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If you are searching for a Scrivener Coupon Code, look no further. I have negotiated a 20% Discount Coupon for Scrivener lovers.

Maybe you are writing your next masterpiece. Your mind is bubbling with ideas, your notebook is full of concepts, sticky notes are peeping out their necks from every other page in your book, and your room is a total mess with papers strewn around everywhere. Beyond these, your computer is at the brink of clumsiness as your files are stored unorganized.

I think it’s time you get hold of the Scrivener. The app is tailor-made for long writing projects and takes pride in being the best tool for writers. And with a 20% Scrivener discount coupon it’s a deal that you can’t ignore.

Follow the step-by-step guide given below to claim your discount.

How to Claim 20% Discount With My Scrivener Coupon Code?

Scrivener is compatible with both macOS and Windows. Be sure to make the purchase depending on your operating system.

  1. Click THIS LINK to open the official website in a new tab. This is an affiliate link. It may pay me a small commission without incurring any additional charge to you when you purchase through this link.

  2. Click on the OS tab and select from macOS, Windows, iOS, and Bundles. The Bundles option gives you access to both macOS and Windows at a discounted price. The iOS option is for iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

  3. Select the ‘Buy Now’ button, enter valid email id, and click on the ‘Continue’.

  4. You are now taken to the page where you need to provide details about your location such as the country to which you belong to and your pin code. Again click on the ‘Continue’ button after you mention your details.

  5. You are now on a page where there are options to ‘Add Coupon’. Click on ‘Add Coupon’ and enter the coupon code → LetterJunction. Then, click on the ‘Add Coupon’ option.scrivener discount coupon code

  6. Eureka! You have availed a flat 20% discount on the total cost and now all that’s left to do is to make the final payment using your card.scrivener coupon code

  7. Enter valid card details, click on the ‘Pay Now’ button, and start enjoying the best writing app.

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Scrivener Coupon Code For NaNoWriMo

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11 Integral Features That Make Scrivener Stand Apart From the Crowd.

There are not one or two but numerous features offered by Scrivener, but a couple of them are engaging and interesting, revealing this tool’s ultimate power.

1. Format Anything and Everything

Get done with your book and format it using Scrivener. Convert your document into any of the formats that’s compatible with Kindle, ePub, .doc, .rtf, .html, OpenOffice (ODT), Final Draft (FDX), or PDF. You save money that would otherwise be used to buy a formatting software or wasted on hiring someone for doing your formatting.

2. Quick-Start Templates

The tool provides you with several templates that help you with writing fiction, nonfiction, scriptwriting, papers in MLA, APA, and other common formats, and more.

Bloggers and individuals into podcasts, too, can make use of the software to keep themselves organized with their work.

3. Drag & Drop Your Thoughts

You are in the middle of writing the fifth chapter, but as a writer, our thoughts are always provoked by numerous things, and you decide to use the fifth chapter as your first chapter. Don’t fret as you could do this with a simple Drag and Drop feature that helps you reorganize your work smoothly without having to lose time, scroll excessively, or missing out on your writing flow.

4. Set Goals and Achieve

Each of us sits down to write with a definite target in mind to get our book rolled out for sales. With Scrivener, you can set a dedicated target for the project and independent sessions as well. Once you set your total word count for the project and note down the target word count for every session, the software tracks your progress and resets the goal every time you start a new session.

This way, you can know your progress, invest more time in meeting your goals, and achieve your target within the set timeframe.

5. Create Beautiful Characters

We sit down with a definite set of thoughts in mind and sketch each of our characters with a unique personality that differentiates them from the rest. It could be the character’s tilting nature, frequent usage of a particular word, and so on. 

You have a dedicated placeholder for storing all your required details regarding your character’s and sketches’ details. You could have got inspiration from some drawing or a real-life personality. Feel free to upload that person’s image onto this placeholder and refer to it whenever required.

6. Research Materials When You Need Them

We don’t start off to write a book on the fly but start writing only after going through several references. These references are our greatest treasures when we sit down to write. Isn’t it necessary to save all of our treasured information in one folder so that we can retrieve it for using them in our book?

You get a dedicated folder in your project to add information on your book-related research such as video, audio files, photos, notes from any of the editors, or even titbits on some interesting facts that could help develop your sketch.

So, rather than looking into your book notes, shuffling through photos, and more, you have everything intact in your project “binder.”

7. Compatibility With Mac, Windows, and iOS

Some of us love to write whenever and wherever we have time, and if you are such a person, don’t miss out on Scrivener’s offer. You can work using your mobile once you get Scrivener installed on it.

8. Working Views To Enhance Your Productivity

There are various working views available that help you enhance your organization skills. You can use the simple single document view that’s just like your Word document, or you could choose to write in any of the three writing options below.

9. Get a Bird’s Eye View With Corkboard

This is every writer’s familiar tool, and all your documents are seen as index cards on the corkboard. In Scrivener, every section has an index card attached to it so that you can work using the synopsis written on the card whenever you want to refer back. This is excellent provisioning for rearranging your storyline, filling out any gaps, and rearranging your manuscript simultaneously when you move the cards.

10. Most Powerful Outliner

Your outline is everything that adds power to your novel. Get the perfect hang of the writing structure using Scrivener’s Outliner, which works quite similar to your Corkboard. You get all the required information, such as an overview of your chapters, a part of it, or even an overview of the entire manuscript at your fingertips.

Make use of folders and subfolders to arrange your drafts, view metadata, know the word count, review synopsis, and plan what must be written next. You could view all your sub-documents as rows of texts or columns (such as labels or status). Use the drag and drop functionality to rearrange anything that you feel seems inappropriate in the click of a button.

11. Scrivenings Your Way

You could have written your chapters as separate documents. Scrivener’s unique Scrivenings mode helps you integrate all such individual documents to make them into one long document that’s easy to view. I appreciate this feature from Scrivener as it helps every author realize the flow between chapters without having to keep opening individual chapters separately and even avoid any mess-ups with copying and pasting work.

My Final Thoughts on Scrivener Coupon Code

If you have planned to write a book, this article must be a blessing in disguise as you are now empowered to unite all that you need for your writing purpose in a single app using Scrivener. Beware, you get access to all these features only after you pay for the app, and this is where Scrivener coupon code helps you immensely. 

Without a doubt, Scrivener has catapulted to fame with its extended range of tools offered to writers, and if you are serious about your writing, it’s time to download this software, making a payment once, and using it forever. Also, with the NaNoWriMo competition not far away, purchasing Scrivener helps you build your ideas, edit, organize, customize, pen down your thoughts without missing any of the ideas, and finally create magic with your writing.

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