Recommendation Letter for University Admission

recommendation letter for university studentIs not it fascinating to see students grow? As a teacher, I always cherish their journey in front of my eyes. What could be more satisfying than to see their success? It gives me immense pleasure to be a part of their journey. So, when writing a recommendation letter for my students, I always prefer to write a strong and positive one while being honest to me.

Every year, I get several requests for writing recommendation letters from my students. Sometimes for their university applications. Sometimes for their jobs. However, I refer only those who deserve the position.

My recommendation letters are thorough and help my students to go extra miles in their journey. However, its extensiveness depends on the purpose of the application. It need not be very detailed for the one who is applying for a college. But if he is applying for admission to a University or a Job Position, I keep it as detailed as possible.

Tips for Writing Recommendation Letter for University Admission

  • Be sure of the purpose of writing the letter. A job recommendation letter is different from a letter to a University or Grad School.
  • Ask your student to provide his most up-to-date resume or CV. It will be very helpful while drafting the letter.
  • Your recommendation letter should discuss his Work, Performance in the Class, Skills, Abilities, and Experiences related to the position he is applying.
  • ┬áTalk about applicant’s Punctuality, Ethics, etc. which you have noticed during the classes.
  • Students usually ask their favorite teachers for the recommendation letter, and most of the time, it is implied that you know him well. However, it is a standard practice to specify the relation between you and your student. Also, mention the duration you know him.
  • Mention, how strongly you recommend your student for the position.
  • Keep it open for further discussion, and provide your contact details.

Below I provide a templet of Recommendation Letter for Students for his University Admission. This will definitely help you to draft your letter. Feel free to edit it according to your needs.

Sample of Recommendation Letter for University Admission

Dear Sir/Madam,

I am writing this reference at the request of Ms. Shalini Evan for her admission to the Ph. D. program in Advanced Material Science at Tufts University. I know Shalini for two years as her teacher and master’s thesis supervisor.

During the semesters, I found her diligent, analytical, and one of the most intelligent students among a batch of thirty. Her major specialization was Statistical Mechanics. And she had shown an excellent understanding of the underlying concepts such as Probability Theory, Partition Functions, Phase Space and Distribution Functions, both Classical and Quantum Mechanical.

As her mentor and a member of her thesis committee, I had an opportunity to review her participation and academic performance. And I rate her overall performance as excellent. Shalini had shown excellent working efficiency and a unique ability to grasp new concepts. Her master’s thesis titled “Statistical Model of the Bacterial Cell Division Protein FtsZ Under Hypothetical Constrains” shows some intriguing ideas. Her approach to solving this problem indicates her maturity as a scientific mind. She has successfully combined ideas from different disciplines of Mathematics and Classical Mechanics to reach a general solution. Moreover, her command in a programming language like Fortran 95 distinguishes her from her peers. Perhaps her most significant strength is her oral and written communication skills. She has defended her thesis quite elegantly. And I could not resist but appreciate her response to queries during her thesis defense.

Shalini is an active and hard-working student. She is a member of our university drama club and participates in various extracurricular activities.

Considering her qualities, I evaluate Shalini as an intelligent, dedicated, and responsible student. She is positive and knows to reach her goals. I am confident that she will succeed in her life and will contribute to your program substantially. I strongly recommend her to your program. Please give her the utmost consideration. If you have any further questions regarding her performance, please don’t hesitate to contact me at

Dr. Steve Jonas
Associate Professor
Department of Applied Physics
Redington College