7 Reasons Why We Write

If there is a way you can live a moment twice in life, it is when you have the memory inked on those retro pages to help you retrospect. The emotions, thoughts, memories, and purpose between those lines are something worth living for!

We write for several reasons.

It could be to flip through those old pages to relive those memories or find your purpose and meaning in life. It could be to get through a challenging phase in life or inspire the world and change minds! 

Today I will talk about some of the most thoughtful reasons as to why we write. Writing makes you a different person. You become more mature and responsible for your actions and speeches. You learn to grow. Moreover, you learn to live life to the fullest.

It is a soulful act that teaches you patience, expressiveness, delivery, stillness, introspection, retrospection, and life.

Without further ado, let’s get started with my 7 Reasons Why We Write.

1. Writing Brings Clarity

Life is nothing less than a roller coaster ride.

You experience beautiful sights from the heights and hit the bedrock in no time! To keep yourself going in all kinds of phases in life, you need something to stick to; and what could be better than writing your experiences?

The best lessons and philosophies come from our past experiences. The times you fell down and had no one to lend a helping hand, the times you hit rock bottom and gathered the courage to get up by yourself, the times when you almost thought to give up, and all those times you felt that life was meaningless, they all have so much to tell you when a new adventure hits you!

There can be no better source of motivation and inspiration for you other than your experiences penned down by you.

Whenever you feel your mind to be cluttered and incapable of making the correct decision, your journal of life experiences will help you choose the right path.

You can never cheat yourself, and so your words will never cheat on you. Writing always helps you bring clarity in all kinds of situations.

2. Inspire Other With Words

Everyone has a story to tell and experience to share. There are so many people out there who find themselves alone and are seeking comfort. If you have a story to share and inspire others, why not put it out there for the world to feel that they are worth it.

The world is driven by inspiration. There are hundreds of instances in a single day that have a sense of inspiration in them, but most of us fail to identify them.

Writings ranging from philosophical to art, each one has something inspiring about it. A life lived for oneself is a life wasted. A life lived for the world is what you would call a worthy one. Why do we write? Writing gives us a medium to speak, make it count.

3. Make a Living by Writing

Writing is also a source of income for a lot of people. There are different writing niches like technical writing, academic writing, blog writing, article or essay writing, and a lot more.

Not just the mainstream authors but writers of all niches have been making good money. You could start a travel blog to share your travel diaries, or you could run a food blog if you love food and know cooking inside out!

Freelancing could be another option to make really good money for your living. Freelance writers are in high demand now, and some writers are making real money by writing to their heart’s content. All you need is a knack for writing and some time to invest, and you will be good to go!

4. Writing Lets You Express Emotions

We go through so much in our day-to-day lives. Journaling is a form of writing that always helps you have a peaceful sleep after every challenging day! Some people even write morning pages regularly.

When you pen down your emotions, you feel a lot lighter. You feel as if someone has put down a burden off your shoulders. 

You should never carry feelings that keep your heart heavy. Letting out your emotions in the form of writing is like talking to your best friend. Even if it cannot solve your problem physically, it definitely gives you the courage to handle situations and have a calm mind to make the right decisions and pave your way. 

Be it emotions of sorrow, love, rejection, happiness, or blessings, keeping them alive in your journal is something you will always cherish when you look back on!

5. Writing Keeps Your Memories Alive

Imagine a mother-to-be expressing all kinds of emotions and mood swings she goes through those nine months and then looking back on it with her 20-year-old daughter. Imagine a bride-to-be expressing her mixture of feelings of nervousness and happiness before stepping into a new phase of her life and then looking back at it with a smile on her face.

Imagine yourself compiling things you would want to do and the places you want to visit in life on paper and then achieving them all. The feeling you will get when you visit that dream destination or buy that expensive bike for yourself, or when you accomplish a seemingly impossible goal, is unparallel.

You will be proud of yourself to paste pictures of your dreams turned into reality beside those words you had inked about your dreams. What a fantastic feeling that would be!

Writing is that therapeutic and worthy.

You get to keep those exact moments with yourself and carry them with you all your life. You will laugh at the silly things you used to cry on and relive the happy moments you have had when you flip back.

Inking moments as memories is the best thing you will ever do. Trust me; you will never regret it. This is exactly like reading your biography on your deathbed and smiling on all those happy-sad moments with a teary eye.

6. Develop Your Craft

If you have a knack for writing, you should definitely not let your skill and interest get wasted. One of the best things you will do to yourself is developing your craft.

In today’s era, the most important thing is having a niche skill.

If you have a solid skillset, you become unstoppable. You can take writing to the next level by working on your craft and enhancing your grip on the skill.

You can read articles of different kinds, make a good grip on your vocabulary, and keep writing. You will realize your true potential gradually. Writing is such an important communication medium that is necessary in every field.

If you can write well, you will always win an upper edge.

7. Develop Communication Skill

Writing is a great communication medium. You can commute your ideas, thoughts, and beliefs via your writing abilities. 

Writing letters, notices, communicative articles, and blogs are great examples of how writing can be a great communication tool. Such writers have been expressing their views and opinions by using writing as their medium of communication to connect with the audience, authority, or even to themselves. 

Books have been written, experiences have been shared, scriptures have been written, songs have been compiled, and thoughts have been portrayed in the form of writing. 

Writers write because they feel a sense of belongingness when they write out their thoughts. You feel like you belong to the world, and you are worthy enough when you have something to offer to the world, inspire a soul, and change a mind. 

Writing is that natural ability of human hearts that can impact every sphere and every spectrum of life. You can use writing to communicate with yourself as a second speaker. Conclusively, writing plays a major role here too.

My Final Thoughts on Why We Write

Writing has been a religious practice for ages and shall continue to be. Writing has given people perspective, the ability to introspect and retrospect.

Writing is a therapeutic practice. It acts as an outlet for emotions and helps you lessen the burden of emotions you have been carrying. Once you make it a habit, a day without writing becomes an incomplete one for you. As it is rightly said, books are man’s best friend. It is said so because nothing can beat the level of mindset good words can form for you.

You become a different person altogether. You learn to distinguish between right and wrong; you learn to talk to yourself, learn to become still in life, and learn to experience life to the fullest. Writing gives you all of this.

Sounds a bit too impossible to be true, right?

If you have not started yet, you will never realize what you have been missing and what writing will do to you. It will turn your life upside down in the most amazing ways and in ways beyond those that you can imagine.

Why do you write? Let me know in the comments section.

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