Pressidium Review: How Good Is This Managed WordPress Hosting?

Are you looking for a reliable WordPress hosting provider? Do you need the best user experience, high-end site security, and approachable technical support for your website? Then Pressidium could be a perfect choice for you.

It’s a London-based managed WordPress hosting company operating since 2014. Pressidium claims to provide the best WordPress hosting experience by putting all the resources and expertise behind its services. Moreover, it claims to offer the multi-tier high availability WordPress architecture, unheard of in the industry before.

But how does it differ from other hosts? Is Pressidium suitable for you?

I have thoroughly tested their hosting service before writing this Pressidium review. Today, I will share my experience of hosting a WordPress website with Pressidium. I’m sure this research-based review article will help you decide if Pressidium is the right choice for you.

Pressidium Hosting Review Summary

Global Avg. Response Time675 ms
PageSpeed Insights100 Mobile/100 Desktop
GTMetrix GradeA
Website Stress TestStable
Free SSLLet’sEncrypt
Free CDNYes
Free emailNo

Pressidium Performance

Pressidium claims to offer state-of-the-art infrastructure and enterprise-level services to demanding businesses. To verify their claims, I performed a few independent performance tests. These tests are globally accepted in the developer community and provide clear insights into the quality of the servers working under the hood.

Before starting these tests, I subscribed to their Micro plan, deployed a WordPress website in the US region, and made it live. Then, I pointed my NameCheap DNS to their servers. Pressidium offered two IP addresses, and I used an online DNS checker tool to check whether name servers were pointed correctly or not. Once everything was configured properly, I changed my default WordPress theme to Generatepress and published a 1000 words long article with two images.

1. PageSpeed Insights Result:

The main purpose of testing a site’s performance with Google PageSpeed Insights is to find the problems and optimize them to improve loading times. The overall performance of a webpage is shown as a score. A higher score is considered better. However, a less scoring page can load faster than a high scoring page.

pressidium pagespeed insights result

Here I have shared the PageSpeed Insights screenshot corresponding to the Mobile version of my website. The overall score was a perfect 100/100. Moreover, the Speed Index was reasonably high. But if you look at the opportunities, there was a recommendation of reducing the initial server response time.

For the desktop version, it performed flawlessly, and I didn’t notice any such improvement recommendations.

2. GTmetrix Performance Result:

Next, I have used GTmetrix to analyze the performance of my hosted website further.

Pressidium GTmetrix performance test result

The GTmetrix result was compelling to me. The overall grade was A and all web vital scores were within the recommended level. Here, the most inspiring part that I noticed is the time to the first byte, which is only 141 ms. Moreover, the fully loaded time was 517 ms. So effectively, the server took just 376 ms to paint the page entirely. This is one of the best scores measured by me.

3. Global Loading Time Result:

If you have noticed carefully, the website was hosted on a US server while the GTmetrix test was performed from Vancouver. Geographical proximity is often a leading detrimental factor to the performance of your website. Therefore, to check how my website performs globally, I have accessed the website from forty-two different locations scattered around the globe.

Global loading time result

Here I have shown the five best performing results. From Los Angeles, it took only 51 ms to get a response back. The worst performing region was Beijing and the corresponding total time was 1835 ms. Then I averaged out the performance of forty-two locations, and it was only 675 ms. This is undoubtedly an inspiring result to me as I have used the Micro plan, which doesn’t include any CDN performance boost.

4. Website Stress Test Result:

A stress test checks the performance of a website under concurrent user requests. This method typically mimics the interaction between the users and the website. For this stress test, I eventually increased the number of requests from zero to fifty.

pressidium website test result

The number of requests is shown in violet, and the corresponding response time is shown in light blue color. As the number of requests increases from 0 to 45 req/sec, the corresponding response time doesn’t increase at all. This implies that the server can handle such traffic easily, and it will probably handle far more concurrent requests without any problem.

5. Pressidium Hosting Uptime Report:

According to its Service Level Agreement, Pressidium promises a 99.95% uptime guarantee. That means you shouldn’t face more than 21 minutes of downtime every month. For anything worse, the company will refund a fraction of your monthly subscription fees.

pressidium uptime report

I got a chance to monitor its service for around 298 hours, and during this period, I didn’t face any service downtime.

All these results prove that Pressidium provides a perfect hosting platform for resource-hungry online businesses.

Pressidium Features

1. Excellent Uptime:

Pressidium has a robust platform to withstand any accidental situation. The company makes every possible effort to keep your website running 24×7. Below are a few features that help it maintain an industry-leading uptime of 99.95% or more.

  • Load Balancing: Load balancing architecture benefits those websites that often witness sudden surges in user traffic.

  • Scalability: With adaptive technology, Pressidium can scale its infrastructure without disrupting your website service uptime. It does so by deploying new server clusters to their clouds.

  • Quick Backup: Apart from regular backups, Pressidium lets you create a backup, restore a backup, and download a backup file anytime with a single click.

  • Server Management: Pressidium manages every aspect of its servers so that you can focus on growing your business.

  • Core Updates: Pressidium pushes auto core updates so that your websites remain up to date. However, they test every update before rolling it out.

  • Staging Site: A staging site lets you create a test version of your website. It allows you to test the changes and updates before making them available on the production site.

  • Top-notch Support: They house a team of well-versed engineers with the expertise and experience of providing a client with prompt assistance. The support team ensures that your issues get resolved within the shortest possible time, and your website faces no downtime at all.

Apart from all the features mentioned above, offsite backups, managed WP core updates help your website remain up and running all the time.

2. Enhanced Security: 

Apart from maintaining excellent uptime, Pressidium also protects its clients from threats like hacking, brute force attack, SQL injection, and many more. The best part is that you do not need an external plugin for this. 

Here are a few features that help it provide unbeatable security.

  • Auto Updates: With Pressidium, you do not have to worry about installing an update. Whenever a new update rolls out, the company tests it and installs the update on your website. If the update turns out to be problematic, they will help you downgrade to a previous version.

  • SSL Certificate: With a one-click free SSL certificate from Let’sEncrypt, your data and users remain protected.

  • Firewall: All plans include a managed web application firewall (WAF) that substantiates the security of your website. It filters, monitors, and blocks malicious traffic from reaching your website.

  • SFTP Service: Secure File Transfer Protocol ensures that only you can access and modify your files safely. 

  • Bad-bots Filtering: Pressidium uses AI-based classification techniques to keep bad-bots away from crawling your websites. It ensures that only search engine crawlers index your websites.

3. Unmatched Speed: 

Pressidium has 42 data centers spread all around the globe that ensures extremely fast loading speed for your website anywhere in the world and on any device. Their multiple data centers are located in North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Asia Pacific. Here’s how Pressidium makes your website capable of giving a cutting-edge performance.

  • Dynamic Load Balancing: Pressidium automatically distributes the load to the least busy server whenever the traffic on the client’s site reaches a peak. Along with maintaining the site loading speed, it also keeps the content delivery on the site accelerated.

  • Global CDN: 42 global edge centers are scattered around North America, Europe, Oceania, and the Asia Pacific. It makes sure that your content swiftly reaches the user anywhere in the world. It is worth mentioning here that HTTP/2 powers their content delivery network.

  • Highly Available SSD Storage: Pressidium uses a highly available Solid State Drive cluster file system that replicates the files in different nodes. The enterprise-grade RAID SSD array provides parallel access to files from multiple application nodes in a 2+N design.

  • Multilayer Caching: On Pressidium, you get access to five different caching mechanisms that use multi-level adaptive caching. When combined with top-class hardware, multilayer caching enhances the speed of your website without having to install a plugin for the same.

In addition to the features mentioned above, Pressidium also provides PHP optimization, PHP support, HTTP/2 support, SSL acceleration, and many other features to ensure fast loading speed and impeccable performance for your website.

4. Customized Dashboard: 

On Pressidium, you get a simplified and easily comprehensible dashboard with a one-click interface. It enables you to access Backups, Database, Analytics and many other aspects directly from the dashboard without having to enter the login credentials twice.

pressidium dashboard

Check Out My Pressidium Hosting Review Highlights

Pros and Cons of Pressidium 


  1. The usual money-back guarantee period does not go beyond 30 days in the hosting industry. But on Pressidium, you get a 60 days money-back guarantee. The money-back guarantee is, however, subject to their refund policy.

  2. With 42 global edge locations in North America, Europe, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Oceanica, Pressidium successfully manages to offer high loading speed and super-fast content delivery worldwide. 

  3. A free migration service and a user-friendly dashboard make it an easy-to-use platform. The company does not house the traditional cPanel interface; instead, it uses a custom dashboard. 

  4. Pressidium successfully manages a remarkable uptime of 99.95%, which is an excellent score. It is worth mentioning here that some of the user reviews claim that the company has given 100% uptime during the tests they conducted.

  5. Features like Free CDN, daily automatic backup, free SSL Certificate all add up to the platform’s excellence in providing unique hosting solutions to clients across the world.


  1. One of the significant drawbacks of Pressidium is that it does not offer email hosting, which means that you’ll have to host your email account elsewhere. 

  2. Another drawback is that the pricing structure of Presidium is targeted at business clients. It makes the hosting plans costlier than the competition.

Pressidium Pricing

Pressidium offers five structured plans for small to medium level businesses and one enterprise plan for big houses.

MicroPersonalProfessional BusinessBusiness Plus
WordPress Installation13102550
Unique Visits10,00030,000100,000500,0001000,000
HA SSD Storage5 GB10 GB20 GB30 GB40 GB
Free SSLYesYesYesYesYes
Load BalancerYesYesYesYesYes
Free MigrationYesYesYesYesYes

Enterprise plans start from $790/month. These plans are suitable for large media and publishing houses, including profitable and non-profitable organizations.

Pressidium Review: My Final Thoughts

Pressidium has everything that it takes to host a mission-critical WordPress website. Not just that, they provide you with an easy scaling ability as well. The features like WAF, experienced support staff, global data centers, role-based access control, and 99.95% uptime guarantee allow you to host a fast and secure website with them.

My experience of hosting a test website on its platform was pleasant as I didn’t face a single problem during the test period. The step-by-step installation guide was so easy that anyone can follow it without any prior knowledge.

One-click SSL installation, backups control, and site management from a single dashboard make the overall experience outstanding. Moreover, the 60 days money-back guarantee ensures that anyone can get ample time to test it before investing a significant amount of money.

I will not hesitate to recommend it as one of the best business WordPress hosting platforms. Try it. I’m sure you will also agree with me.


What Is Pressidium?

Pressidium is a London-based managed WordPress hosting service provider. They provide infrastructure for highly scalable online businesses.

Does Pressidium Charge For Traffic Overage?

No. Pressidium doesn’t charge for a sudden increase in traffic. However, they may request you to upgrade to a suitable plan if you constantly exceed your plan limit.

Pressidium Review Rating
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  • Pricing

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