OVH VPS Review: Do I Recommend It?

Does your website need cost-effective and high availability resources to better cope with the surge in traffic? If yes, VPS hosting can be your savior. Although a dedicated server can also serve the purpose, the cost associated with hosting a dedicated server is exorbitantly higher than that of a VPS.

But how does VPS hosting work?

Unlike a dedicated server which uses the full resources from a physical processor, VPS hosting uses virtualization technology to stimulate the processing and functioning of a dedicated server. They do it by setting up a virtual layer on top of the operating system that acts as a Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Another benefit of this virtualization is that your website remains isolated from all neighbors. So your website performance remains unaffected by the disturbance coming from all hosted websites on the same server.

OVH offers such affordable VPS solutions that come with scalability, performance, and support. Keep scrolling down through this OVH VPS review to know more about this hosting solution.

OVH Review Summary

Global Avg. Response Time648 ms
Geek Bench Single-Core642
Geek Bench Multi-Core621
CPU Speed2394 MHz

What is OVHcloud VPS?

Octave Colaba founded OVHcloud in France in 1999. The company has grown to be the largest web hosting provider in the European continent and the third-largest in the entire world. And in terms of surface area, OVHcloud has the largest data center in the whole world. It powers websites like Capgemini, Thales, Louis Vuitton, IronTec, Villeroy & Boch, and many more.

OVH is one of the renowned VPS hosting leaders in the world. Since its inception in 1999, the company has been providing top-notch hosting services to its clients worldwide. 30 data centers across 12 global locations are equipped with a worldwide fiber optic cable network. Not just that, the company looks after and manages the entire chain for web hosting itself.

OVH VPS Performance Test Report

I subscribed to VALUE Plan for this test, which comes with 1 vCore, 2 GB of RAM, and 40 GB SSD NVMe storage. Here are the configuration details.

Once the server was provisioned, I performed a series of benchmarking tests to understand the quality of the server.

OVH VPS CPU Speed and GeekBench 5 Score:

As the server comes with full root access, I used lscpu command to fetch the system details. Here are the details of OVH VPS CPU speed.

As you can see, it uses a Genuine Intel processor with 2394 MHz clock speed, and the environment is virtualized with VT-x technology.

After fetching the system details, I installed the GeekBench 5 benchmarking software and performed a benchmarking test. Here is the overall score.

ovh vps review GeekBench score

You can download the full report from here.

Geekbench 5 Performance Comparison Between Different VPS Brands

OVHcloud VPS642621$ 6.00/month
DigitalOcean HF591978$ 18.00/month

It is evident from the results above that OVHcloud provides better performance per dollar when compared to DigitalOcean or Linode.

OVH Global Loading Time Measurement

Then I installed an Apache server and made it public to check the response time from 42 different global locations. For this test, I used a freely available CDN performance test by UpTrends.

Please note that this is the response time corresponding to the Apache welcome page, and I didn’t install any WordPress or other CMS websites for this test. Neither did I point my DNS to the server.

Here is a part of the response time screenshot.

OVH VPS speed test measurement result

The best performance was noticed in Montreal and the poorest performance from Beijing. Then after I calculated the average response time of these 42 global locations, it came out to be 648 ms.

Full report is available here.

OVH VPS Hosting Features

1. Highly Scalable Resources: 

OVH VPS provides highly scalable computing and storage resources as your website grows in traffic. Whatever you need and whenever you need it, OVHcloud makes it possible for you to instantly add the resources without having to provision for it. It means you are billed on a pay-as-you-go basis only for whatever you use, making the hosting budget-friendly.

OVHcloud VPS Hosting is best suited for you if you seek a host capable of handling a substantial workload and need quick response time even during the increased demand for database processing and resources.

2. Top-notch Performance:

OVHcloud itself assembles and configures the servers to ensure that your website is efficiently empowered to deliver the best-in-class performance. Their servers run on the next-gen architecture by Intel. Combined with the NVMe SSD Storage and highly flexible and scalable infrastructure, OVHcloud makes sure that your website does not lack in any way to deliver highly speed performance. From handling multiple requests per second and maintaining data in and data out rate to average response time and uptime, you’ll get the best value for your money with the OVH VPS hosting plans.

3. Highly Dedicated Environment:

OVH VPS Hosting solutions replicate the environment of dedicated hosting by enabling you to utilize all the hardware resources for hosting a website as well as a business application. On top of that, they also empower you with root admin access to your virtual private server but with a few restrictions similar to those of a shared hosting environment. Also, there are little to no limitations in CPU usage, processes, and email. The highly dedicated environment allows you to enjoy freedom in terms of how you configure the server.

4. Independent and Reliable:

Unlike shared hosting, with OVH VPS, you can enjoy a greater degree of freedom as there are no constraints on hardware usage. It facilitates easy component up-gradation and lesser technical faults. With complete control over your virtual private server, you become independent to choose your preferred operating system, i.e., Linux or Windows, along with the web hosting control panels.

5. Unmetered Traffic:

With OVH VPS, your website can handle unlimited user traffic; however, the data centers in the Asia-Pacific region are an exception here. With the most powerful VPS Hosting plan on OVHcloud, your website can have a maximum bandwidth of 2 Gbps. So, if you want to host a service or application with high bandwidth requirements, OVH VPS Hosting is the best pick for you. Moreover, the users on your website get to enjoy an exceptional browsing experience. At the same time, you need not spare even an extra penny for it. 

6. Excellent Uptime Guarantee:

With an uptime guarantee of 99.95%, OVH VPS hosting solutions are more than capable of enabling you to host business applications in production as well as pre-production environments. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) allows you to claim credits for the downtime your website experiences due to the host’s fault. It ensures that you get a dependable, stable, and reliable platform to host your website on.

7. Support:

The professional experts at OVHcloud provide excellent support to its clients for any issue they face with hosting a website on their VPS. They offer four levels of support to clients, viz. Standard, Premium, Business, and Enterprise. The support channels are available 24×7 on email as well as phone calls. They are also planning to launch the live chat support very soon.

8. Additional Features:

Apart from the above features, you also get to enjoy additional add-on benefits with each OVHcloud VPS plan. Add-on features can significantly elevate your overall hosting experience and empower you to deliver an extraordinary browsing experience to the users.

  • Failover IP: A Failover IP virtually empowers you to switch the server from one to another within seconds. Moreover, it empowers your website to withstand applications overloading, hardware failure, infrastructure problems, and almost any such interruption. With a failover IP, you can substantially improve the service continuity for your application and system.

  • Geo-located IP: With OVH VPS hosting solutions, you can virtually shift the location of your IP address to 16 global locations in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, UK, Portugal, Ireland, Netherland, Finland, Czech Republic, Belgium, and Lithuania. It enhances the SEO friendliness of your website on a global level. And the best part is that you can add IPs from multiple countries to one single VPS irrespective of the model.

  • Load Balancer: A load balancer ensures that all your traffic gets distributed in an organized and systematic manner across multiple servers. The OVH VPS solutions also use a load balancer to balance out and equate the traffic load distribution to various data centers spread across different geolocations. Not only it ensures and strengthens your infrastructure for rapid scaling for handling high traffic load, but it also enhances fault tolerance along with providing the best-in-class response times. The best part is that OVH VPS ensures that all this is equipped with zero downtime service level.

  • External Storage: Running out of storage is not an issue with OVH VPS hosting as they offer highly flexible and affordable rates. Moreover, they replicate the data three times within their infrastructures to improve resiliency. You can immediately add the additional disk space and scale it as per your storage needs on the go. Along with easy scalability, it also ensures that your data remains always protected.

  • Automatic Backup: With the automated backup facility, OVHcloud VPS aids you by creating a backup of your virtual private server in no time at all. They schedule a daily automatic backup regime, and the backed-up data is kept safe for seven days. They replicate your backed-up data three times before making it finally available in the control panel on the platform. However, the automatic backup does not include additional disk space. An automated backup facility is available from $3.40 per month (exclusive of taxes), but you can enjoy the first month of service for free of cost.

  • Manual Backup. Unlike the automated backup process, you can opt for the manual backup service if you want a more affordable and efficient backup service. It enables you to create snapshots of your virtual private server instead of creating a full-fledged backup, like an automatic backup service. It means you do not have to lock your website data to prevent it from getting altered over the process. Therefore, manual backup provides you with an integral restore point for your website files and data. The service is available from 1.10 USD per month (exclusive of taxes) and accessible from the control panel.

OVHcloud VPS Pricing and Plans

The VPS hosting plans at OVH are available at prices next to that of a regular shared hosting plan-

6.00 USD per month11.50 USD per month23.00 USD per month34.00 USD per month
1v Core2v Core4v Core8v Core
2 GB of RAM4 GB of RAM8 GB of RAM8 to 32 GB of RAM
40 GB SSD NVMe Storage80 GB SSD NVMe Storage160 GB SSD NVMe Storage160 to 640 GB SSD NVMe Storage
250 Mbps (unmetered) Bandwidth500 Mbps (unmetered) Bandwidth1 Gbps (unmetered) Bandwidth2 Gbps (unmetered) Bandwidth

OVHcloud VPS Pros and Cons


  1. OVH uses dedicated hardware, provides DDoS protection, unmetered bandwidth, OpenStack, and much more at highly cost-effective prices.
  2. You can choose a plan per your needs, i.e., highly affordable or feature and performance rich.
  3. The company has 30 data centers in 12 global locations, making it a lightning-fast and highly available hosting solution.
  4. Trust of more than 18 million websites hosted with OVHcloud.


  1. You may have to wait longer than usual to acquire an instance after placing an order to create a virtual private server.
  2. Management UI has significantly improved over the years, but still, the interface can be confusing for many.
  3. Some complaints about customer support.

OVH VPS Review: Do I Recommend It?

With a plethora of services and plans at highly reasonable prices, OVH is an excellent VPS hosting solution provider capable of catering to the varied hosting needs of individuals and enterprises. It makes OVHcloud the top pick for hosting your website in the European continent as well as anywhere in the world.

With features like backups (automatic and manual), block and object storage, load balancer, DDoS protection, floating IP address, multiple GPU instances, OVH VPS plans are worth every penny you spend.

OVH VPS Review Summary
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing

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