nine plans, Nestify easily eliminates this concern.


  • Since they offer direct-to-expert technical support, delays can happen.
  • A relatively new player in the market

Check out my Nestify Hosting Review video summary

Nestify Alternatives

Nestify aims to make hosting enjoyable for the customers. To achieve this, they tried to challenge the status quo. There are many other key players that have the potential to be an alternative for Nestify. This section will give you a clear idea regarding the viability of each of these alternatives.

Nestify vs Siteground

Nestify plans value for money when compared to Siteground. In addition to managed WP hosting, Nestify also offers managed WooCommerce hosting and Agency hosting.

Siteground offers industry-leading technical assistance through chat, call, or the ticket system. And surprisingly, they assure a response time of 10 minutes. These features definitely place Siteground high above Nestify, but the tale is not yet over. Siteground has some serious limitations, which you should check before starting your online business with them.

Below, I have tabulated a comparison between Nestify and Siteground base plans for your convenience.

Server Powered by AWS, DOPowered by GCP
RAM2 GBUnknown
Uptime Guarantee99.95%99.9%
Disk Space10 GB SSD10 GB
Daily BackupsYes, OffsiteYes, Offsite
Advanced SecurityDaily Scan, Hacking RemovalServer Firewall
Free SSLYesYes
Free MigrationYesYes
Expert Support24×7 Chat24×7
Free CDNCloudflareCloudflare
Money Back GuaranteeYes, 60-daysYes, 30-days
No of SitesUnlimited1

Concluding, you can very well choose Siteground provided you only want to host a single website, and the website size is less than 30 GB. But if you are looking for a value for money service with advanced security features, Nestify should be your bet.

Nestify vs Cloudways

Cloudways offers similar services to Nestify in terms of pricing and features. In addition, like Nestify, Cloudways has an excellent technical support team and an unmatched knowledge base that offers solutions from their technical community.

But here lies the difference!

Cloudways plans are marginally higher than that of Nestify. When Nestify has their base plan at $9 per month, Cloudways charge $10 for the same.

Below is a comparison between Nestify and Cloudways base plans.

Server Powered by AWS, DO5 Cloud Providers
Uptime Guarantee99.95%Depends on Provider
TrafficUnlimitedNo Restrictions
Disk Space10 GB SSD25 GB
Daily BackupsYes, OffsiteYes, Offsite
Advanced SecurityDaily Scan, Hacking RemovalFirewall, Daily Scan and patching
Free SSLYesYes
Free MigrationYesYes
Expert Support24×7 Chat24×7
Money Back GuaranteeYes, 60-daysPay-as-you-go
No of SitesUnlimitedUnlimited

Considering all the features mentioned above, Cloudways and Nestify are both excellent bargain hosting. However, if you plan to host a WordPress website, my recommendation will be Nestify. For everything else, go with Cloudways.

Nestify Pricing

Storage10 GB20 GB40 GB80 GB120 GB120 GB160 GB240 GB480 GB
RAM2 GB32 GB32 GB32 GB32 GB32 GB32 GB32 GB32 GB

My Final Thoughts on Nestify Review

Let us now evaluate the key takeaways of this managed hosting service provider.

The unlimited site hosting feature from Nestify is the one that caught my immediate attention. Nestify can be particularly useful if you have more than one site. So, if you own an agency or multiple websites, you can save a lot with their WP-VPS-2 plan. The user friendly user interface and exceptional server quality make it an ideal choice for any one who wants start an online business.

My Nestify Review Summary
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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  1. Great review, and thanks for the comparison. That’s what I am trying to decide right now: Nestify or Cloudways. I was leaning towards Nestify, and I think you have convinced me that’s the way to go.

    Any idea which would be better for a modest size Online Learning website, using LifterLMS? One thing I found out last month: Siteground isn’t what I want. Late in the month they advised me I was almost out of “CPU Seconds” which I had never heard of. I finally tracked down the problem on my own – a “page” I’d never heard of that somebody was hitting hundreds of times over and over again. I found a plugin to block it, and solved that problem.

    Thanks again. Ed


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