35 Best Podcasts for Writers- a List of Most Trending Writing Podcasts

best writing podcasts

Writing is a soft skill that gets improved with time, but do you think improvement comes automatically? NO, not at all.  If you want to improve yourself, then you have to make efforts in the right direction.  In order to improve your writing skills, you may follow the writing podcasts of well-known authors and writers. … Read more

[20% Off] Scrivener Coupon Code – Grab It Today

If you are searching for a Scrivener Coupon Code, look no further. I have negotiated a 20% Discount Coupon for Scrivener lovers. Maybe you are writing your next masterpiece. Your mind is bubbling with ideas, your notebook is full of concepts, sticky notes are peeping out their necks from every other page in your book, … Read more

Learn Scrivener Fast Review. Read Before You Buy.

learn scrivener fast review

Never underestimate a writing tool if it is not as simple as opening a document and typing there. No doubt, Scrivener has a steep learning curve; but, it is probably the most complete writing software that offers several layouts, tools, and modes. Moreover, unlike many SaaS tools, you only pay once and enjoy the full … Read more

Novlr Review – Best Scrivener Alternative?

novlr review

Writing used to require a pen and a piece of paper but now it’s a different ball game altogether! Today, novel and book writers are well-equipped with tools that simplify the whole process of writing. Undoubtedly, Microsoft Word is the most popular writing software. However, it is not suitable for projects like book writing. Here, … Read more