Cover Letter for Entry-Level Nurse

entry level nurse

Applying for a job is a daunting task. We all know it. Moreover, if we are asking for an entry-level nurse position, it becomes more difficult. We often get confused as we don’t have prior experience with the recruitment procedure. Did I include all the accompanying documents? Has our application been appropriately formatted? How would … Read more

How to Write a Cover Letter for Software Engineer

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Are you applying for Software Engineer position? I will show How to Write A Perfect Cover Letter for a Software Engineer that will make your recruiter keen to invite you for a personal interview. A Cover Letter for Software Engineer is a brief documentation of a software engineer’s technical skills related to the post he … Read more

How to Write a Professional Resignation Letter

resignation letter

So, you have finally decided to resign from your current position and move on. The decision could be due to unbearable hectic schedule, office politics, prolonged illness, better opportunities, or anything else. It is, therefore, a good idea to write your resignation letter and send it to your manager. However, it is always better to … Read more

How to Write an Application Letter to Principal for TC

how to write application for TC

Writing an Application Letter to Principal for TC or Transfer Certificate is simple if we pay attention to a few details. In this article, I have discussed a few important points for writing such an application letter. Moreover, I have provided three sample application letter for your convenience. A transfer certificate or TC is an official … Read more

How to Write a Leave Application For School

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We all take leave from our regular school routine due to various reasons. Fever, prolonged illness, or wedding ceremony of relatives are all legitimate reasons. Writing a Leave Application For School To The Principal is a modest way to inform your absence and seek permission for the same. Moreover, such information helps your class teacher … Read more

Claim Letter to Insurance Company

how to write a claim letter to insurance company

The intent of writing a claim letter to an insurance company is to inform the organization about your situation and ask for a settlement. However, our experience of getting money from an insurance company is not always delightful. They often try to find our mistakes of not following their terms and conditions. Eventually, they try … Read more