Nexcess Review: My Test Results Included

Gone are the days when you had a handful of hosting options. Today, numerous web hosting companies provide highly tailored and business-specific solutions. Nexcess is one such managed web hosting service provider. That means they lend you their servers but manage the server themselves. From hardware to software and security to activity monitoring, they look after everything, including the backup.

People these days are moving towards this kind of web hosting services as they want to focus entirely on growing their business, and Nexcees seems to be a good choice.

But how fairly does Nexcess perform beyond their business claims?

I have tested their service thoroughly to find out their pros and cons. So, be with me in this Nexcess review to get an unbiased overview of this managed web hosting service.

What is Nexcess?

Launched in the year 2000, Nexcess provides various managed web hosting for different business levels. The company avoids the daily grind of being the cheapest web host, and instead, they strive to provide the best quality services that outvalue their plan costs.

Here are three leading solutions offered by Nexcess

1. Managed WordPress Hosting: Nexcess provides scalable and secure managed WordPress hosting. You get access to the built-in CDN, pre-installed plugins, staging environment, automatic updates, and much more under the same umbrella.

The plethora of services includes access to premium tools like WP Merge, TinyPNG, iThemes Security Pro, Quebly Pro, etc. Moreover, they compress images to improve the website loading time. They also use 22 POPs CDN and enhanced caching service to ensure lightning-fast loading speed for your website. On top of that, you get 24×7 assistance from a team of experienced WordPress experts.

2. Managed Magento Hosting: Nexcess excels at providing highly optimized Magento hosting services that surpass other hosts in scalability, speed, and security. Their PWA-ready hosting is equipped with server clusters. Suitable for auto-scaling and premium security, Nexcess Magento hosting follows PCI compliance as well.

From staging sites to dedicated IP addresses and instant auto-scaling, Nexcess is the best choice for any growing Magento-based business. They also let you improve the website speed by troubleshooting the issues through on-demand performance tests. Enhanced caching and 22 locations of CDN at Nexcess ensure excellent loading speed for your online store.

3. Managed Cloud Hosting: Nexcess cloud is an excellent hosting solution for those who do not want to rely on a single server for their website. With Nexcess, you get the liberty to do the business your way.

Easily scalable, highly secure, performance-oriented, and easy-to-use cloud hosting services enable you to maximize the uptime. Not just that, you get access to the highly optimized environment for Magento, WooCommerce, WordPress, Drupal, etc.

Apart from the above-mentioned hosting solutions, Nexcess also offers managed WooCommerce hosting, Enterprise hosting, Domain registration, and SSL Certification services. It promises to deliver scalable and robust web hosting services. No wonder they have more than 30,000 clients in over 130 countries. 

Let’s have a look at my independent server performance test reports to get an idea of the quality of their servers.

Nexcess Review Summary

Min. Response Time95 ms
Max. Response Time1536 ms
Global Avg. Response Time451 ms
Google PageSpeed Insights99 mobile /99 desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
One-Click AppsYes
Free SSLYes

My Independent Web Hosting Performance Test Reports

Not all hosts are equal, and the server performance test is my definitive guide for distinguishing the good from the rest. I follow a straightforward yet standard methodology to perform these tests and recommend products based on the reports only.

Methodology: I usually apply for free trials or a month-long paid subscription to test the server. Here, I have used a 14-days trial period to test Nexcess. During this period, I installed WordPress with the GeneratePress theme and pointed my domain name to the server. Then I created a 1000 words-long demo article with two images of around 180KB each. After that, I tested the website for its performance and uptime availability. I didn’t install any additional plugins apart from those that were preinstalled.

1. Google PageSpeed Insight Report

Google PageSpeed Insight is a developer tool that tests a web page’s performance on both mobile and desktop devices and provides recommendations on how to improve the page’s performance.

Below is the report of my website tested with Google PageSpeed Insight.

While reviewing Nexcess, I have tested my website hosted on Nexcess with Google PageSpeed insights. It showed score of 99 for both desktop and mobile devices.

My demo page scored 99 for both Mobile and Desktop devices. All the parameters were well below the maximum value. The only recommended opportunity was “Reduce initial server response time (not shown in the image above)”, which could have saved around 0.6 seconds.

2. GTMetrix Report

GTMetrix is a site speed testing tool that lets you investigate your website loading issues and provides actionable recommendations. Since people have such a limited attention span, website speed is more critical than ever. GTMetrix score is an overall performance score. The higher the score, the better the performance of the website.

Below is my GTMetrix report.

During my Nexcess review, I have tested my website with GTMetrix. The grade was A and all web vitals were impressive.

As you can see, the GTmetrix grade is A, and both the performance and the Structure score are more than 90%. Again the LCP, TBT, and CLS scores are found to be ideal. However, the Time to First Byte is slightly more than the ideal value of 200 ms.

Please note that response time depends on several factors, and geographical distance is one of them. Here, my website was in Michigan, and the GTmetrix test server was in Vancouver, Canada, which was not very far from each other. However, we should look for a better methodology to understand the server’s average response time from different geographical locations. I use the CDN Performance test by Uptrends to understand it better.

3. CDN Performance Test

A CDN performance test helps you check your website loading time from multiple locations. The lower the response time, the quicker it opens from that location. Here, I have used Uptrends that uses 42 different geographical locations and measures response time from each site.

Below is my CDN Performance test report.

I performed a CDN performance test with Uptrends. The average response time was 451 ms.

The quickest loading time was 95 milliseconds in New York and the highest loading time was 1536 milliseconds in Beijing (not shown in the image). For the space constraints, I have shown only the first six locations. However, you can download my full test report from here.

I further have calculated the average response time (average of 42 locations), and it came out to be 451 ms. This number is impressive to me because Nexcess is a mid-range hosting service provider.

4. Uptime Report

One of the main reasons for migrating from shared hosting is its pathetic uptime availability. While most shared hostings struggle to keep them alive for 99.9% of the time, a very few managed WordPress hostings like Nexcess guarantee unprecedented 99.99% availability. This is equivalent to a downtime of around 4 minutes 24 seconds per month.

While writing this Nexcess review, I have completed more than 313 hrs with their hosting and I didn’t notice any downtime. See the uptime availability screenshot below.

I have tested Nexcess's uptime availability for more than 313 hours. It didn't go down for a single minute.

I want to clarify here that the period for which the host was monitored is minimal, and I don’t want to give you the impression that your experience will be the same. However, unlike many other companies, Nexcess publicly discloses its uptime availability. You can check it here.

How did you like my research-based Nexcess Review? Leave your comments below.

Nexcess Features

Automatic Scalability: What happens when your website faces a sudden surge in traffic? It slows down, or in the worst-case scenario, it crashes. But not with Nexcess! Nexcess provides you with an auto-scaling feature (an optional but enabled by default feature).

cloud auto scaling service

It constantly monitors your website for traffic and performance; automatically modifies the resources so that your website provides smooth and uninterrupted performance even in case of a sudden increase in website traffic. And the best part is that this up-gradation is temporary. And if you do not wish for the auto-scaling feature to modify the resource automatically, simply turn it off. 

Auto Updates: With Nexcess, you do not have to worry about installing a new update. Whenever an update rolls out, Nexcess will download and install the latest version itself. It means that you won’t have to invest extra time downloading and installing updates to keep your site updated with the latest App version. 

High Speed and Outstanding Performance: No one wants to waste their time on a slow loading and poor-performing website. Visitors tend to bounce from such websites by switching to another website. That’s why, with its CDN with 22 locations around the world and advanced caching, Nexcess ensures that your website loads in the blink of an eye and delivers enhanced performance to provide the best user experience to the visitors.

Email Hosting: While most hosts do not have provisions for email hosting, you get to enjoy free email hosting on Nexcess. You can create an email account that is capable of handling emails for every domain on Nexcess.

unlimited email boxes

Free Migration: Moving your website from an existing host to Nexcess is not just easy but free too. The support team at Nexcess will help you migrate the website in the least possible time without causing downtime or loss of data. 

Free SSL Certificate: SSL certificate authenticates the authority of a website along with encrypting the sensitive data for end-to-end transmission. Plus, it tags your website to be safe and increases the credibility and reliability of your website. That’s why Nexcess provides a free SSL certificate to your website irrespective of the hosting plan you purchase.

enable auto let's encrypt certificate

Moreover, it is proven that websites with an SSL certificate fairly trade over those that do not have one. Not just that, modern browsers send a warning to the users before they access a website that does not have an SSL certificate.  

Stencils: Do you have a website that has a really attractive layout? How would you like it if you could trace this whole layout for your new website? There’s a distinctive “Stencil Sites” feature on Nexcess that lets you create a new website with the same design and layout as an existing website. 

Customer Support: Whether it’s a performance issue or if you want to migrate your website to Nexcess, the dedicated customer support team at Nexcess extends excellent 24×7 support for any hosting-related issues to its clients on the go. 

My experience of of interacting with their customer care was pleasant. The response was prompt and accurate.

Built-in CDN: Nexcess houses Edge, a Content Delivery Network (CDN). It automatically and efficiently compresses the files, including imagery, javascript, CSS, etc., without hampering the quality of the files.

Nexcess provides inbuilt CDN with every web hosting plan

Additionally, the enhanced caching that Nexcess uses creates the priority list of the files that your website uses the most to improve its loading speed. Moreover, the features like Brotli compression also help your website attain great speed and performance. 

Daily Backup: Creating daily manual backups is a hasty and tiresome task that requires a lot of your time and effort. Therefore, Nexcess creates daily backups of your website, which are kept intact for the next 30 days. Furthermore, if you want, you can also create an instant backup for your website data anytime. 

Take daily backups with auto backup facility.

Not just that, restoring the data backup on Nexcess is also very convenient. You can restore your website anytime with just a single click. It relieves you of the headache of recovering lost data in case of a mishap. 

Cloud Accelerator: Nexcess incorporates an NGINX-powered abstraction layer, aka Cloud Accelerator, on top of the cloud stack to deliver impeccable performance. It enhances your website’s capacity to handle significant user traffic without compromising the performance or speed by putting NGINX at work to manage static content. Cloud accelerator makes it possible for the visitor to fetch the content instantly. You can, however, turn off the cloud accelerator with a single click. 

NGINX cloud accelerator by Nexcess

Advanced Caching: Nexcess incorporates multi-layered caching technology to enhance your website’s speed and performance. It enables your website to load faster and retain the visitor for longer duration. Nexcess does so by caching applications by combining optimized Redis with its cloud accelerator. 

Instant Staging: Installing an update or making significant changes to your website without giving it a test run may cause blunders. Therefore, Nexcess provides you with a staging environment where you can test your website for new updates and changes with just a single click. It lets you troubleshoot the problems before you finally make your website go live with new updates. 

Malware Protection: Nexcess has a robust malware monitoring and protection system in place that prevents more than 3 million attacks every single day. They understand that without top-class security, a website can’t survive on the internet. Therefore, Nexcess adheres to all the security protocols and employs advanced security features to ensure the security of client’s websites. 

Nexcess PROS and CONS

Like any other web hosting, Nexcess also has some advantages and downsides. Let’s have a look at them.


  • Nexcess is a managed hosting, i.e., you do not have to personally look after updates, security, and many such things. Once you register with Nexcess, they’re in charge of all those things while you focus on your business. 
  • Nexcess provides an auto-scaling feature to its clients that effectively manages the sudden surge in user traffic on your website. The auto-scaling feature is enabled on every plan by default. You can turn off the same manually. The first 24 hours of auto-scaling are free, followed by a $6/ hour charge.
  • Another reason to go with Nexcess is that you get a 14 days free trial to witness the managed services of the platform for yourself. Not just that, you don’t even have to provide credit card details while signing up.
  • Apart from the above, you get access to a free CDN with 22 global locations, free staging, a developer-friendly dashboard, and much more.


  • A downside of Nexcess hosting is that it does not provide free domain registration. You have to pay for a domain on Nexcess. A subdomain, however, is available for free of cost.
  • You may come across a few plugin restrictions sometimes. 
  • The monthly cost is slightly on the higher side.

Plans and Pricing


Cost$ 19$ 79$ 109$ 149$ 299$ 549$ 999
Total Sites0105102550100250
Bandwidth2 TB3 TB4 TB5 TB5 TB10 TB10 TB


Cost$ 49$ 99$ 179$ 299$ 549$ 849
Concurrent Users20406080100120
Disk Space50GB75GB125GB400GB600GB800GB
Bandwidth1TB2 TB3 TB5 TB8 TB10 TB

Cloud Hosting

Cost$ 49$ 99$ 179$ 299$ 549$ 849
Concurrent Users20406080100120
Disk Space50GB75GB125GB400GB600GB800GB
Secondary Domain101520304050
Bandwidth1TB2 TB3 TB5 TB8 TB10 TB

Nexcess Vs. WP Engine

Similar to Nexcess, WP Engine also provides managed WordPress and WooCommerce hosting. Their hosting plans scale easily, and you do not have to worry about updates and security either, just like Nexcess. 

However, various user reviews suggest that WP Engine is better than Nexcess when it comes to set-up, use, and control. Another thing that gives WP Engine an edge over Nexcess is that the customer support at WP Engine is slightly better than Nexcess.

Here are some features offered by WP Engine

  • Migrate your website from your current client to WP Engine free of cost with an automated migration plugin.
  • Access the customer support through multiple channels, including Email, Phone, Live Chat.
  • Create automatic or manual backup at your convenience. The backup created is kept secure on a different server for 30 days.
  • Get a 60 days money-back guarantee.
  • You can choose between monthly and annual plans at your convenience.
  • Top-notch security, auto-update installation, one-click staging, etc., are benefits associated with WP Engine hosting.

WP Engine is a highly recommended WordPress hosting. However, it is far more expensive than Nexcess. So, if you don’t mind shelling out $30 per month, go with WP Engine. Otherwise, Nexcess will be sufficient to start your online business.

Nexcess Vs. SiteGround

SiteGround is a Bulgarian shared web hosting that has delivered a 99.7% client happiness rate. They specialize in providing WordPress, WooCommerce, and Cloud Hosting services, just like Nexcess. The primary factor that sets these two apart is the cost of their services. SiteGround provides similar services as Nexcess at considerably low prices (at least for the first billing cycle).

Apart from that, SiteGround also provides excellent customer support, fast loading speed, high uptime, and much more. Here are some highlights of their hosting

  • Despite being a shared web hosting, SiteGround delivers 99.9% uptime.
  • High performance and server speed
  • Prompt and professional 24×7 customer support team 
  • Free migration with dedicated migration plugin
  • Free SSL Certification
  • Free Cloudflare Content Delivery Network access
  • Thirty days money-back guarantee.

Recently, SiteGround has increased its renewal charges significantly. So, if you are looking for a WordPress hosting solution, I won’t recommend an overpriced shared hosting like SiteGround.

Nexcess Review: My Final Thoughts

Whether it be WordPress, Magento, or Cloud Hosting, Nexcess is worth every penny that you spend on it. In fact, it’s among only a few hostings that don’t compromise the quality of the services in the wake of being the cheapest web hosting in the market.

Get unmatched speed, performance, and security. The platform is suitable for independent bloggers, businesses, and eCommerce companies. And since Nexcess is a managed hosting provider, they look after and manage every aspect for you.

So, shift all of your attention towards your business and leave the troubles and worries of hosting to Nexcess.

It took a lot of effort to come up with an original researched-based review article. Please leave your valuable suggestions in the comments section below.

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