Optimonk Review – Best Exit Intent Popup Builder

Strangely enough, I’m writing this Optimonk review on a website where I rarely discuss sales and marketing. But Optimonk has really improved my earning from this website, and this knowledge should be spread.

You feel good generating traffic to your website, but it isn’t useful until this converts into sales. That’s where this lead generation and engagement enhancement tool comes into the picture.

With an onsite message toolkit, it enables you to show action-based popups depending on visitor’s activities. Your chances of boosting affiliate sales or eCommerce revenue grow multifold as you target the potential customers through personalized onsite messages without intruding on their activities.

The goal of this exit-intent popup builder seems perfect – to save you from losing potential buyers without hampering user experience.

So, let’s dive deep as I review Optimonk thoroughly.

Everything That I Will Cover in This Optimonk Review:

People love window shopping at malls. It’s one of the favorite pastimes for many of us. Likewise, almost every visitor who comes to your website will return empty-handed without buying or subscribing to your newsletter.

Worse, unlike shopping malls, which repeatedly attract visitors with talented sales assistants and pompous offers, most of the visitors never return to your website if there is nothing special for them. With Optimonk, you can target this cold traffic right when the visitors lose interest and might exit anytime soon. 

Since its inception in 2014, Optimonk has come a long way from providing an exit-intent solution to becoming an on-site message toolkit.

Let’s discuss its features in detail.

Optimonk Features

Getting to know about the various features offered by Optimonk surely helps you know more about its way of operation and how impactful it could be to your business.

1. Dashboard

You needn’t be a tech guru to play with this free exit-intent popup builder. An intuitively designed Dashboard lets you access all necessary tools easily. The Dashboard is simple and straightforward. The backend is user-friendly, and all required tools are placed judiciously.

optimonk dashboard

The Dashboard shows you the campaign summary and a list of all active campaigns in one place.

Integrate your code or check your campaign statistics all from your Dashboard.

2. Templates and Campaigns

You are the master of your designs as there are options to choose from a vast library of readymade templates, which saves your time hugely. Moreover, you can bring in customization with your personally carved messages using the drag-and-drop editor.

optimonk template library

I’m a big fan of this template library, as it makes my workflow a breeze. Usually, I start from one of my favorite templates and customize it according to my needs.

Apart from Popups, Sidebars, and Nanobars, Optimonk lets you create several other campaigns such as Lucky Wheel and Interstitials.

2.1 Popups

Popups are one of the most widely used tools by marketing agencies. Optimonk has generously given ample options to explore and design your popups. For instance, there are customizable popups to attract cart abandoners. These popups can easily detect such visitors and lure them with some extra discount.

optimonk review exit inten popup builder

Many times we see relevant products concerning our current search as though the system has read our mind. It could be Optimonk or some other similar product, which has done its homework correctly and recommended relevant products instead.

There are several special occasions throughout the year. Grab your chance and make use of Black Friday, Mother’s Day, and every other event to post your promotions and incentives.

Optimonk popups give you the privilege to use your campaign effectively to convert the traffic into sales.


These are horizontal bars that appear on the top or bottom of your website. Choose your favorite from a list of more than 30 templates and capture your visitor’s email id or flash coupon codes.

optimonk nanobars

You can even customize design unleashing your creativity.

2.3 Lucky Wheels and Scratch Cards

optimonk lucky wheel

Attract more signups with lucky wheels and scratch cards. Level up your business with these attractive popups.

Triggering Options

The numerous triggering options available made my head spin and realize the countless types of web visitors who exist in real life! The creative team has done a splendid job capturing all kinds of visitors and coming up with unique trigger methods for every action they perform.

optimonk review popup triggering options
  • Email marketing is a great way to popularize your brand. The triggering options set by Optimonk help you grow your email list fast. The Exit-intent popup option is the best as it stops every visitor intending to exit your website at the nick of time by capturing his/her attention with an intriguing message.
  • Timed-Display Control displays your message after a fixed number of seconds of browsing a site/page. Sometimes, you remain inactive for a long time on a website. The inactivity monitoring option tracks your behavior and shows a message to rekindle your curiosity.
  • Scroll-Based Triggering generates a message when the user scrolls down a specific portion of your webpage. This type of message is suitable for those visitors who are genuinely interested in knowing more about what you’ve got to offer.
  • We sometimes notice a message box appearing once we click on something or try doing an action. This is the work of the OnClick Triggering option, which triggers a popup when any visitor clicks on specific parts of the page, including a banner, link, or button.

Targeting Options

All five fingers are not the same, and likewise, not all visitors fall into the same category. Optimonk primarily functions intending to display different customized messages to different types of visitors.

optimonk review targeting options
  • Frequency determines the number of times a popup should be shown. 
  • Background and History offer different options to target people based on their geographic location and their browsing history. The geo-targeting feature helps you segment visitors depending on their country or region.
  • Visited Pages option grasps the visitors’ preferences, monitors their on-site surfing behavior, and displays messages depending on their browsing history, the number of pages visited, and the page they are currently browsing. 
  • Haven’t we all seen a popup message on websites at some point when we have added items to our basket but never bothered to do the checkout? That’s the work of tools such as Optimonk, which closely follow up our actions and behaviors.
  • Returning visitor recognition is a sensible option provided by Optimonk as it helps you generate customized messages for new and existing customers. To make it more special, you get to choose the Custom Variable option to address your customers by their first name, making them feel valued. This way, the customers think that the website gives special attention to their needs and interests.

Conversion Tools

The conversion toolkit allows you to test multiple versions of your campaign using the unlimited A/B testing to figure out what works best for you.

The dynamic text replacement option gives you the freedom to display the same message to different visitors with many alterations that meet their needs. 

Be your visitor’s assistance by delivering Personalized Product Recommendations based on their shopping and search history.


What’s the use of sending custom popups and repeated offers if you cannot follow up on the tool’s progress with your visitors?

optimonk reporting

Optimonk never fails to provide a full-fledged report that includes all key performance indicators and intricate detailing of relevant analytics.

To make things more precise, the data is presented in the form of graphs. So, your efforts and money invested in the best Shopify app to increase sales never go waste as results are always a few clicks away.


As a visitor, we always enable popup blockers to scroll through pages in peace. But, as a seller, we are keen to display popups and make use of every opportunity to convert visitors into sales. 

Hence, besides giving you umpteen options to achieve lead generation, Optimonk also has done a great job of ensuring that your campaigns are secure.

All messages sent via Optimonk are never affected by AdBlockers, are GDPR compliant, and Google-friendly, which is a great advantage given that most visitors use Google to reach your website.

The CDN and preloading option make no delay in displaying the popups, and your messages appear instantly. Also, using AWS service guarantees 99.9% uptime for your campaigns.

Customer Support

Reliable customer support is a must for such SAAS products, and Optimonk stands out of the crowd when it comes to customer support.

You get the option to communicate via live chat, phone call, or explore information using the rich knowledge base available for queries. The website also has a dedicated blog that helps you with all sorts of questions on using the tool and even enlightens you on critical issues.

Personal experiences of users who have succeeded by implementing Optimonk are published regularly as case studies that encourage you to explore this tool more.

Optimonk Pricing

Optimonk gives you the freedom to choose from five different plans where each of them primarily differs in the maximum number of visitors who could be tracked every month and the maximum domain numbers that could be registered.

optimonk pricing
  • Free Plan: You are absolutely at liberty to use the free plan without the need for entering card details. This plan gives you the freedom to post unlimited campaigns but doesn’t give you the option to link campaigns. 3000 page views are possible, but the maximum domain number stands at one. A/B testing is also not included here.
  • Essential Plan: This could be treated as a basic plan where the cost stands at $29/month. The perks here include unlimited campaigns, one domain, 25,000 pageviews, and A/B testing ability.
  • Growth Plan: Offered at $79/month, the growth plan includes four domains, unlimited campaigns, 100,000 pageviews, A/B testing, custom variables, cart rules, and the ability to link Optimonk campaigns.
  • Premium Plan: This plan stands at $199/month, offering unlimited campaigns, 500,000 pageviews, 10 domains, A/B testing, custom variable, cart rules, ability to link Optimonk campaigns, unbranded optins, and priority support.
  • Master Plan: The price here is not fixed and depends on your business requirements. Hence, you need to contact the management team to discuss the pricing options. All the features are similar to the Premium plan options, with changes only in the domain numbers and pageviews.

The best part of Optimonk pricing is that each of the Essential, Growth, and Premium plans comes with a two-month free period and a reduced annual subscription charge.

Optimonk Alternatives

You are never in short of alternatives to anything but what concerns is whether or not they are better. There are alternatives to Optimonk, too, and I will discuss them below.

Optimonk Vs. Privy

Being popular on Shopify is no small achievement, and Privy has earned this privilege with more than 23,000 reviews. This might force companies to choose Privy without second thoughts, but they start looking for better alternatives as they grow in due course. 

But why do you think Optimonk could be better than Privy? There aren’t one or two but multiple reasons.

Design: The design of your popup could make or break conversion rates. Privy’s popup design provisioning is not great though it offers several standard templates. Contrarily, Optimonk offers unique, ready-to-use templates that are highly captivating. Seasonal templates, too, are much better with Optimonk.

Editor: Privy’s popup editor is user-friendly but highly rigid against customizations. Whereas, the drag-and-drop editor of Optimonk gives you the flexibility to customize designs and play around with templates. Optimonk is way better than Privy in terms of font options that play a huge role in designing—besides 66 additional system fonts; you can download more than 900 Google fonts to use.

Mobile-friendly: Though both Optimonk and Privy offer mobile-friendly design, Privy lags behind a mile in comparison, which is a significant disadvantage in today’s smartphone-addicted world.

Other Options: Triggering, targeting, and support options are far better with Optimonk. Moreover, with Optimonk, you are not limited to Shopify. You can integrate this outstanding popup builder in any platform of your choice, which is a huge benefit.

Pricing: Optimonk’s Essential plan stands at $29/month as compared to $70/month charged by Privy. The Growth plan stands at $79/month compared to $250/month set by Privy.

Optimonk Vs. Optinmonster

Design: Both Optimonk and Optinmonster have several popup templates with customization options. While Optinmonster has better customization features, Optimonk comes with more number of readymade templates.

Frontend Features: Optinmonster is customizable, and hence, the user experience is also upon you. You can use different popups on different pages of your website and offer more optins compared to Optimonk

Optimonk, on the other hand, provides you with a clean and straightforward interface that’s extremely easy to navigate, and you are quite unlikely to commit any mistakes while using the frontend interface.

Backend Features: Backend features are way better in Optimonk as they are comparatively more user-friendly. 

Reporting and Statistics: Both are almost similar here. You can integrate with Google Analytics to check your data directly from the dashboard.

Support: Optimonk scores better in customer support as they offer extensive self-help sections, phone support, and friendly service. There are no phone services provided by Optinmonster.

Flexibility & Extensibility: Both Optinmonster and Optimonk can integrate with any websites. However, the presence of plugins for various platforms makes Optimonk easy for not-so-tech-savvy users.

Pricing: Strangely enough, Optinmonster doesn’t have a free plan, while Optimonk provides a generous free plan to test their platform. However, higher plans are more expensive with Optimonk.

Optimonk Vs. Justuno

Design: Both Justuno and Optimonk offer ready-to-use templates but differ significantly in terms of designing. You need to invest ample time and effort to create a captivating popup with Justuno, while the versatile features present in Optimonk help you design great popups easily.

Seasonal Templates are also much better with Optimonk.

Editor: Both have a user-friendly drag and drop editor, which is excellent. But if you add a new element to your Justuno popup, they don’t move on their own, and you need to move each element individually, which is extremely painstaking. Contrarily, new elements move automatically in Optimonk.

Support: Justuno provides only email support to all users, and if you require phone support, it costs you additional expenses. With Optimonk, you are free to get phone, chat, and email support.

Mobile Vs. Desktop: Justuno doesn’t give you the privilege to display your popups both on mobile and desktop simultaneously, and you must create separate campaigns.!!! 

Optimonk popups are mobile-friendly, and your responsive design gets automatically adjusted on all devices.

Segmentation: Optimonk offers better triggering and targeting options than Justuno, which is mandatory for lead generation and sales promotions.

Pricing: The pricing is quite tricky to compare as Justuno charges ‘per visitor session’ while Optimonk charges ‘per pageviews.’ 

Justuno’s basic plan starts at $29/month for 10k visitor sessions, while Optimonk offers a free plan as its base level.  

For 25k visitors, Justuno charges $49, while Optimonk charges $29/month for 25,000 pageviews. For 50K visitors, the charge is $99/month for Justuno while it is $79/month for 100,000 pageviews with Optimonk.

So, Optimonk is way better than Justuno when it comes to better popup design provisions, easy drag and drop editor, optimizing campaigns for mobile and desktops.

Optimonk Integrations

Integrate your newsletters, Messenger, CRM, CMS, and eCommerce platforms using Optimonk. Some of the eCommerce platforms that integrate seamlessly with Optimonk include WordPress, Shopify, Magento, Joomla, Drupal, Squarespace, BigCommerce, Volusion, Weebly, OpenCart, 3dcart, OsCommerce, CoreCommerce, and many more.

optimonk integrations

Optimonk: Best Shopify Retargeting App

The onsite retargeting strategy is the perfect method to persuade visitors to act to your popups. Onsite retargeting could be used at every stage of the visitor’s interaction with your website right from when he/she starts exploring your product and considering it to evaluate making a purchase.

Suppose the visitors aren’t interested in the current page. In that case, you can always direct them to relevant pages using onsite retargeting.

Optimonk could be your best Shopify retargeting app to create sales funnels and recover at least a fourth of the visitors trying to abandon your website with onsite retargeting strategies.

Optimonk Review: My Final Thoughts

You might be a start-up or a well-established business selling a variety of products to buyers. Optimonk is best-suited for all companies of every size. If you are passionate about lead generation and increasing sales with personalized content, I recommend you choose Optimonk as it is a versatile option for eCommerce businesses and websites.

Optimonk’s ability to create innovative popups, its segmentation options that highly personalize visitors’ needs treating each of them as a highly valued customer based on their location and browsing pattern, and ease of use make the tool highly recommendable.

Above all, having incorporated Optimonk on this website, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in affiliate sales and conversion rates. I genuinely feel good sharing a profitable business that could work out for you too.

At no point would Optimonk’s integration with your site annoy your visitors nor ruin their experience. Instead, it gives them tailor-made offers, product suggestions, and more depending on their taste and preferences.

Did you find this Optimonk review helpful? Try it for free. I’m sure, it will be helpful for your business.

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