27 Hilarious Procrastination Memes for Writers

In my opinion, the most exciting part of the writing profession is “Freedom”. You are not bound to official working hours or crazy deadlines. At least, in the case of freelancing it is very much possible. But don’t you think the biggest advantage is the biggest hurdle itself?

When you don’t have an annoying boss sitting on your head and continually poking you to complete your job before time, you may find it little challenging to complete your assigned work on time.

In such cases focusing on work becomes quite difficult, and it may lead you towards procrastination.

If you want to achieve success in the writing profession, you have to free up yourself from lame excuses and dedicate a sufficient amount of time every day to write something worth reading.

The great writers are remembered for centuries because of their writing and not because of their thinking. So, to be a successful writer,  you have to shape up your thoughts with the help of words.

Writers are also human beings; they can’t escape laziness and procrastination. And due to this reason they too need constant motivation to keep doing their things. Being a writer if you don’t feel like writing anything today then you must read this article. Here, you will find 31 hilarious procrastination memes and some words of inspiration for your daily dose of positive vibes.

1. Rewarding Myself With a Long Break

While writing or doing any other creative work, keep a close eye on your working hours and break hours. If your break is too long, you need to change your habits.

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