Resignation Letter Due to Health Issues – Significance, Key Points, and Samples

A graceful exit is as important as impactful entry, you will find numerous articles at our platform regarding various types of cover letters but this one is different from others.

This article is not about getting the job, in fact, it is related to quitting the job. If you are looking to quit a job in the upcoming days then you should read this article very carefully till the end.

Here I will share all major and minor details related to the resignation letter due to different kinds of health issues. Along with that, I will provide relevant answers to some general questions as well.

Resignation Is Not That Easy!

When you have served an organization for years then saying the final goodbye is not that easy. It may affect you on an emotional and economic level.

Hence it is recommended that one should take such decisions with a peaceful mind after analyzing all the possible outcomes. If your decision is impulsive then you may face financial and emotional troubles.

The employer needs the employee, as much as the employee needs the employer! So when you decide to move on then it may affect the day to day operations of the organization as well.

In short, one should take sufficient time before concluding to say goodbye to an organization.

Is It Essential to Write a Resignation Letter for Health Issues?

Yes, it is. Resignation letter is an official notice that you will not be able to serve the organization in the upcoming days and someone else needs to be hired to ensure the smooth flow of work.

If you provide the prior notice then it would become easier for the employers to hire the right candidate and train him/her properly before your departure.

A perfectly written resignation letter for health issues or any other reason is essential to end your professional journey in any organization.

If you want to maintain a warm relationship with your ex-employers then you can’t afford to make any mistake in this letter.

Along with that, a resignation letter helps you to get all your due payments from the employer without any kind of friction.

What’s the Reason?

In the resignation letter you should mention some logical reason otherwise it looks incomplete. Usually, resignation is sent to the immediate boss and the HR department via an email.

However, it is advisable to visit your team leader or manager personally before sending mail to inform him/her about your decision.

Since your decision is related to health then you can easily convince anyone.

What to Write in the Letter of Resignation Due to Health Issues?

If you are also confused about- what to include and what not in the resignation letter for health issues then let’s discuss it in detail.  For the convenience of understanding, we can divide the resignation letter into three parts.


This is the starting paragraph of your letter.

One can begin the letter by using a simple picking line like – “This is to inform you that “or “I would like to inform you that”.  In this paragraph, you should cover your purpose i.e. you are going to resign.

You can also mention the duration until you are available for work and current designation in this section.

Part -2

In this section, you are supposed to mention the reason for resignation. This section of the letter is a quite crucial one as you can’t go too deep with the reason and at the same time, you can’t be too precise that it looks incomplete and hard to believe.

You are not allowed to express your emotions in the letter.  You may personally visit the authorized person before sending any letter to discuss the situation and try to resolve the issue by mutual consent.

This article is focused on health issues so in such a case one should mention the disease and how serious it is?

You may include the doctor’s opinion to make it more impactful.

Part -3

In this section, we conclude the letter. Usually, three points are covered in this section which are:

Offer assistance- It is obvious that if you are leaving, someone else will take your position so you can offer your helping hand for the training of your replacement.

Show gratitude- Experience is the most valuable asset when it comes to professional life. In this section, you can show your gratitude for the learning opportunity that you get from the organization.

Best wishes – In the last line of the letter you can include best wishes for the progress of the organization.

Key Points to Remember

Here are some key points which you should consider while writing a resignation letter due to health issues.

  • Your letter needs to be drafted in a professional manner.
  • Mention your current designation in the organization.
  • Should have the date of your last day on the job.
  • You can share your experience of working in the organization.
  • If you have any bitter memories, avoid including them.
  • Do not forget to express your regards towards the employer for hiring you.
  • Mention your contact details for further communication.
  • It is always advisable to end things on a positive note. Now you want to quit the organization but maybe you want to rejoin it in future.
  • It would be your last official communication with the organization so make sure it is free from grammatical and spelling errors.

Can’t Find Appropriate Words?

If you are still confused and don’t find the appropriate words to draft your resignation letter then you may consider the below samples.

Here I include three sample letters citing some common health reasons to resign from a job.

Sample 1: Resignation Letter Due to Health Issues

Dear Sir/ Madam,

Please consider this letter as my formal notice to quit the position of Senior Marketing Executive from next month. It’s been twenty-five years since I am working with this organization and willing to continue for many more years but my health is deteriorating day by day. I have to undergo an open-heart surgery in the upcoming months and doctors have advised me to take complete rest. Hence, I won’t be able to continue my services.

It is hard to find appropriate words to express my gratitude towards the organization. It’s like a second home for me. I would like to assist in the transition processes and try my level best to train the replacements.

I am thankful to the organization for such a wonderful professional life and I wish you and the company all the best for the future.


(Your Name, Signature and contact details)

Sample 2: Resignation Letter Due to Family Health Reasons

Dear Mr Robinson,

This is to inform you that my resignation from the post of Vice-Principal, would be effective from the first of next month, please consider the current month as my notice period. As we have already discussed many times about the crucial condition of my ten-year-old son who is suffering from serious illness. Things are getting out of control now and being a mother I want to be with my child in the most difficult phase of his life.

Meanwhile, I will fulfil all my responsibilities towards the school and try to ensure a smooth flow of work after my departure as well. I want this educational institute to achieve sky heights in the upcoming time.

The exposure and experience that I get from this school would be the greatest asset for me for the rest of life and I am thankful for that.


Joisey Jones

Sample 3: Resignation Letter Due to Depression or Stress

Dear Miss. Sneha,

I am regretfully resigning from the post of marketing head due to serious health complications. You are also familiar with my mental condition and I had tried my level best to bring a balance between professional and personal life but my doctor advised me to pay complete attention to health otherwise it may lead to serious consequences.

The profile of a marketing head is demanding and quite stressful so I would not be able to handle this responsibility any more as I am already going through a severe depression.

You can contact me at any time if you need assistance from my end. It’s been a wonderful working experience in Ace Animation, and I hope that this organization will continue progress in the upcoming years as well. If my health allows me I would be pleased to rejoin the organization.


Deepak Mishra

I am sure you find this article informative and with the help of samples, you would be able to draft your resignation letter easily.