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Hosting might be the last thing to mess with if you are serious about earning from a WordPress website. From site speed to site security, the host plays an important role. 

Of course, price is important. But I have noticed people prioritizing price over features. With a cheap shared hosting you may save a few dollars, but the results can be outrageous. Painful site speed, large downtime, and many more nightmares. Similarly, there are many other factors that need to be taken care of if you are serious with your WordPress blog. 

Worry not, I will help you choose a right partner today. is a new managed WordPress hosting platform for businesses of all sizes. Though it is still in its budding stage, it has brought some unique features unheard in the market before. And this review article will give you valuable insights into my first-hand experience, features, advantages, disadvantages, and pricing.

But First things first; What is

Rocket hosting markets themselves as the easiest and most powerful way to host WordPress. The platform claims to offer superb site speed, inbuilt site security, free SSL, excellent customer service, and many more. 

But how good are they with their marketing claims? I have tested their service thoroughly and will discuss my experience in detail.

Founded in 2020 by Ben Gabler and Aaron Dewell Phillips, the company has earned great praise worldwide. Now it hosts thousands of websites, gained trust and is slowly molding a space for themselves. 

But what is their secret recipe? Let’s check it out one by one.

My Review Summary
  • Ease of Use
  • Performance
  • Support
  • Pricing Features and My Experience of Hosting a Real Website.

1. Best Site Speed With Cloudflare Enterprise CDN

How fast can a site be? Imagine loading your content in a blink’s time, super cool right? This is exactly what promises you with their Cloudflare Enterprise CDN enabled hosting services.

CDN or Content Delivery Network is a technology to enhance the site speed and thereby improving user experience. The nearest CDN server delivers content whenever required. Thus improves the site speed significantly.

Let’s make it simple!

Suppose you are in Bangalore and you need information from a server in Chicago. Instead of directing you to Chicago, the server will connect you to the nearby CDN server that has a copy of what you need. In essence, you can save time and data to travel a million miles!

Cloudflare is one of the most reputed CDN brands globally, and has collaborated with them to distribute their best services to small business owners. 

You may have used CloudFlare’s free plan for your website, but the Enterprise plan, starting at more than $6000 a month is unparalleled. And the best part is you will get it along with’s managed WordPress hosting starting at merely $25/month.

So, how good this service is?

In order to check the quality of their servers, I have hosted a real WordPress website on their platform. The GeneratePress theme was installed and has created a 1000 words long dummy article using FakerPress. The post also contains two images of 180KB each. No additional caching plugins or CDN were used during the test.

Unsurprisingly, Rocket hosting provided exceptional speed and performance during the test.

1a. GTmetrix Result

GTmetrix is a well-known website performance monitoring tool. It provides actionable recommendations to improve overall website performance. A GTmetrix score of 90 and above is considered excellent. The performance report screenshot is shown below. gtmetrix report of review

Honestly, this is one of the best scores I have achieved without additional tweaking and plugins. Another hosting that scored similarly is BionicWP. You can read my detailed review here.

1b. PageSpeed Insights

Google PageSpeed Insights is another performance optimization tool. The test results were equally impressive. The mobile page score was 98, and the desktop page score was 100.

pagespeed insights

1c. CDN Performance Test

Ping test was performed using Uptrends. My website was accessed from 42 different locations, and in most cases, the ping time was sub-fifty milliseconds! However, the worst-performing region was Beijing, and the ping time was 1.75 seconds.

CDN performance test

So, if you are looking for blazing-fast speed for your WordPress website, you should definitely consider this service.

2. Uptime Guarantee and My Test report

Uptime is one of the critical aspects everyone should look at while choosing a hosting service. While most of the service providers mention Network Server Uptime Agreement, they often lag behind their promises.

While reviewing a hosting service, I take this concern seriously and give my readers a fair idea of expected uptime. promises a 99.99% uptime guarantee, which is well above the market average of 99.93%.

The good news is that their server didn’t go down for a single minute during my test period. So, while you may expect them to be offline for periodic maintenance, the period will be negligible compared to other hosting service providers.

Below, I’m sharing my uptime test report. uptime report tested

Another point that I will emphasize here is its response time. Apart from a few spikes, response time was always below 100 ms throughout my test period. This is undoubtedly the best response time I have ever seen with any server in this price range. For comparison, the response time of my website, BlogIndigo, during the same period was more than 330 ms.

If interested you can download my full test report.

3. Website Stress Test

The main goal of doing a stress test is to check how a website performs while having large traffic. For this, I have used the load impact service from to simulate multiple users accessing my website from a single server.

Here I have done a stress test with a maximum of concurrent 50 virtual users sending 50 requests per second. The report is given below.

website stress test was performed to check quality of the server

As you can see, the test starts with a single user and gradually increases to 50 simultaneous users sending 50 requests per second. The server remained steady even during the peak session, and the average response time was 18 ms.

In another test, I have used up to 100 concurrent users, and again the server was stable during the test.

4. Built-in Security and Optimization Features comes with dozens of premium inbuilt security and optimization features. Therefore it reduces the requirement of third party software. As these features are installed directly on the server, it also improves the site security significantly.

So, even if you are concerned about your website’s security, you will not need to install any plugins from outside. Undoubtedly, this will reduce your site operation cost.

Let’s check out some of the in-built features of

WAF Firewall: Being hacked is one of the worst things that can happen to a site. If hacked, you will gradually lose traffic and control. Moreover, Google will eventually blacklist your site from appearing on the search results. Built-in plugins like the WAF Firewall from Cloudflare prevent this from happening.

Multiple Firewalls: WordPress websites hosted on receive multiple layers of firewalls. Cloudflare Enterprise powers the initial Firewall and forms the preliminary protective layer. Imunify360 lays the final cover. And it is unlikely to beat them both.

Data Protection: Nothing can be more important than protecting your visitors’ data. You may even need expert services to secure your site. But Rocket hosting generously offers an inbuilt Data Protection pack that starts automatically the moment you migrate your site.

Malware Protection: Malwares are malicious agents that infect your site in a million little ways. Sometimes they may replace your contents, impair SEO and force unauthorized redirects. But with’s malware protection, you can stay calm.

Automated Patching: If you migrate an infected site to, it will automatically clean the website without additional cost.

Automatic Updates: Updates are vital to stay protected for the long term. Some updates may be time-consuming, due to which a majority of site owners delay their updating process. But Rocket hosting has its solutions. You can enable automatic updates so that you need not waste your precious time waiting for the update to complete. This feature extends to WordPress core updates as well as plugin updates.

JS Prioritization: JavaScript often determines the visual and overall performance of your website. Long-running JavaScript can cause performance issues, and you should minimize its impact wherever possible. The Javascript prioritization facility ensures better loading time and optimizes the performance of your website.

Image Optimization: It ensures lazy loading of pictures and brings uniformity in size and images’ quality. This service will replace the requirement of plugins like ShortPixel and Smush.

5. Customer Services and Support stands unrivaled when it comes to customer services. Its after-sales services are one of the best in the industry. A team of experts with more than 17 years of experience in the industry will help you sort your issues. You can contact Rocket hosting using the following channels.

Live Chat: This option enables site owners to chat with WordPress experts. The experts will help you optimize your site at no additional cost. 

Here, I would like to share my experience of interacting with them. During the installation, I contacted them, and the response was very prompt. Aaron, who himself is a co-founder, replied to me within a minute. I’m sharing a part of our conversation below.

live chat support of

Knowledge Base: You can also troubleshoot and find solutions using Knowledge Base. This feature in the control panel helps you solve common issues with relative ease. However, this section has very limited number of articles.

Ticket Support: If you are not in a position to chat, you can also request solutions via email. The hosting platform will assign an expert to solve the case. The expert will revert you with a suitable resolution.

The after-sales services keep stand out in the industry. They offer efficient and effective solutions to plugins issues, optimization queries, and many more. The expert panel of is immensely experienced, particularly beneficial if you are in the early stages of your online journey. The best part is; you don’t need to spend a single dime to get priority support.

6. Hassle-Free Site Migration For Free

Migrating sites from one server to another is a painstaking affair. First, you have to download the relevant files from your old server and then upload them to the new one. Often, this process can damage the very nature of your website. But Rocket hosting ensures an effortless migration process.

To get started, create an account with and contact their experts. You can migrate small websites with WP-Admin login access alone. But large sites may need FTP access as well. Also, it is important that the site remains online during the process. ensures that and you can also preview the results using a temporary staging URL provided by them.

7. Automatic Daily and On-demand Backups

When other hosting platforms urge you to install plugins for backups, makes this facility in-built. Backup is taken every day. So, you can retrieve your site if any mishap occurs.

automated daily backup by

In addition to automatic backups, they also offer on-demand manual backups. This feature helps the user go for major updates without the risk of losing data.

Check my Rocket hosting review in a minute. Pros and Cons

Advantages of

Here are the top five advantages that I noticed while reviewing

  1. Site Speed: If site speed is your priority, then you should definitely try Rocket hosting. The CDN services and multiple servers ensure that geography does not restrict the performance of your site. Moreover, if you want to target a global audience for your blog, I request you to try this managed WordPress hosting.
  2. Excellent for Beginners: This platform is easy to use, and most features come in-built, saving a lot of time on coding. The control panel from is also one of the best in the industry. So, in brief, Rocket hosting is an excellent choice for beginners.
  3. Free Expert Services: You will receive unlimited support from experts to optimize your website. Please note that many other hosting platforms charge an excessive amount for this service. You can even avail of code solutions for your site. What more could we ask for?
  4. Security: makes no compromise on your site security. It protects your site from malware, hacker threats, and data theft.
  5. In-Built Plugins and Backup Features: Most of the features that you may need are built-in. It avoids unnecessary plugins that are often the cause of painful loading time and site compromise.

Disadvantages of

Some of the limitations of using this hosting platform are as follows.

  1. Lack of tutorials and how-to-guides: Since the platform was established only in 2020, not many resources are readily available.
  2. Limited to WordPress: It reduces the options available for site owners.
  3. Expensive: At $25/month, is not another cheap hosting platform. However, the features that you get can significantly reduce the overall operating cost. Pricing offers four different plans for its customers. 

1 WordPress Website
2,50,000 visits
10 GB storage
Free SSL certificate
Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Free Web Application Firewall
Try Today
3 WordPress Websites
1,000,000 visits
20 GB storage
Free SSL certificate
Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Free Web Application Firewall
Try Today
10 WordPress Websites
2,500,000 visits
40 GB storage
Free SSL certificate
Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Free Web Application Firewall
Try Today
25 WordPress Websites
5,000,000 Visits
50 GB storage
Free SSL certificate
Free Content Delivery Network (CDN)
Free Web Application Firewall
Try Today

They also offer special plans if you are looking to host more than 25 websites on their platform. You can also launch your site at $1 for the first month but later has to pay per the plan selected.

How to Install WordPress on

I have discussed the advantages, disadvantages, pricing, and other features of this managed WordPress Hosting. Now, let us look at the steps involved in giving life to a WordPress website using hosting.

Step 1: Log in to your dashboard and choose the “Create Site” option.

how to install wordpress on

Step 2: Provide your site name as well as server location. Note that server location should be allocated based on your target audience. If your target audience is the US, make sure that your server is in the US.

how to install wordpress with

Step 3: Complete your WordPress details by setting up Administrator Email and password. At this step, you can also select the WooCommerce option if interested. install wordpress

The WordPress staging installation process is now complete. You can now start customizing the website, add or delete some plugins. Users can also try different themes for the website or seek assistance to optimize the site. 

How to Configure DNS to Make Your Website Live?

In the previous tutorial, I have shown the exact process of installing WordPress with Here, I will show how you can configure your DNS. I will use NameCheap for this tutorial. The overall process should be very similar for other vendors like GoDaddy.

Step 1: Log in to your Dashboard and select the sites that you want to configure. In this example, I will configure my staging website to If you have read my other reviews, you will find that I use this domain name often. review

Step 2: In the next step, you will be asked to enter your domain name. Use your desired domain name and proceed.

installing wordpress

Step 3: Rocket hosting comes with a free SSL certificate from Cloudflare. At this step, you have to configure your DNS TXT records properly. Copy the DNS TXT record and open your NameCheap account.

Step 4: Select the domain name you want to point to the server. Click on the Manage button placed on the right-hand side of your domain name.

Step 5: Click on the Advanced DNS tab as shown and click the Add New Record button.

Step 6: Select CNAME record from the drop-down menu for “Type.” Use @ forHost” and use the URL of your staging site into the “Value” section. Also, add TXT records as shown in Step 3. Once done, revert to your Dashboard and click on the “I’ve Added TXT Records, Continue” button. Please remember, it may take some time, and you may get an error message but don’t worry.

pointing namecheap domain name to

You are done. If you face any problem during the process, contact the support staff. Review. My Final Thoughts

WordPress is a resource-hungry system and requires a proper hosting solution. has taken a great initiative to address both the speed and security issues. So, if you are looking for a reliable managed WordPress hosting solution, I will definitely recommend Rocket hosting.

The Starter plan is more than sufficient for new businesses. Extensive support will ensure that you can focus on the content alone. The same applies to writers who do not want to waste time optimizing their websites. Let the host do it for you so you can concentrate on your words. People who can take care of their site may choose other alternatives, but for the rest, no one can beat their offering.

FAQs Related to Review

What is is a leading manged WordPress hosting service provider. Their service is far better than any regular hosting provider as they employ CDN and security services backed by Cloudflare.

Does offer any money-back guarantee?

Of course, gives value to their customers. Hence, they have a money-back guarantee program. If you are not satisfied, you are eligible for a complete refund, provided you have not utilized more than 30 days of service.

How does improve site visibility? comes with a free Content Delivery Network (CDN) powered by Cloudflare Enterprise plan. It optimizes and caches your content. Consequently, it improves site speed, enhances user experience and increases site visibility.

How did you like my review? Please let me know in the comments section below.

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